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Paul H. Riesman Papers, 2001 | Carleton College Archives

NOTE: All or part of the materials may not be immediately available for research. Please contact us for information about these materials.
Title: Paul H. Riesman Papers, 2001
Received Extent: 16.8 Cubic Feet
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Physical Description: Box 15, 16 on shelf
Scope and Contents: Additional Note: Any portion not retained should be returned to the donor. - See Instrument of Gift form.


Box 1: (Departmental Files A)

Dept. Affairs

Department Stuff

Dept. Faculty

DCC Discussions

Bev's 3rd Yr. Review

Student Opportunities (internships, etc.)

Library and Periodical Budgets

Soc/Anth Budget

Betty Kendall & Workers

Budget and Bills

Comps Proposals

Grant Announcements


Xeroxes for Comps '82

Soc/Anthro Alums Printout (incompl.)

Indep. Studies

Soc/Anthro Curriculum & Catalog, etc.

Comps  Spring, 1974


Comps 1982

Comps 1982-83

Comps 1983-84

Comps 1984-85

Comps Proposals 1984-85

Comps 1985-86

Fellowships for Students


Swaine, Abigail

Laura Levison

Tom Steel

Kurtz, Annette

Cady, Suzanne

Batholomay, Daniel

Mary Johnston

Dan Bartholomay

Sandy Butler

Valencia Gathings

David Greffenius


Ellen Jahoda

For Paul Riesman-Comps Paper from Sandy Butler

Letters of Recommendation for Maggi Lansky

Box 2: (Departmental Files B)

Articles for Soam. 54 'Feminism'

Impact of Feminism on Anthropology

ACM Anthropology Conference 7-8 October, 1983, Beloit College

Dreams and Myths

Unused Evaluation Questionaires

Aricles for Soan 61. 'Theory'

Michel Izard Seminar

Divers Lectures, Seminars, etc.

Matty Chivs Seminar

Letters Sent

Robert A. LaFleur, Francoise Michel-Jones, Gery Ryan, Elisabeth Copet-Rougier, Frederick Turner, Claude Fischler, Constance Perin, Kurt Nolff, Stjepan Mestrovic

Michel Izard, Isac Chiva, E. Coville,  M. Jackson, S. Ottemberg, JT O'Meara, P. Stoller, Marie Mauze

Carleton Stuff

Carleton Stuff 1986, 1987, 1988

Box 3: (Departmental Files Diskettes C)

Department Position Applications

Soc/Anthro Budgets for 1984-85

Anthro Applicants

Letter to Dpt. of Anthro from John Hopkins University

Chapter 11 Poetry as Political Rhetoric: Two Case Studies

Tribal Poetry as Political Rhetoric from Khawlan At-tiyal, Yemen Arab Republic

Steve Caton Application

Sony Floppy Disks

Box 4: (Abelove--Coward F1)

Abelove, Dr. Joan

Abu-Lughod, Lila

Adams, Emily

Adelson, Joseph

African-American Studies

African famine (newspaper clippings)

Albers, Jam: women and lit. in 18th c. England

Alexander, J., Friedman, J.

Altieri, Charles

Anderson, Charles

Andrain, Charles and Apter, David E: Comparative Government

Andrew, Donald: Order in Nature (Journal)

Anthony, D., Robbins, T.

Arom, Simha: Monodies

Ashby, Janet: Ethics of studying humans

Association of American Colleges

Atkinson, Jane Morig

Ba, Oumar: Les Peuls du Djolof au 19 eme Siecle

Baer, Randy

Bandura, Albert

Banton: African prophets The folk Soc. and civilization

Barry, Boubacar

Banyacya, Tom 'Plowboy'

Banton, Michael: Theory of Rational Choice

Bartholomay, Daniel M.

Bartle, Phil

Bastide, Roger

Bateson, Mary: On Poetry of Bialik and Various

Baum, Robert

Bauman, Richard

BDPA: Notice D'Information

Becker, A.L.: Javanese Shadow Theatre

Bell, Daniel

Beidelman, T.O: Swazi Royal Ritual

Beinart, William

Bellah: Religion and Progress in Modern Asia (1965)

Belshaw, Cyril: Anthro and Dev.

Bender, Gerry: The Limits of Counter Insurgency

Berger, Allen H.

Berreman, Gerald D.

Bertalanffy, Ludwig von: General System Theory (various articles)

Bharati, Agehananda

Binet, Jacques: Ubanisme et Langage Dans La Ville Apricaine

Birdsell, Joseph B 'Australian Populations'

Blumer, Herbert: The Unconscious

Bohannan, Paul

Bologh, Roslyn

Boorstin, D.

Bourdieu, Pierre

Bourgiugnon, Erika

Bourne, Edmund J. and Schweden, Richard A.

Briggs, Jean L.

Brim, Orville G. Jr: Child Development

Brock, Lina L.

Brooks, George E.

Bruner, Edward M.

Brunner, Anne Maria

Buell, Frederick

Bugnicourt, Jaq.: African Environ.

Burns, N. and Carey L: Empathy among Children

Burton, John

Campbell, Donald

Cartier Bresson, Henri: Conversation with

Carpenter, E.

Caton, Steven

Caudill, William: Anthro: Psychiatry and assort. Art.

Cazer, Bernard: Etat-Nation, Environment International et Changement Culturel and carious

Chisolm: Navajo Cradleboard

Chodorow, Nancy

Clebsch, William

Clifton, James: Potawatomi Leadership

Cobb, Edith: Imagination in Childhood

Collier, David and Ruth

Collier, Jane F.

Collins, Randall

Comaroff, Jean

Comitas, Lambros: Biblio. Anthro. and Ed.

Cook, Robert (ed.): Pop growth and Ec. Development

Cooper, Frederick

Coppet, D. de: 1,4,8;9,7

Coward, R. Ellis, J.

Box 5: (Crawford--Goldstein F2)

Crawford, Jessica

Crowley, Daniel J.

Durham, William: Primitive War

Durkheim and Mauss 'Classification'

Dyson-Hudson, Rada

Edel, May: African Tribalism: Some reflections on Uganda

Edgerton, Robert: African Psychosis and Various

Edwards, Bob (African Development)

Egnor, Margaret T

Eicher, Carol K.

Eickelman, Dale F.

Elbow, Peter

Emerson, Alfred: Dynamic Homeostasis and Various

Emlen, Stephen T.

Emmerich, D.G.

Ennis, Philip H: Ecstasy and Everyday Life

Epstein, Seymour

Erchak: Kpelle Children

Erikson: 'On Play'

Errington, Fred: Minangkabau Etiquette

Errington, Shelly: Karavar

Ervin, Susan

Feedbag, Spring 1973

Fell, Joseph B.

Ferguson, D.S.

Carol Crumley: Central Place Theory

Cruxent, J.M.: W. Indies Early Man

CVRS: Liste des Documents

Dadrian, Vahkan, N.

Daniel, Valentine E.

Daniel, Sheryl B.

D'Aquili, Eugene, G.

Daskais, Jean

Davidson, Basil: L'Expansion Africaine

DeBernardi, Jean

Deck, Barbara: Sleep

Degler, Carl

Guillermo de la Pena

Delgado, Chris

Deng, Lual Acuek L.


Derrida, Jacques--narrative

Desai, Prakash N.

Devisch, Renaat

Dickemann, Mildred

Diener, Paul

Diener, P, Nonini, D, Robkin, E.E.

Diggins, John P.  Thoreau, Marx, and the 'Riddle' of Alienation

Dillman et al. Erosion study

Dillon, Wilton S.: Perspectives on Violence and various

Diogene: Tables des Matieres des Numeros 1 A 40

Douglas, Mary: Nature of Things

Draper, Hal: The Fabian and the African

Duberman, Martin: Becoming Historian

Dumant, Louis

Dupre, Marie-Claude

Fernandez, James W. 'Symbolic Consensus...'

Fernea, Robert: Anthro of Middle East and North Africa

Fine, Gary Alan: Legendary Creatures

Finestone, Harold

Firth, R. Book Reviews

Fuher, James F.

Fogarty, Robert: American Communal Hist.

Ford Foundation: 2 African Patterns

Ford, R.

Foss, B. M. (ed): Infant Beh. Determin.

Foster, George M.: Peasant society

Foster, M.L: Symblic Anthro.

Fox, Renee: The Intelligence behind the Mask

Fox, Richard G: Urban Anthro.

Franke, Richard W.

Frantz, Charles: Nigerian Pastoralism

Frantz, Charles: Pastoral Societies and Stratification

Frederickson, George M.

Friedman, A.

Friedrich, Paul: Language and Politics in India

Gagnon, Paul: French Resp. to Techol.

Galaty, John G.

Garvan, John M.

M. Geber: Developpt. du Jeune Enf. Africain

Geertz, Clifford: The Impact of the Concept of Culture on the Concept of Man

Gewirtz, J.L: Israeli Child-Rearing and Assort. Art.

Gilligan, Carol

Glasse, R.M: New Guinea Sex Ambivalence

Glazer, Nathan

Glick, Joseph

Glick, Thomas: Articles

Goff, Tom

Goldfrank, Walter

Goldschmitt, Walter: Various Articles

Goldstein, Marcus S.

Box 6: (Goodenough-Kondo F3)

Goodenough, Ward H.

Gottlieb, Alma

Grant, Larry

Greeley, Andrew: Invasion of Privacy

Greenfield, P.M.: Culture and Cognition, etc.

Greenfield, Pat: Culture and Cog. Growth

Gregerson, Elgar: 'Super-Ego'

Greve, M.

Groff, David H.

Grossbard, Amyra

Gruenbaum, Ellen: WHR Rivers Prize Paper

Gutmann, David: Comparative Study of the Human Life Cycle

Guyer, Jane I.

Hajda, Jan: Intellectual Stratum (other articles)

Hall, Edward T, Ph.D: Proxemics-The Study of Man's Spatial Relations

Hamlin, Will: Belinese Cockfight

Hammel, Eugene A.

Handelman, D., Kapferer, B.

Handleman, Howard and Sanders, Thomas G.

Hanna, Judith: Dance bibliography

Hannerz, Ulf

Hanson, Allan

Hardach, Karl: The Political Economy of Germany in the 20th Century

Harkness, Sara: Kipsigis Dreams

Harris, Grace G.

Harris, Howard

Harris, Marvin

Hart, John and Tory

Heald, Suzette

Health Guide for Upper Volta Peace Corps Volunteers

Hempel  Carl G.

Hennigh, Lawrence

Henry, Francis

Herdt, Gilbert H.

Herfkens, Kristine M.

Herzog, John D: Ethology

Hess, Robert A.

Hiatt, L.R.

Hickman, James

Hill, Patrick

Hillery, George A. Jr: Selected Issues in Community Theory

Hoben,  Allan

Holas, B: Mythologies Des Origines en Afrique Noire

Holmer, Paul

Homans, George Casper

Homeyer, Gretchen

Hopkins, A.G.

Horowitz, Michael

Hoskins, John A.

House, Emmitt and Miller, Nancy: Ed. in Ivory Coast

Howell, Nancy

Hughes, E.C: Colonialism

Hutchinson, Sharon: Master Thesis

Hutchinson, Steven

Huxley, Julian: Psycho metabolism

Hymes, Dell: Two Types of Linguistic Relativity

Inkeles, Alex

Inst. Ecumenical Research

Irvine, Judith T.

Ito, Karen L.

Iwanska, Alicja: 2nd Chance Community (other articles)

Izard, Françoise: Echantillonnage

Izard, Michel

Jakobsen, R and Levi-Strauss, Claude

Jay, Nancy: Culture

Jeffrey, Kirk: Family

Jensen, Bent: Human Reciprocity and Various articles

Ju, Won Jim

Jewsiewicki, B.

Jules-Rosette, Bennetta

Kadushin, Charles: Who are the Elite Intellectuals?

Kagan, J; Kearsley, R.B; Zelazo, P.R.

Kakar, Sudhir

Kamin, Leon J.

Kapferer, Bruce

Karp, Ivan

Karve, I: On the Road: A Maharashtrian Pilgrimage

Kiel, Charles M.H.

Kea, R.A.

Kessler, Clive S.

Kibbutz Change

Kilbride, Janet and Philip

Kingsbury, Henry

Kishwar, Madhu

Ki-zerbo, Joseph: La Tradition Orale en Afrique

Kleinman, Arthur

Kluckhorn, Clyde: Freud's Impact on Anthro.

Knab, T.J.

Knittel: Jung and Lévi-S.

Kohut, Heinz

Kondo, Dorinne K.

Box 7: (Krackle-Nelson F4)

Kracke, Waud H.

Daya Krishna: Marxian Economy

Krohn, Alan and Gutmann, D: Navajo Dreams

Kuper, Adam

Kurtz, Annette

LeBar, Frank M.

La Fleur, Robert André

Lamphere, Louise

Land, Ken C.: Math and Durkheim

Langworthy, Russell L: The Peasant World View: Italy and India

Lansky, Margaret

Lasker, Judith Naomi: National Health Systems

Laslett, Barbara

Launay, Robert

Lauwagie, Beverly N.

Leach, E.R.

Lembruch, Gerhard

Lerner, Richard M.

Levine, Donald N: The Concept of Masculinity in Ethiopian Culture

Levine, Donald N.

Levine, Edward M.

LeVine, Robert and Sarah

Levison, Laura: 'Thinking on...'

Levitt, Morton and Rubenstein, Ben: The Student Revolt

Lewis, John V.D.

Liebow, Edward

Leichter, Paul J.

Light, Donald: Dev'ment'l Theory of Society

Loewald, Hans W.

Lomax, Alan: Folksong

Lonsdale, John

Lopate: Fieldwork

Lopez, Barry

'Lottery Winners'

Louch, A.R.

Lovejoy, Owen

Lovejoy, Paul E.

Lutsky, Neil

Lutz, Catherine

Lynd, Helen: Convocation Speech

Maccoby: Gamesman-Chap. 8 and Various

Maccoby: Humanizing Work

Maccoby, Michael

MacGaffey, Wyatt

Madison, Peter: College Coming of Age

Mafeje, Archie

Makarius, Laura: Les Tabous Du Forgeron

Mair, Lucy: Ritual and Rationality Anthropologists on Myth

Malony and North


Mannheim, Karl

Jacques Maquet: World non-world

Maracek: Male/Fe.

Maranhão, Tullio P.

Marascuilo, Leonard A. and Gill, Gary: Doctoral Students in Education

Marks,  Elaine

Markus, H., Sentis, K.

Marriott, McKim

Masnick, George and Katz, Solomon: Eskimo  Childrearing

Mazlish, Bruce: The Changing Face of Oedipus

Mazrui, Ali A.

McCall, Daniel F.

McDowell, William

McRobie, George: Rural Industry

Meillassoux, Claude

Menaker, Daniel

Mendonsa, Eugene L.

Mendoza de Arce, Daniel

Merlo, Christian et Vidaud, Pierre: Le Serpent Nègre

Merrill, Lyri

Merrill-Palmer: Child Behav.

Meyers, Miriam: Mpls. Commune

Michaelson and Goldschmidt: Peasant rituals


Miller, Stephen

Milner, Murray

Minge-Kalman, Wanda

Mintz, Sidney W.

Mischel, Theodora

Mischel, Walter

Moore, Michael

Morono, Don: Music

Morgan, Bronwen

Morgan, George

Morral, Frank

Morren, George E.B: Woman the Hunter

Much, Nancy C.

Mudimbe, V.Y.

Mukerji, Chandra

Mullen, William: Faces of Hunger

Nagel, Thomas


Natanson, Maurice

Nelson, Jennifer

Box 8: (Neogy-Singer F5)

Neogy, Rajat: African Intellectual

Newberger, Carolyn Moore

Newberger, E.H: Malnutrition and Child Abuse

Nisbett and Wilson: 'Telling More...'

Nkosi, Lewis: Conversations with African Writers

Obeyesekere, Gananath

Obodo, Veronica C.


Olson, Lucy

Ong, Walter: Agonistic Struct. in Academia

Orans, Martin: Assort'd Art.

Ortner, Sherry B.

Osgood, Charles: Behav. Theory and assort. Art.

Ottenberg S.: Secret Societies and others

Owens, Nancy J.

Paden, John N.

Panoff, Michel and Françoise: Ethnologie

Parsons, Talcott

Paulme, Denise: Classes en Afrique Noire and Various

Paulson, Susan

Peneff, Jean

Perry, John

Peters, Pauline E.

Platt, Gerald: Sociological Endeaver and Assorted Art.

Piaget, Jean: Excerpts from an address

Pinfold: Twins are Bush Spirits

Pitkin, D.S.

Pitts: Communes

Pitts-Rivers, Julian

Population Densities in Iron Age Rhodesia

Portes, Alejandro

Pouillon, Jean: Fétichisme and various articles

Price, Barbara J.

Project for the Study of Human Potentials

Prowe, Diathelm

Pullem,  Gregory K.

Ragin, Charles C.

Ramanujan, A.K.

Ramanujan, B.K.

Rambo, Lewis R.

Rappaport, Roy A.

Ray, Mary:  Inoculations for African Workers

Rayfield: on Lévi Strauss

Read, Kenneth E.

Redfield, James

Reining, Priscilla: Various Articles

Ricoeur, Paul

Ried and Holm

Riesman, Paul

Robbins, Richard H.

Robinson, David

Rodner, Kim

Rodriguez, Sylvia: Ph.D. Thesis, introduction

Rogers, Susan Carol

Roland, Alan

Rorty, Amélia O.

Rosaldo, Michelle

Rosaldo, Renato

Rosenthal, Bernard: Chippewa Self-Ident.

Roy, Manisha

Ruby, Jay: Reflexitivity in Film

Ruddick, Sara

Rudikoff, Sonya: Psychoanalysis and Feminism

Denyse de saivre

Salzman, Philip Carl

Sanborn, Sara: 'An American Family' (critique of TV documentary 1973)

Sangree, Walter

Sapir, J.D: Diela-Fogny separation

Saunders, George R.

Scarr, Sandra

Schafer, Roy

Scherer, Nancy: The Socialization of Choice

Schmalenbach: Soc. Category of Comm.

Schmitter, Philippe C.

Schneider, Jane

Schodt, David W.

Schoenwald, Richard: Freud (Assort. Art.)

Schudson, Michael

Schumacher, E.F: Intermediate Technology

Schwartz, Lola Romanucci: Hierarchy of Resort in Curative Practices

Schütz, Alfred

Scientific American

Scott, Nora: Ancient Egyptians

Searles, Harold

Skocpol, Theda

Shils E: Intellectuals

Silverman, Martin G.

Silverman, Phyllis Rolfe: Influence of Racial Differences

Simmel, Georg

Singer, Milton

Singer, Milton: Culture and Religion (and Commentary)

Box 9: (Sipfle-Weinstein F6)

Mr. Sipfle

Skocpol, Theda and Sommers, Margaret

Slater, Philip E.

Smith, Bardwell L.

Smith, M. Brewster

Smith, Pierre

Smith, Sid

Snyder, M. and Campbell, B.H.

Solow, Robert M.

Sow: Procédés Poétiques au Fouta-Djalon

Spain, David H. and Manson, Spero M. Jr.: Observations of Kanuri

Sperber, Dan

Stack, Carol B.

St. Jacques, Ernest

Staniford: Psychics in Anthropology

Stea, David

Stefansson, Vilhjamur: MacKenzie Eskimos

Stepani, A.

Stoffle, Richard W.

Stoller, Paul

Stone, Alan

Stroebel, Robert and Swaine, Abby

Stoller, Paul

Strunk, Orlo: Empathy

Stuckey, Sterling

Dan Sullivan: Competition in Biomedical Science

Super, C.M. and Harkness, S.

Sutter, John W.

Suttles, W.

Swaine, Abigail

Swidler, Ann: Interpretive vs. Explanatory...

Szanton, David: Philippine Confrontation and various

Talmon, Yonin: Religious and Social Change

Tanner, Nancy Makepeace

Torn, Nathaniel

Taylor, Charles

Taylor, David

Taylor, Edwin F.

Taylor, Janet

Tedlock, Dennis

Thé, Marie-Paule de: Èvolution

Thom, R.

Thompson, N.

Thorne, Barrie: Language, Gender and Soc.

Tinker, Irene

Tiryakian, Edward A.

Titus, S.: Family Photographs

Serge Tornay: Le couleur: and others

Traugott, Mark

Trigger, Bruce G.

Trivers, Robert L.

Trosset, Carol

Trow, Martin: 'Elite Higher Education': An Endangered Species?

Tumin, Melvin

Turiel, Elliot

Turkle, Sherry

Turner, Ralph H.

Turner, V.: The Forest of Symbols: Aspects of Ndembu Ritual

Turner, Victor

Turvey, Michael

Tutino, John

Ulin, Robert C.

Ullman, Montague: Dreams

U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organ

Vallier, Ivan

Vehrencamp, Sandra

Vendler, Z.

Verger, Pierre: ÃŒ yámi Ã’sòrògÃ

Vessey,  Eric M.

Vogt, Paul

Vucinich, Alex: USSR Ethnography

Wallace, Anthony: Religious Revitalization

Wallace, A.F.C. and Fogelson, R.D.

Wallerstein, Immanuel

Watson, J: Advent of the Misplaced Meaning

Wax, Murray: Hunting People

Wax, Rosalie H.: Fieldwork as Education

Weber, Max: Decay of Ancient Civilization

Wedam, Elisabeth

Weiland, Steven

Weingrad, Alex

Weinstein, Brian: Oubangui-Chari

Box 10 : ( Weiskel-Zurcher grades 1971-1974 F7)

Weiskel, Timothy C.

Weiskel, T.C.

Weisner, Thomas S.

Weiss, Bob: Notes on Stockbridge School

Wessman, James: Puerto Rico

Wheaton, Laura

Whiting, Beatrice 'Child Rearing'

Whittemore, Robert: Mandang Bibliography

Whyte, William: Making Soc. Sci Relevant

Wigen, Kären

Wilks, Ivor

Wilson, Everett K.

Winans, Edgar: African Ethnology and various

Winnicott, D.W.

Winnicott, D.W.

Witkin, Herman A: Cross-Cultural Research

Wofford, Harris

Wolf, Eric

Wolff, Kurt

Wolff, Kurt: Assort. Art.

Woocher, Jon: The Seder

Wood, Susan H.

Yalman, Nur

Yarak, Larry and Rice, Jeffrey

Youth Services Coalition

Yinger, J. Milton

Zaretsky, Irving I.

Zelditch, Morris Jr.

Zelliot, Eleanor: Dalit-New Cultural Context for an Old Marathi Word

Zentner, Henry: Social Change in Western Canada and various

Ziller, Robert C.

Zimmerman, Francis

Zuckerman, Michael

Zurcher, Louis A. Jr.

Spring 1974

Winter 1974

Fall 1973

Spring 1973

Winter 1973

Soc. 10 Grades and Comment Fall 1972

Spring 1972: Soc. 10/Soc. 46 Comments and Grades

Winter 1972 Comments and Grades (Soc. 10/Soc.50)

Fall 1971 Comments and Grades (Soc. 10/Soc. 65)

Spring 1971/Soc. 10/Soc. 32

Winter 1971/Soc. 10/Soc. 50

Box 11: ( Course Grades and Comments 1979-1984 F8)

Photo Course

'Living the Good Life' Seminar

Grant Application 1979

Visits to People's Classes

Living the Good Life Applicants

Sylvia Rodriguez's Classes

Dan Sullivan's Classes

Davis Taylor's Classes

Anth &/or Soc in Pre-College Schooling

Other People's courses

Bibliographies from Various Student Papers

Dan Sullivan-Methods

Math 13

Bev's 'Methods' class 1982

Anthro of Disarmament Spring 1986

Soan 54, Spring 1986 Independent Studies

Soan 61, Spring 1986

Winter 1986 Soan 10, 37 Indep Studies

Fall 1985: 46, 47

Spring 1985: 10

Spring '85: G1 Theory 39

Winter 1985: 10, 37, Ind Studies

Fall 1984: 46 Ind. Studies

Spring 1984: 10, 54 Ind. Study

Winter 1984: 10, 37, Ind. Studies

Fall 1983: 46, 29, Ind Study

Spring 1983: 10, 47, Ind. St.

Winter 1983: 37 and Ind. Study

Winter 1983: Soan 10

Fell 1982: 46 Ind. Studies

Spring 1982: 10, 37, Comps Independent Studies

Winter 1982: 10, 29, 46

Fall 1981: Soc/Anth 47

Spring 1980 Comments and Grades: 10, 29, 47, 70, Comps

Winter 1980 Comments and Grades 10, 29, 37, 70

Fall 1979, Comments and Grades 29, 46, 65(Ucs.), 70

Spring 1979 10, 29, 46 Comps

Winter '79: Theory and Intro. Classics in C.A.P.

Box 12 : ( Course Grades and Comments 1976-1978 Miscellaneous Files F9)

Anthro. Theory 1979

Fall '78, Cult. and Pers.

Fall '78: Intro to Anthro

Winter 1978 Intro to Anthro

Fall and Winter 77-78 Africa and Ind.

Fall '77: Cult and Personality

Anthro 10, Spring '77 Notes, Comments, Grades

Africa, Spring 1977 Notes, Comments, Grades

Ind. Study, Spring '77 Notes, Comments, Grades

Winter 1977 Soc/Anth 10-2

Winter 1977 Soc/Anth 10-1

Fall, 1976: Comments and Grades

Photo Coop

Prizes and Grants for Students


Case for Carleton

College Curriculum  Committee

Teaching Institute

Minority Affairs Review, 1983-84

Cognitive Sciences

Linguistic Candidates, 1986


3rd World Visits

3rd World Search Committee

Itasca Conf. 1986

Current Independent Studies

Notes on Public Lectures

Botswana Program

Anthro. Meeting Notes 1977

A. of M. Anthro Club conference 1982

Poverty in Africa Symposium, Apr. 1979

'African Systems of Forms' UCLA 1973

Teacher Education in Soc/Anthro.

N.A.W.A.F. Constitution

U of Chicago Press Correspondence

Report on Dean's Office

Paul Fjelstad

Chaplaincy at Carleton

Fairy Tales

La Science du Conget et la Geste d'Asdiwal

R. Ellison Interviews

Freedom in Fulani Social life

Defying Official Mordity

De l'homme 'typographique' à l'homme 'électronique' Marshall MacLuhan

Processus de  Fission et de Fusion

Mariage et Vol du Feu

Exposés at L'ephe, 1969

AAA and SAA Policy statements

English Version of 'Aadama Camel' (incomplete)

Morelia Program

Library Anthro Sources

Balinese Cockfight Roundtable

My Grant Applications for 1986-87

Govt. Publications in Library

Permissions to Reproduce

South Africa

Musical Activities

Carleton Collective Communities Catalogue

Concerning my Article on Castaneda

Box 13: (Miscellaneous Files F10)

The Farm Boy Goes to Carleton

Temple Film Conference

Bibliography: Africa

Panel for Symposium

ACM and African Programs

Student Futures Material

Science Seminar

Sample Course Eval. Questionnaires


Language Improvement com.


Student Papers-Unconcious Course

List of Africanist Sociologists

Younger Scholars Competition Materials 1983-84 1984-85

Letters from Students (Columbia University)

Articles on Culture

French Studies

Sloan Grant

Carleton Accreditation

Committee Minutes 1981-82


AAA Meetings: 1978 1980

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Curricular reform and Aff. Action (Ethno)

African/Afro-American Studies Comm.

Kellogg Foundation

U of Chic. Press Correspondence; Reviews

Book Reviews

Publication of 'Soc. Et Liberté'

Box 14: (Student Papers, Grades, Comments, Appointment Calendars)

Intro to Anthro Notes

Intro to Anthro Notes

Intro to Anthro Notes



Culture and Personality

II D.2

Peoples and Cultures of Africa Notes

Soan 46 Notes

Soan 46 Notes

1987 Weekly Date Keeper

1986 Weekly Date Keeper

Weekly Appointbook 1985

Weekly Minder 1984

Weekly Minder 1983

Weekly Appointbook 1982

Week at a Glance 1981

Weekly Appointbook 1980

Box 15 (Course Evaluations)

Riesman Student Papers (1,2)

Bibliographic Notes - Unconscious - 1978

SOAN 54 - Impact of Feminism of Anthropology

SOAN 47 - Native North America

Anthro 61 Notes

Course Evaluations, Soc. 10, Fall 1971

Course Evaluations, Soc. 50, Winter 1972

Course Evaluations, Soc. 10, Winter 1972

Course Evaluations, Soc. 10, Spring 1972

Course Evaluations, Soc 46, Spring 1972

Course Evaluations, Soc. 46, Spring 1973

Course Evaluations, Soc. 10, 1972-73

Course Evaluations, Soc. 50, Winter 1973

Course Evaluations, Anthro 10, Winter 1980

Course Evaluations, Culture and Personality, Winter 1980

Course Evaluations, Anthro 10, Spring 1980

Course Evaluations, Native N. America, Spring 1980

Course Evaluations, Anthro 10, Winter 1979

Course Evaluations, Anthro. Thought and Theory, Winter 1979

Course Evaluations, Anthro 10 - 1a, Spring 1979

Course Evaluations, Anthro 10 - 2a, Spring 1979

Course Evaluations, Anthro 10, Fall 1978

Course Evaluations, Culture and Personality, Fall 1978

Course Evaluations, Misc. (1,2)

Box 16 (Course Evaluations and Job Applicants)

Course Evaluations, Spring 1985

Course Evaluations, Spring 1986

Course Evaluations, Winter 1983

Course Evaluations, Winter 1984

Course Evaluations, Spring/Fall 1984

Course Evaluations, Winter 1985

SOAN Job Applicants (1,2,3,4,5)

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