Harvey Stork collection: General, 1869-1928

Title: Harvey Stork collection: General, 1869-1928
ID: 05/008/8e (4)
Extent: 0.0
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Sample images from this set: Paired portraits of Carleton’s first two College Department graduates
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Detailed Description
Sub-Series 1: Arboretum treeplanting
Sub-Series 2: Artworks
Sub-Series 3: Class scenes
Sub-Series 4: Commencement
Sub-Series 5: Frosh-Soph events
Sub-Series 6: Homecoming
Sub-Series 7: May Fete
Sub-Series 8: Music
Sub-Series 9: Social and holiday events
Sub-Series 10: Student parades
Sub-Series 11: Student registration
Sub-Series 12: Theater / Plays
Sub-Series 13: Winter activities
Sub-Series 14: Misc. group portraits
Sub-Series 15: Misc. individual portraits
Sub-Series 16: Miscellaneous Other