Harvey Stork collection: Places / Campus scenes, 1862-1927

Title: Harvey Stork collection: Places / Campus scenes, 1862-1927
ID: 05/8e (1)
Extent: 0.0
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Sample images from this set: Approach to Men's Dormitory (future Burton Hall), viewed from the east
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Detailed Description
Sub-Series 1: Aerial views
Sub-Series 2: Arboretum
Sub-Series 3: Burton Hall
Sub-Series 4: Burton and Davis Halls
Sub-Series 5: Campus map
Sub-Series 6: Campus scenes (with people)
Sub-Series 7: Campus skylines and panoramas
Sub-Series 8: Campus views
Sub-Series 9: Cannon River
Sub-Series 10: College Farm
Sub-Series 11: Davis Hall
Sub-Series 12: Dorm room interiors
Sub-Series 13: Evans Hall
Sub-Series 14: Goodsell Observatory
Sub-Series 15: Gridley Hall
Sub-Series 16: Heating plant
Sub-Series 17: Houses and Lodges
Sub-Series 18: Laird Athletic Fields
Sub-Series 19: Laird Hall
Sub-Series 20: Laird and Leighton Halls
Sub-Series 21: Laird Stadium and Fieldhouse
Sub-Series 22: Leighton Hall
Sub-Series 23: Lincoln sundial
Sub-Series 24: Lyman Lakes
Sub-Series 25: Music Hall
Sub-Series 26: Northfield
Sub-Series 27: Nourse Hall
Sub-Series 28: original Observatory
Sub-Series 29: Sayles-Hill Gymnasium
Sub-Series 30: Scoville Library
Sub-Series 31: Scoville Library and Burton Hall
Sub-Series 32: Scoville Library and Davis Hall
Sub-Series 33: Severance Hall (planned)
Sub-Series 34: Skinner Chapel
Sub-Series 35: Williams Hall
Sub-Series 36: Willis Hall