Oversized prints: Men's Athletics, 1909/10-present

Title: Oversized prints: Men's Athletics, 1909/10-present
ID: 05/8e,y,z (2)
Extent: 0.0
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Sample images from this set: Football team
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Detailed Description
Sub-Series 1: Baseball
Sub-Series 1.1: Baseball - group portraits
Sub-Series 2: Basketball
Sub-Series 2.1: Basketball - group portraits
Sub-Series 3: 'C' Club
Sub-Series 4: Football
Sub-Series 4.1: Football - group portraits
Sub-Series 5: Gymnastics
Sub-Series 6: IM (misc.)
Sub-Series 7: Soccer
Sub-Series 8: Swimming and Diving
Sub-Series 9: Track and Field
Sub-Series 9.1: Track and Field - group portraits
Sub-Series 10: Wrestling