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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums


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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016 | Carleton College Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016View associated digital content.

ID: 08/028

Extent: 0.0

Arrangement: Item number

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Individual and organizational scrapbooks, containing photos, programs, booklets, drawings, clipping, invitations, records, correspondence, postcards, dance cards, receipts, and memorabilia.  Topics include athletics, oratory, literary societies, drama, musical groups, graduation and awards, dances and entertainment, clubs, religious activities, professors.  Scrapbooks of organizations may also be listed in the contents lists for that organization's record group, if any.  For some organizations, the only organized material in the archives is the scrapbook listed here.

Administrative Information

Repository: Carleton College Archives

Acquisition Method: Volumes donated individually.

Appraisal Information: Value Code: 2

Processing Information: LOCATION CHECKED

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Series A: (12.5"x9"x3" size)
Box/Drawer 1
Item 1: 'We Are Together' Vigil for Diversity, 1987


Signatures, flyers, newspaper articles, and correspondence related to the 'We Are Together' Vigil for Diversity held in the Sayles Hill student center October 23 & 24, 1987. Liz Randle and Sarah England we involved in the organization of this event.

Box/Drawer 2
Item [4]: Haven, Ruth A., 1899View associated digital content.

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus, interior and exterior; photos of outdoor scenes on campus; dormitories; Thanksgiving; winter; unidentified group photos; Senior-Junior baseball game; decorating committees; photos of faculty members; Fox Lake; rhetoric class photo; Lake Geneva; Bouncing Day; Carleton Coat of Arms; Carleton men drilling during Spanish American War.

People Depicted: Freda Williams; Bess (Bessie) Strayer Williamson; Lydia Woodbridge; Mary Hanson Quinn; Frances Crouch Blakely; Ruth Haven; Genevieve Reitler Van Wert; Marie Shafelt; Margaret J. Evans; Katherine L. Brazee; Sara Burrel Alexander Murphy; Howard Lyman Kingsbury; Mary Dana Kennedy; Anna T. Lincoln
Box/Drawer 3
Item 1: Fisher, Lucia, 1935

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; arboretum; Lyman Lakes; bonfire; postcards; May Fete; horse riding; equestrian; camping; Class of 1935 reunion group photo; newspaper clippings; note from Elizabeth (Betty) Angle Varco Fink on her life since Carleton; reunion photos

People Depicted: Barbara Brown Kelley; Elizabeth Lincoln Robinson; Patricia Kelley Rudd; Ione Seafield Ritchie; Helen Jett Bellis; Margaret Clefton; Jane Ashman; Katherine Gorham Dennis; Jean Steele; Dorothy Hoidale Sanders; Jane (Sandy) McDowell McGuire; Elizabeth (Betty) Angle Fink; Lucia Fisher Baker; Elizabeth (Betty) Craig Ware; Carolyn Fuldner Kraft; Gretchen Burtis Chapman; Mary Ladue Byron; Mary Bagley Rekas; Jeannette (Jenna) McBride Warner; Harriet Uhler Simpson; Louise (Lady) Seeger Andrews; Thomas Thomas; Charles (Chuck) Golder; Eleanor Suttle Golder; Edward Larson; Priscilla Priebe Thurow; Janice Koppe Riese; Lerroy Jones; Harry Green; Mary Scott Green; J.A. (Jean) (Del) Torrens; George Power; Bernice Peterson Petrich; Elizabeth (Betty) (Slip) Peterson Silliman; Robert (Bob) Anderson; Adrian Ernst; Jean McIntyre; Catherine Fath Sherry; Lee Briggs; Lillian Cassie; Marian Rankin Rolvaag; Marion Barnes Adams; George Stees; Betty Harris Thurow; John (Pistol Pete) Peterson; Jane Williams Verhey; Raymond N. Thurow; Grace Stanton Pfeiffer; Kathryn (Kay) Morrison Rue; Lucille Beede Hull McIntyre; Katharine Meier Tarbox; Ernest Burdahl; J.A. (Delbert) (Del) Torrens; Clinton Ford; Harold (Hal) Herman; Richard (Dick) Woodbury; Harold Peterson; Maurice (Maury) Nestrud; Dorothy DeBruyn Moore; Edward Moore; Robert Dewall; Sara Mehlhop Hazleton Siepmann; Duane (Duts) Brenna
Item 2: Rasmusen, Mary, 1911


Includes material related to: graduation; commencement; unidentified portraits; athletic portraits; tennis; lists of women's colleges and co-educational colleges; notes on first impressions of her friends; photos of faculty members; list of courses taken; photos of buildings on campus; notes about her dorm building and room; notes about Northfield; notes on classmates; notes on campus events; picnics; recipes for fudge, divinity candy, peanut sandwiches, and angel food cake; societies and clubs; glee club; event invitations; song lyrics; college seals and coats of arms; correspondence; newspaper clippings; notes on holiday celebrations; notes on the Carletonia; notes on athletic teams; boating; horseback riding; theatre;handwritten copies of theatre programs; pressed leaves and flowers; Christmas cards; photo of a comet taken by C. H. Gingrich at Goodsell Observatory; Delta Sigma Rho; list of engaged Carleton sudents; list of students and where they moved to after Carleton; autographs; postscript written in 1931, 20 years after her graduation; timeline of her life since Carleton

People Depicted: Mary Rasmusen; Edwin Stensrud; Donald John Cowling; Luther A. Weigle; Maurice A. Kent; Herbert Goodrich; Harriet Martin Hillman; Ethel Ackerman; David Howard; Zena Rasmusen; Catherine (Lydia) Lubahn Bleifuss; Ara Cornwell Earley; Lottie Campbell Emerson; William H. Laird; Frank Morse; Burton Hughes; Raymond Ziesmer; Park Dougherty; Erwin Nelson
Item 3: Carleton College Bookstore Album, 1913/14

Photo Album

An album of sample photos for students to order from.

Includes material related to: sample order form; Cannon River; Bouncing Day; Initiation; unidentified group photos; football; buildings on campus; Deaf Mute football game; baseball; train to picnic; band; dorm room; locker room; swimming pool; Northfield buildings; class photos; bonfire; Thanksgiving

Box/Drawer 4
Item [10]: Carleton College Scrapbook, Circa 1865-1878View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: newspaper clippings; Trustees Reports; President report on new building to be built on campus; letter to the editor of the Boston Daily News about Carleton College; name change from Northfield College to Carleton College; records of donations to the college; annual exercises; advertisements for the college; examination schedules; college program of instructors and courses; commencement; rules of the college; debate programs; Science Department; obituary for Mrs. William Carleton; death of Curtis E. Locke; pamphlets of the college

Item [11]: Watson Family AlbumView associated digital content.

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of Watson family members; photos of outdoor scenes on campus; photos of the Watsons' house in Northfield; photos of buildings on campus; unidentified group photos

People Depicted: Robert Watson; William Watson; Minnie Watson; Helen Williams
Box/Drawer 5
Item 1: Carleton Commencement 1940, 1940
Photographs, program, invitation, and greeting cards to a male graduate, class of 1940.
Box/Drawer 6
Item [15]: Craig, Elizabeth, 1935


Includes material related to: Civil War; newspaper clippings; Oak Park High School; May Fete; homecoming; WAA horse show; riding club; Carleton song lyrics; symphony band; commencement; graduation exercises; correspondence; wedding announcement; event programs; Lake Geneva; Christmas cards; Herbert Hoover; cartoons; politics

Note: Scrapbook in this box is not Elizabeth Craig's. Appears to be a scrapbook of Mabel HUmphrey from Oak Park, Illinois
People Depicted: Elizabeth Craig Ware; James Robert Gillette
Box/Drawer 7
Item [16]: Noble, Mary M., 1925


Includes material related to: YMCA; YWCA; photos of buildings on campus; photos of campus houses; newspaper clippings; registration statistics; initiation; Bouncing Day; unidentified portraits; athletic schedules; football; St. Olaf Choir; homecoming; dramatic club; May Fete; basketball

Item [19]: Genevieve Gilbert, 1908


Includes material related to: dormitory regulations; drawlings; recitals; St. Olaf Band; Thanksgiving; oratorical contests; theater; glee club; lecture schedules; athletic schedules; football; opera; dances; debate; Northfield Choral Union; George Washington Reception; Senior-Sophomore reception; baseball; posters; Athletic Union card; Carleton School of Music; Carleton College Bulletin

People Depicted: Florence Ames Gilbert; Marion Stearns Dougherty
Box/Drawer 8
Item [17]: Shouer, Louella, 1930


Includes material related to: name cards; original poetry; notes from classmates and friends; Delta Delta Delta; Thanksgiving; dance cards; party invitations; athletic schedules; football; pins; baseball; track and field; athletics admission card; photos of buildings on campus; unidentified group photos; unidentified portraits; Freeport High School; The Carletonian; Northfield businesses; Carleton Handbook; course schedules; organ recitals; recitals; May Fete; Armistice Day service program

Item 18: George Huntington Lyman Memorial Lakes / Morell & Nichols

"Compliments of Morell & Nichols, Landscape Architects, Minneapolis-Minnesota."

From the personal collection of George Lyman.

Includes material related to: photos of Lyman Lakes, campus farm

Morell & Nichols
Lyman, George R.
Box/Drawer 9
Item 1: Vyzralek, Frank, 1921

Photo album.

Includes material related to: unidentified group photos; unidentified portraits; postcards

Item 2: Vyzralek, Frank, 1917-1921

Photo album.

Carleton College class of 1921

Box/Drawer 10
Item 1: Class of 1914, 1910-1979


Tracks the history of Carleton class of 1914 from their freshman year through 1979.

Includes material related to: class meeting minutes; Constitution of the Class of 1914; newspaper clippings; deaths of classmates; reunion registration lists; correspondence;1949 reunion; 1954 reunion; 1959 reunion; 1967 reunion; 1969 reunion; 1974 reunion; 1975 reunion; reunion ribbons; news about classmates' lives post-Carleton; commencement 1959; class photos taken at reunions; "The Patten Digest"

People Depicted: Harry N. Peterson; George Holm; Helen Orr Watson; Laurence Rossman; J. Henry; Harold Van Slyke; Arthur McMillan; Helen Wade Adams; Margaret Hoppin Comport; Luella Norwood; Florence Allen Norby; Edith Thompson; Floyd Patten; Florence Peterson Gillott; Roy Comport; Katharine Doud Shearer; Eva Nelson; Bernice McMillan; Dorothy Draper Patten; Elmer (Long Pete) Peterson; Stillman Hathaway; Walter Shearer; Eva Lindbergh Spaeth; Katharine Jepson Jackson; Helen Andrews Rieke; Fullerton (Cassus) Brown; Frederick Mosse; Inez Thompson Mosse; Manly Jackson; Ellsworth Rieke; Mary Horn Mythaler; Esther Nylin Nash; Beth Porter Garvey; Richard (Dick) Wollin; Helen Fleming Wollin; Edna Peterson Jones; Violet Atchinson Peterson; Charles Peterson; Stanley Mythaler; Edith Vest; Bertha Glemmestad Peterson; Florence Baker Riegel; Mabel Brauer Dale; Ray Phillips; Dora Larson Phillips; Elmer Gillott; Winifred Sherwood Maier; Rolfe Tainter; Strabo Claggett; President John W. Nason; Louis Headley; Leal Headley
Item 2: Class of 1949 Reunion Photo Album, 2009-2014

Photo album for Class of 1949 Reunion 2009 and 2014 as well as mini-reunion tours and gatherings.

Includes material related to: reunion ribbons; reunion attendance list; photos of campus; photos of alumni; reunion events; photos of buildings on campus; reunion parade; list of classmates who had died; map of California; information about a mini-reunion held in California in 2012; Carleton song lyrics; photos of buildings on campus; student workers; "oldsters" reception; luncheon menu

People Depicted: Emily Muirhead McAdam; Barbara (Putter) Nordly Beck; William (Bill) Beck; Robert (Bob) Henderson; Shirley Henderson; Carol Haywood Tuttle; Donald Tuttle; Mary Wrinch Hitchcock; Frances (Franki) Harris Sethre; Art Sethre; Nancy Windes Ross; William D. Ross; Sonia (Sunny) Hazen Fondrie; Stu Fondrie; Lyle Bourdon; Patricia Bourdon; John Koehler, Jr.; Margaret L. Koehler; Peggy Schoon Christie; Nancy Darland Goode; David (Dave) Goode; Christiane Crasemann Collins; Judd Alexander; Mary (Denny) Denworth Stratte; Margery Stratte Swanson; Bayliss Swanson; Alf Stratte; Alice (Bunny) Fillmore Peters; Marjorie Gilchrist Groman; Joan (Soda) Soderberg Brust; Joan (Liz) Hedberg Evans; Robert (Bob) Lockwood; Joyce Hadrath Hooley; Jack Hooley; Meredith (Meredie) Nelson Danielson; President Robert A. Oden; Jean Elliott Lyon; Bob Lyon; Eloise Sterrie Cadman; Norman L. Cadman; Barbara Kaercher McCarthy; Harold (Mac) McCarthy; Hal Edmonson; Aisling Quigley; Paul Roberts; Kitty Roberts; Wendy Evans; Richard (Dick) Newman; Barbara (Bobbie) Griebel Kaufmann; Mary Garst; Jane Gilbert McDougal; Joan Potter Goan; Philip Goan; Jack Thurnblad; Mary (Josie) Boisen Goode; Anne Newman; Dan Dougherty; Norma S. Dougherty; Marian (Mattie) Mathews Hersrud; Barbara Crawford Glasrud; Sarah Blaisdell Forster; Rachel Ewing; Elijah Mae (Eliza) Christensen; President Stephen Poskanzer; Tommy Bonner; John Hlavacek; Theza (Tee) Lichtman Miller; Robert (Bob) Will; John Street; Ginny Street; Frank Wright; Ann M. Wright
Series B: 15.5"x12"x3" size
Box/Drawer 1
Item [1]: 'Modern Poetry' - Carleton Players, 1952; 1953


Includes material related to: Carleton Players; world news; newspaper clippings; theater; stage design paintings; photos of productions

People Depicted: Ruth (Helen) Chase Brill; John (Jack) Sommers; Alice Pasel Blatt; Louise Heflebower Miller; Margaret (Ranny) Towsley Riecker; Karen (Kit) Stokstad Leider; Elizabeth (Betsy) Wood; Kathryn (Kay) Middleton Chapin; Peter Page; Daniel (Dan) VanEyck; Barbara Williams Thomas; Richard (Dick) Christiansen; Susan (Sue) Stoner Beechner; Barbara Callender Olson; Margaret (Peggy) Coombs Jacoby; Mary Ann Gibson Wilkes; Gail Montgomery Rubin; Anne Newhart; Suzanne (Sue) Arnold Olson; David (Dave) Unumb; Carolyn Stewart Woollen-Tucker; Joanne (Jo) Febel Tharin; Carolyn Kappel Boak; Gerald (Gerry) Kerns; Richard (Reese) Elledge; Richard (Dick) Cardozo; John-Julian Swanson; Jane Higgins Willard; Earle Gister
Item [3]: Payne, Jessie Vinecore, 1895

Photo Album

Includes material related to: correspondence; portraits; General Council of the Congregational and Christian Churches; death of Edith Spooner Pell; newspaper clippings; photos of buildings on campus; Northfield buildings; academic procession; class photo

People Depicted: Hisa Amaya; Elizabeth Burnham Adams; Alice Caldwell; Paul Barney; James Chapman; Franz Exner; Clarabel Goodhue Wellman; Grace Herrick; William Hollands; Mary Houston; Gracia Jenks; Svante Lindholm; Agnes Page; Jessie Payne; William Pell; Robert Pollock; Charles Burton; Edith Spooner Pell; Lillian Stewart; Maude Willsey Allen; Joel Gates; Bertram Price; Allan Carpenter; Samuel (Sam) Caldwell; Frank Forsell; Orlin Krause; James W. Strong; Horace Goodhue; Margaret J. Evans; George Huntington; William Payne; Louisa Holman Richardson; Charlotte Willard; Charles H. Cooper; Wilmot V. Metcalm; A. H. Pearson; Herbert Couper Wilson; Isabella Watson; Gertrude Miriam Potwin; Caroline Linnell; Jesse Parker
Box/Drawer 2
Item [4]: Music Programs, 1918-1929


Includes material related to: music; programs; recitals; organ recitals; graduation; concerts; vesper services; orchestra; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; glee club; commencement; Conservatory of Music; "pop" concert; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; string quartet; Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts; choir; Minnesota State High School Music Contest; Easter; Schubert Centennial Program; symphony band

People Depicted: Ross Finney; Edna Schatz Lee; John Kuypers
Item [5]: Music Programs, 1921-1927


Includes material related to: music; programs; recitals; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; vesper services; organ recitals; concerts; choir; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; commencement programs; Conservatory of Music; glee club; lectures; Minnesota State High School Contest; band; string quartet; Congregational Church; symphony band

Box/Drawer 3
Item [6]: Balzer, Frank Jr., 1917


Includes material related to: photos of campus and Northfield houses; athletic portraits; football; picnics; trains; Cannon River; group photos; canoeing; May Fete; sledding; St. Olaf; Freshman-Sophomore Sack-Rush; tennis; glee club; photos of buildings on campus; Seldom Inn; basketball; track and interscholastic meets; baseball; band; debate; Decoration Day; grade card; Washington Reception; lecture schedules; athletic schedules; oratorical contests; Phi Beta Kappa; Northfield Choral Union; dramatic club; Baccalaureate Sunday; Thanksgiving; namecard; Sophomore-Freshman Reception; theatre; Athenian Literary Society; basketball; Carleton Athletic Union; St. Olaf Athletic Union; student privilege ticket; treasurer's office receipt; commencement week schedule; athletic ticket; men's gymnasium; music festival; Conservatory of Music; correspondence; Gridley Hall; "How to Use the Library" instructions; course schedule; library information and rules; Athenian Society; church absences warning note; ice rink ticket; Carleton Greetings; Northfield High School track meet signs; Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; event invitations; Hill's Hasty Hash House menu; Northfield National Bank check; programs; vesper service; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; concert course; Alfred Noyes lecture; Congregational Church; choir; YMCA; Carleton Mission in China donation cards; Orpheum Theatre; Northfield Memorial Baths; Minneapolis Public Library; Athenian lists of members; dance cards; fiftieth anniversary program of events; Mon-da-min; college pamphlet; dinnergram; Delta Sigma Rho; letter jacket letters and numbers; state high school basketball tournament; Lake Geneva Conference; bulletins; The Crystal; Minnesota Student Volunteer Union; Minnesota-Dakota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference; Messiah; church attendance report; Athenian Fideli Certa Mertes

People Depicted: Edward Garvey; Arthur Rolfe; Walter Simpson; Mervyn Welshons; Adolph Tatting; Leonard “Stub” Allison; Joseph Markley; George Miners; Gordon Welshons; Archie Carlson; Edith Conkey Vordale; Helen Stewart Agor; Spencer Stearns; Sarah Rempel; Mary Harris Balzer; Paul Reyerson; Ben Schroeder; Frank Balzer; Laura Phelps Cross; C. Cross; Henry French; Thomas Young; John Quinlivan; Robert Calhoun; Rex Kitts; John Mulligan; Ray Quinlivan; Elmer Peterson; Hoyt Withrow; Edward Strong; Clarence Dodds; Sidney Henderson; Warren Wilson; Percy McChesney; Harmon Taylor; Paul Jepson; R. Arthur (Bryng) Bryngelson; Eugene Scriver; Clarence (Henry) Hess; Harold Reineke; Willard Constans; Frederick Heinemann; J. Wilkinson; Roy Young; Rudolph Schmidt; George Hirschy; Winfield Smith; George Robertson; Frederick (Fred) Allen; Gorden Best; Gideon Gilbert; Verne Withrow; Margaret Huntoon Williamson; Warner Ogden; Harold Habein; Harry Booth; Warren Stegner; Harold Crooker; Karel Rickerson; Edmund Streissguth; Floyd Johnson; Kenneth Johnson; Austin Hanscom; Arthur Persons; Lloyd Reyerson; Arthur Weiland
Item [7]: Dickinson, Edwin D., 1909

Photo Album

Includes material related to: unidentified photos; childhood; football group photo

People Depicted: Edwin Dickinson
Box/Drawer 4
Item [8]: Football and Basketball, Circa 1929

Photo Album

Includes material related to: basketball; football; athletic portraits

People Depicted: Arnold (Arnie) Simso; John Sartoris; Preston McNurlen; Theo Setterquist; C. Carisch; Mauritz Akesson; James (Jim) Helming
Item [9]: Thomson, Margaret H., 1938


Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus (interior and exterior); organ recitals; vesper services; homecoming; theater; name cards; dried flowers; newspaper clippings; dance cards; Christmas carol services; correspondence; "Handbook of the Women's League"; May Fete; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; dramatic arts; Nicollet Hotel beverage list; bows; riding club; equestrian; postcards

People Depicted: Donald J. Cowling; Thomas Job; Catherine Gabrielson Manson; Susanne (Sue) Jones Ellis; Jean Todd Sharp; James Hill; William Lescher; Wendell Strom; Millicent (Milly) Weschke Christiansen; Carol Hankee Nelson; Loren Maguire Dunning
Box/Drawer 5
Item [10]: Michael Swygert, 1961


Includes material related to: Enquirer issues; Enquirer staff members, faculty advisors, committee lists; correspondence from President Gould

People Depicted: Michael (Mike) Swygert; James Gord
Item 11: Stratton, Alice Belle, 1893-1896


Includes material related to: Clionian, Adelphic, Philomathian, Gamma Delta, and Chrestomathian Literary Societies; First Congregational Church of Northfield; Music, Debate, and Oratorical programs; Handbook of Information for Students, 1893/94, 1894/95; Northfield High School; Northfield Choral Union; Academy Graduation and College Commencements; School of Music; Athletic exhibitions and Field Day; Alpha Beta Phi Cyclopedia; Carleton's 25th Anniversary / Quarter-Centennial; historical sketches of Carleton College.

Includes loose autograph book and wedding invitations.

Related material: Alice Stratton (Stocker) Papers, 1878-1935, 137
Box/Drawer 6
Item [12]: Hamilton, Ethel 'Dode', 1942

Scrapbook and loose artifacts

Includes material related to: dance cards; track and field ribbons; Carleton yarn dolls; name cards; reunion nametag; commencement; homecoming pins; baccalaureate services; homecoming; Carleton class of 1942 booklet on faculty and students; record book; grade cards; receipts; Gridley Hall floor plans; acceptance letters; football; track and field; tuition; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; golf; WAA (Women's Athletic Association); swimming; wrestling; theater; programs; dramatic arts; recitals; chapel choir; orchestra; band; May Fete; honors convocation; vesper services; vocational conferences; magazine clippings; course schedules; portraits; athletic schedules; snow carnival; high school basketball tournament; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; Carleton Tea Room menu; Round-Table Conference on Vocations; lectures; Nourse Hall floor plans; room placement notes; correspondence; shift assignments for student assistants to the Warren Upham Library; photo negatives; schedule of recitations; Winter Carnival; Little America Committee; riding exhibition; senior class dinner; "Free Men and the War," commencement address by Laird Bell

People Depicted: Harold Evarts; Gloria Vesta Murphy; Elizabeth (Betty) Webster; Joanne (Mary) Bowden Suits; Ruth Kuehnl Ehr
Box/Drawer 7
Item 13: Swim, Field Hockey, Softball photo album, Circa 1971-1985


Includes material related to: swimming; swim meets; team photos; diving; field hockey; women's athletics; softball; newspaper clippings

People Depicted: Sheila Gay; Katherine (Kathy) Gentry Duso; Mylla Urban; Eleanor (Ellie) Layton; Laura Battin Geradine; Sally Fairman Mills; Kimberly (Kim) Howard Schiller; BettyLou Evans Schindler; Kristin (Kris) Westfall; Kathryn (Kate) Damberg; Esther Detweiler Freedman; Elizabeth (Betsy) Horrigan Boylston; Mary Horak Binger; Robert H. Edwards
Item 14: Harriet Frances Zetterberg, 1931


Contains newspaper clippings and material related primarily to musical performances.

Box/Drawer 8
Item 14: Janet Vieregg, 1959, 1955-1959


Includes material related to: unidentified photos; winter; dormitories; portraits; newspaper clippings

People Depicted: Candace (Dacie) Moses; Royal (Roy) Moses
Item 15: Early History of Women's Basketball, 1927-1984

Scrapbook compiled by Ele Hansen and Pat Lamb

Includes material related to: correspondence; WRA (Women's Recreation Association); written history of women's basketball; team photos; intramurals; pamphlet on the Elizabeth Cowling Recreation Center for Women; team rosters; photo of Bell Field; Black House; basketball schedules

People Depicted: Carla Nelson Rohwedder; Ann Holter Bohlin; Mary Kolderie; Carole Pushing Burch; Jody (Jo Anne) Hymes; Jane Stedman; Ele Hansen; Joan Henjum; Marie Matsen; Marianne Herriott; Janet Hero Dodge; Ann Morgan; Roxanne (Roxie) Smith Parker; Ann Lev; Suzanne (Sue) Lebsock; Pat Lamb; Martha Verbrugge; Barb Bone; Brenda Lokey; Sarah Shoemaker; Faith Roessel; Binny Miller; Amy Welch; Camille Parrish; Ann Potter; Gina Solazzi; Nancy Walsh; Kathryn (Kathy) Lee; Mary McAfee; Sarah Tabbutt; Eileen Sharp; Kathleen (Kathy) Sundberg; Lynn Leonard
Box/Drawer 9
Item 16: Cowling, 1968-1978

Scrapbook of the Cowling Recreation Center for Women

Includes material related to: Cowling Rec Center; canoeing; tennis; swimming; flag football; dance; team photos; basketball

People Depicted: Gail Stratton; Martha Verbrugge; Barbara North Beck; Donna Parke; Nancy Kerr; Ann Shrader; Kathleen (Kathy) Kopach; Alice Alldredge; Peggy Salagovic Sweitzer; Nancy Allen Foran; Ele Hansen; Jody (Jo Anne) Hymes; Jane Stedman; Joan Henjum; Marie Matsen; Marianne Herriott; Joan Palomaki; Janet Hero Dodge; Helen Hannay Jensen; Ann Morgan; Roxanna (Roxie) Smith Parker; Ann Lev; Madeleine McAfee; Helen Lauderdale; JaneAnn Zimmerman Gifford; Gayle Wallace DeVries; Anne Williams; Elizabeth (Beth) Mitchell; Elizabeth (Liz) Sondhaus
Item 17: Gladys Williams, 1937


Includes material related to: recitation schedules; dance cards; symphony band; vesper services; football; athletic schedules; basketball; course schedules; May Fete; Easter; "The Handbook of the Women's League"; Gridley Hall floor plan; Gridley dining hall knife; homecoming; theater; choir; commencement; graduation exercises; Thanksgiving; recitals; Round Table Conference on Vocations; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; orchestra; name cards; concerts; enrollment cards; calendars

Box/Drawer 10
Item 1: Music Programs, 1929-1938


Includes material related to: music; programs; recitals; symphony band; commencement; organ recitals; concerts; choir; string quartet; vesper services; Christmas carol service; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; orchestra

Item 2: WRA, 1966-1973


Includes materials related to: Women's Recreation Association (memos, newsletter, brochures, fliers, schedules, rosters, clippings, etc.)

Item 3: Chaney House Drawings / Catherine Costen, 1975-1977
Box/Drawer 11
Item 1: Edwards, Ezra Ripley, 1902

Box of Memorabilia

Includes material related to: Men of the Revolution; war; information on Douglas Dike and his family; editions of 'The Voice' from 1952 and 1957; Philomathian; photos of campus; programs; theatre; debate; high school report cards and examination certificates; hair from Ezra Ripley Edwards when he was a child; correspondence; portraits; job appointment certificate for St. Paul Public Schools; University Association membership certificate; autograph book; North Dakota Public Schools; newspaper clippings; obituary for Ezra Ripley Edwards; Masters certificate from University of Minnesota; schedule and sermon from the funeral of Ezra Ripley Edwards

People Depicted: Douglas Dike; Ezra Ripley Edwards
Item 2: Scrapbook, Circa 1980


Compiled c. 1980 by an alumna from c. 1928.

Includes material related to: photos of campus; newspaper clippings about the college; map of the geographical distribution of alumni; track ribbon-cutting ceremony; geographical distribution of students 1982-83; debate; dance cards

People Depicted: President Laurence McKinley Gould; President Robert Hazard Edwards; Ben Duniway; Brian Mellstrom; Paul Tait
Box/Drawer 12
Item 1: Japan ICU Foundation, 1954

Photo Album

Presented to David Bryn-Jones and Marian Adams Bryn-Jones on their departure from Japan.

Includes material related to: ICU campus; language institute; chapel; students; faculty

People Depicted: David Bryn-Jones; Marian Adams Bryn-Jones; President and Mrs. Yuasa of Japan ICU
Item 2: Muriel Vernon Ballard, 1930

Scrapbook, Loose Pages

Includes material related to: cartoons; newspaper clippings; news on classmates and alumni after Carleton; obituaries; death of Professor James P. Bird; basketball; commencement; graduation; photos of buildings on campus; ice skating; hockey; football; Lyman Lakes; death of Dacie Moses; marriage announcements; Carleton Greetings; record books; debate; glee club; Alpha Beta Phi; retirement of Professor Victor Pinkham; "The Voice" from June 1945; retirement of Professor James P. Bird; "Youth on the Campus"; opening of Severance Hall; commencement; Carleton Tea Room; Thanksgiving; events; dormitories; Baccalaureate Program; programs; recitals; May Fete

People Depicted: Phyllis Churchill Carman; James Pyper Bird; Gerald Marsh; Muriel Vernon Ballard; Blanche Williams Hull; Gertrude (Gert) (Sis) Nordly McKusick; Margaret McDiarmid; Erik Moe; Candace (Dacie) Louise Kelley Moses; Eugenie Moore Anderson; James Carman; Millicent (Dorothy) (Dee) Schwendener Harding; Kathryn (Kay) Willard Hunziker; Leah Jensen Fawcett; Ruth Vance Thompson; Evelyn Pihl Wayne; Marjorie Parker Chambers; Gertrude Wollaeger Lindesmith; Mary Goldsbury Sprague; Merece Taralseth Postlethwait; Gwendolyn Hurd Hempel; Mary Perkins Gilmore; Lois Lobb; Katherine Koren Dean; Margaret (Polly) Eggleston Coburn; Dorothea (Dot) Reiter Mitchell; Helen Kelly Smith; Mary Willard Wolfe; Wilimene (Willie) Silloway Ellingen; Dorothy Carlson Flaten; Dorothy Smith Rogers; Dorothy (Doey) Phelps; Cynthia Murdoch McConnon; Nylene Eckles; Marjorie (Marge) Baker Otteson; Mary James Speers; Vera Walley Hulbert; Harriet Williams Peterson; Mary Dana Blake; Leith Shackel; Mary Barton Jugle; Wesley Flaten; Dorothy (Dottie) Lewis O'Connor; Hope Nicholson Netland; Victor E. Pinkham; President Laurence McKinley Gould; President Donald John Cowling; Kathryn (Katy) Jones Martland; Jane Sherwood Nelson; President Robert Hazard Edwards
Box/Drawer 13
Item 1: Young, Roy D., 1917

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; Cannon River; Northfield; football; soccer; cross country; group photos; athletic photos; Stuart Hotel Boarding Club; picnic; unidentified photos; Bouncing Day; Initiation; Sophomore-Freshman Sack-Rush; band; bonfire; basketball; athletic portraits; glee club; photos of the project to enlarge Laird Athletic Field for baseball and tennis

People Depicted: Emery Winfield Balduf; Gordon Welshons; Cloyde (Ching) Lee; Claude J. Hunt; Adolph Tatting; Archie Carlson; George Miners; Arthur Rolfe; Mervyn Welshons; Leonard (Stub) Allison; William Dunphy; Joseph Markley; Edward Garvey; Walter Simpson; Thomas Tolman; R. Quinlivan; Sidney Henderson; Frank Balzer; George Peterson; Lucius Badger; Fred Stoppel
Item 2: Sumner Portraits, Circa 1887

Photo Album

Includes material related to: unidentified portraits taken by Ira E. Sumner, Northfield photographer.

People Depicted: Pierce Butler
Box/Drawer 14
Item 1: Photo Album, Circa 1987

Photo Albums (3 Volumes)

Includes material related to: cheerleading; events on campus; commencement; science lab; buildings on campus; theatre; music; diversity on campus; "We Are Together Vigil for Racial and Cultural Diversity"; dance; convocations

See also Scrapooks D Box 50

People Depicted: President Stephen R. Lewis; President Robert Hazard Edwards;
Item 2: George Gwinn, 1940


Includes material related to: programs; Carleton symphony band; homecoming; ski ticket; Walgreen's menu; Christmas; Burton dining hall; group photos; concert course; name cards; Carleton Athletic Handbook 1935-36; newspaper clippings; chapel choir; vesper services; snow carnival; The Curtis Hotel; student financial account forms; symphony band tour; Thanksgiving; enrollment cards; Carleton greetings; natural history lectures; E.A. Fath's photoelectric photometer; basketball; Carleton vs. UMN; Christmas Carol Service

People Depicted: James Robert Gillette, Sr.; Robert (Bog) Nugent
Box/Drawer 15
Item 17: Class of 1943 Post-Carleton, 1940-1983

Scrapbook. Compiled by Elizabeth (Biz) Smith Dornacker.

Includes material related to: Carleton Greetings; unidentified photos; Field-Schlick; college fashion; Christmas; "The Carletonian" from September 19, September 26, and October 31, 1941; correspondence; marriage announcements; war; newspaper clippings; "CEBU: An Army Daily"; "Caraboo Express"; Christmas cards; "Youth on the Campus"; correspondence; weddings; theatre; programs; birth announcements; family photos; Rock Creek Park Picnic 1957; "Maercklein Messenger" from December 1957, 1958; Actors Equity information on Ann Collen Blager; 1963 Reunion program; letter from Laurence Gould; Alumni Reunion 1963; group photos; elimination of the religious requirement at Carleton; postcards; unknown addresses for the class of 1943; War Reunion; streaking; death of groundskeeper Dresden Blake (Stewsie) Stewart; "Carleton Comments" from Spring 1982; Boliou Hall groundbreaking

People Depicted: Lois Beaurline Robinson; Lenore Klemme Duff; Natalie Waidner Hodge; Gretchen Dittmer Kerns; Carolyn Plowman Bonner; Janet (Jan) Clark Carter; Jeanne McQuarrie Nolte; Elizabeth (Biz) Smith Dornacker; Ardis Oppegard Leichsenring; Jane Zimmerman Lykken; Barbara Love Smitt; Marjorie Carroll Gaudette; Margaret H. Thomson; Ira Elsham; Richard (Dick) Massopust; Pearl Bowman Winter; James Winter; Edward Robinson; Gracia Mattson Comeau; Mary Powell Torness; Gratia Hall Coultas; Joan Kunny Hagen; Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson Barry; Mary Wilson Ketterhagen; Sydney Goodrich Burkhart; Patrick Requa; Joan (Smitty) Smith Requa; William (Bill) Warren; James E. Dymond; Jane Emerson Dymond; Barbara Young Steeh; Virginia Young Winters; Shirley (Eva) Everson Hindle; Mary (Bucky) Buck Massopust; Ada-Jane (A.J.) Erickson Greening; Phyllis Fisher Neulist; G. Leichsenring; Elizabeth (Willie) Wilkinson Esch; John Esch; Sara (Sallie) Dreyer McGoldrick; John (Wag) Waggoner; Marilynn (Muffy) Muff Waggoner; Jane (Penny) Penberthy Power Hughes; Helen Peabody Clark; Naomi Fork Arvan; Ruth Karch Fiala; Jeanette (Jeannette) (Martha) Bryant Naglestad; Eiler (Ei) Leonard Henrickson; Mary Jean (MJ) Elliott Skinner; Sherman Headley; Dennis (Denny) Tufte; Laura (Petey) Peterson Thorne; Alice (Allie) Griebel Williams; George Megeath; Ruth Marcy Fosdick; Jane Henderson Brewer; John Van Nice; Jenny Cullen; Robert (Bob) Kefeer; Ann Collen Blager; Rebecca Sturtevant Marble Bonnell; Elizabeth (Ann) Pain Bryson; Betty Duvall Comstock; Ruth Cox Hammerbeck; Elizabeth Haas Moger; Joe Givens; William (Bill) Howard, Jr.; John (Jack) Phillips; Robert (Bob) Haumeder; John Turcotte; Charles (Chuck) Godfrey; Edgar (Ed) Sivright; Arland (Chris) Christ-Janer; William (Bill) Hedeen; Ray (Wisty) Wistrcill; Jane Beckwith Haumeder; Harold (Bonnie) Bonnell; Marjorie (Marge) Larsen Roseberry; Doris Volwiler Semler; Margaret (Meg) Sweasy Terrell; Barbara (Barb) Fisher Circle; Roanne Longyear Corbus; Jeanne Nettz Swan; Nancy Foster Sivright; Marcia Houlton Chess; R.I. (Becky) Butler Christ-Janer; Margaret Ulvestad Phillips; James (Yogi) Hall; John Unumb; Frederick (Fred) Flott; William Cowger; Robert (Bob) Gray; Joyce Bennes Malmberg; Clarke Chambers; Richard (Dick) McCarthy; Mary Ackerman Givens; Mary Peycke Poretti; Mary (Petie) Cook Sumner; Barbara (Barb) Branham Miars; Barbara Martin Woodard; Margaret (Muggins) Watson Hebditch; Elizabeth (Penny) Penningroth Cupp; Ruth Hendrickson Jones; Grant Woodard; Robert (Bob) Bauske; Lorraine Egekvist Hall; Tom Stein; Leona (Lee) Geise DeVitt; Millicent Grant Tinsley; George Wheaton; Mary Bringgold Kenyon; Rev. Vernon E. Johnson; Paul Tychsen; Cynthia Phillips Holly; Jane Andrews; Lorraine O'Keefe Kosta; Darwin W. Hinz; Soren (Bill) Egekvist; Antonio (Tony) Obaid; Margaret Augustine Culver; Dwight Culver; Mary Phelps Johnson; John Raish; Margaret Dyar Bezanson; Frank Hammond; Jeanne Winsor Watson; Lenore Sheffield Knabb; Marjorie Kane Lemmel; William (Bill) Reynolds; Ethel (Dode) Hamilton Wonson; William (Bill) Steinke; Joyce Smith Steinke; George (Buzzy) Smith; Albert Cecil (Cec) Houghton; Margaret (Schubie) Schubert Baker; Walter (Walt) Lorshbough; Florence Wood Chambers; Ruth Nutting; Virginia Sipp-Flett; Carlin Acher; Grace Thompson Moyer; Jean Saunders Miller; Ardis Wright Phillips; Herbert Lefler; Dorothy Peterson Obaid; Laird Waldo; Arild (Spike) Miller; Donald Phillips; Richard (Dick) Massopust; William Dunham; President Robert Hazard Edwards; Deborah R. Brown; David Barnard; Dresden Blake (Stewsie) Stewart; President Laurence McKinley Gould; Alfred John Hyslop; Bruce Pollock; William M. Fiedler; Felix Witzinger; Helen North Scott; Russell Keith Bowman; Stanley W. Oexemann; Wilford Edward Kaufmann; James Pyper Bird; Thomas (Tom) Wiener
Box/Drawer 16
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Item 1: Physical Education, Intramural Sports, Women's Recreation Association
Item 2: James Wilbur McCandless, 1908-1911


Includes material related to: Carleton College announcement bulletins; football; music programs; group photographs; debate programs; newspapers; track meets; oratorial programs; inauguration of Donald John Cowling; Thanksgiving banquet; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; college lectures; play programs; church bulletins; glee club; commencement; Alumni Association

Item 3: Aaron Forman's COVID Journal, 2020-2021
Journal documenting Forman's experiences both on and off-campus during the 2020-2021 COVID pandemic. Created in conjunction with Serena Zabin's project documenting the pandemic.
Restrictions: No access until 2026-06-15.
Box/Drawer 17
Item 1: A History of the Class of 1882, Carleton College, from the Beginning of the Preparatory Course in the Fall of 1875, circa 1877-1938
Box 18
Item 1: Fern Larson, 1950
Series C: (17.25"x11.5"x3.5" size)
Box/Drawer 1
Item 1: Class of 1949, 2000-2007

photo album

Reunion planning committee events and meetings

Item 2: Class of 1950, 1997-2005

photo album

Reunion planning committee; Reunion 2000; Reunion 2005

Item 3: Class of 1950, 2010-2015

photo album

Reunion 2010; Reunion 2015

Item 4: Class of 1949, 1997-2004
Reunion planning committee; Reunion 1999; Reunion 2004
Box/Drawer 2
Item [3]: Ackerman, Ethel A., 1910


Includes material related to: Hill's Hasty Hash House menu; football; Alumni Association; name cards; commencement; newspaper clippings; receipts; YWCA; Thanksgiving; lectures; George Washington Reception; theater; oratorical contests; debate; class day exercises; inauguration of President Cowling; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; Northfield Choral Union; orchestra; recitals; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; School of Music; St. Olaf concert band; glee club; Alpha Delta; Freshman Party; track and field; Macalester baseball team; St. Olaf baseball team; chemistry lab; Carleton College bulletins; schedule of recitations; Hamline football team; Senior-Sophomore reception; prayer meetings; posters; baseball; Carleton Athletic Union cards; athletic schedules; Carlisle football team; Norhtfield Harvest Festival; photos of buildings on campus; snow statues; First Congregational Church; smallpox on campus; math; French; list of faculty; Methodist Athletic Club; senior class day; library hours and rules; correspondence; Northfield High School; "Song of the Naughty Fives"; group photo of faculty; class of 1905 class photo; University of Minnesota football; Carleton handbook; Constitution of the Oratorical Association

People Depicted: Marion Burton; Margaret J. Evans; Harold Crary; Harry Noonan; Lee Prentice; Boyd Fuller; Philip Hill; Carl Jacobson; John Greaves; Harrison Sherwood; Henry Swanson; William (Bill) Simpson, Jr.; Burton Hughes; William Geer; Floyd Grave; Sophus Robertson; Horace Goodhue; S. West; David Howard; Gabriella Brendemuh; Anthony Donat; Roscoe Hunt; Rollo Hunt; Dwight Mowery; Horatio Payne; Isabel Sheldon Sinness; Mabel Adams; Meta Banse Youngdale; Ethel Brown Chapman; Elsie Burnham; Carrie Castle; Luella Crain Hill; Blanche Drew; M. (Palma) Hansen Pilsbury; Ruth Knox Robertson; Lydia (Selma) Lindberg; Nora Livingston Heermance; May Mowery; Edith Ruddock Lodwick; Ruth Secor Rau; Grace Thompson Kirkham; Ethel Wingate Siehl; Margaret Bieri; C. Brewer; Grace Cummens Ellert; James Cundy; Wilbur Hill; Homer Krause; Harry McIntyre; Dix McLaughlin; James O'Bryan; Alfred Parrott; Aimee Runnels Payne; Miriam Sheldon; Genevieve Stone Coursen; Albert Strebel; Edgar Youngdale; Obed Johnson; W. L. Gray; Charles Allen; Sidney Kinyon; Henry Berge; Henry Swanson; Bernard Street; George Little; Clarence Hagar; Ralph Wlison; Wayne Aldrich
Box/Drawer 3
Item [4]: Johnson, Dorothy L., 1938


Includes material related to: Snow Carnival; Round Table Conference on Vocations; chapel choir; postcards; May Fete; commencement; newspaper clippings; graduation exercises; baccalaureate service; name cards; Carleton College booklet; football; "Northfield--Town that Licked Jesse James"

People Depicted: Kathryn Olson Dietrich; Rosemary Ferguson Thompson; Jane (Alice) Dailey Emery; Betty Ricklefs Zwicker; Polly Sperry Burkhead; Margaret Thomson Jones; Jewel Von Myvenheim Randall; MaryLouise Wegner Oldham; Dorothy Johnson Langen; Jean Chambers Vance; Sara Headley; Harriet Swenson Haugen; Mary Bowles Cordingley; Jeanne Winsor Watson; Madeleine Cross Dobbelmann; Lois Stromgren Johnson; Donald J. Cowling; Margaret (Muggs) Pierson Mallory; Robert (Bob) Taft; John Euckert; William (Bill) Randall; Harry Martin, Jr.; Gordon (Gordy) Riegel; George Posselt; George Gibson; Marshall Diebold; Ollie Olson
Item [5]: Thomson, Margaret H., 1938


Includes material related to: Women's League; homecoming; "Carleton, Our Alma-Mater"; football; newspaper clippings; symphony band; foreign policy; correspondence; name cards; vesper services, recitals, organ recital; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Winter Carnival; posters; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; Round Table Conference on Vocations; theater; May Fete; birthday cards; baccalaureate service; graduation exercises; White Mountain Music Festival; athletic rosters; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Valentines; Snow Carnival; Phi Beta Kappa; dance cards; dried flowers; Junior-Senior Prom; May Fete Queen crown

People Depicted: John Fast; Mahlon (Ripp) Sharp; William (Bill) Randall; Sydney (Sid) Larson; Robert Matteson; Herbert McDonald; Margaret Thomson Jones; Arthur Winter; Charles Schoregge, Jr.; Maria Matala Lowdon; Luana Campbell Chinn; Sara Headley; George Posselt; Kathryn Olson Dietrich; Fred Haviland, Jr.; William Glenn; MaryLouise Wegner Oldham; Jewel Von Nyvenheim Randall; Rosemary Ferguson Thompson; Polly Sperry Burkhead; Betty Ricklefs Zwicker; Dorothy Johnson Langen; Jane (Alice) Dailey Emery; Harriet Swenson Haugen; Jean Chambers Vance; Mary Bowles Cordingley; Lois Stromgren Johnson; Jeanne Winsor Watson; Madeleine Cross Dobbelmann; Dorothy Berge Nelson
Box/Drawer 4
Item [6]: Doud, Katherine, 1914


Includes material related to: magazine clippings; newspaper clippings; art; song and poem lyrics; posters; recitals; athletic schedules; football; baseball; enrollment cards; Athletic Union card; Gamma Delta; YWCA; glee club; orchestra; commencement; receipts; unidentified photos; dance cards; theater; St. Olaf Concert Band; Thanksgiving; skiing; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; Washington Reception; dramatic club; Northfield Choral Union

People Depicted: Park Dougherty; R. Wollin; Austin Hanscom; Sidney Henderson; Oscar Ashton; Walter Wellman; Elmer Benedict; Kenneth Johnson; Paul Jepson; Samuel Solhaug; Jacob Riegel; Floyd Patten; Roy Comport; George Schmitz; Sylvan Crooker; Horace Fishback, Jr.; Clinton Murdock; Frederick Heinemann
Item [7]: Oathout, Mary Elizabeth, 1911


Includes material related to: Carleton College Bulletin; oratorical contests; class of 1911 list; recitals; Cecilia Glee Club; receipts; list of faculty and instructors; map of campus; class day exercises; booklet about Carleton; The Carletonia; commencement; Alpha Delta; Washington Reception; name cards; unidentified photos; Carleton financial statement 1910; inauguration of President Cowling; Northfield Choral Union; Thanksgiving; track and field; May Fete; posters; glee club; band; newspaper clippings; YWCA; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; Theodore Thomas Orchestra; First Congregational Church; football; athletic schedules; glee club alumni concert; baseball; football; lectures; class lists; photos of buildings on campus; Report of the President; Prof. Goodhue's election as mayor of Northfield; Senior Class Day program; Freshman Party; debate; brail; "Annual Report of Associated Charities of St. Paul"; Minnesota School for the Blind; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; First Congregational Church

People Depicted: Mary Oathout Dike; Herbert Goodrich; Park Dougherty; Erwin Nelson; Ada Tolbert Payne; Claude Krause; Elinor Hallowell Hoppin; Anna Oathout Tyler; Lucy Fiske Medlar; John Munroe; Leal Headley; Louis Headley; Kenneth Taylor; Myron Haig; Claude Hoppin; Donald J. Cowling
Box/Drawer 5
Item [8]: Lindquist, Ruth E., 1923

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; Lyman Lakes; group photos; campus houses; winter; Mabon House; Snake Dance; flagpole climb; May Fete; downtown Northfield; Gridley dining hall waiters; dormitories; portraits

People Depicted: A. (Vida) Cutler Maas; Dorothy West; Kathryn Elward Betts; Marion Thompson; Corinne Cady Thoreson; Phyllis Curtis Rosa; Ruth Lindquist McLay; Helen Bagley Oppegaard; Prudence Hollopeter Gilhams; Marion Weiler Stewart; Ruth Thranum Schreibeis; Rose Crawley Edwards; Betty Kinney Houghton; Alice Shepard; Della Wilkowske Lieb; Merva Roebke Matson; Viola Schlaben; Ara Griffith Smith; Burnice Weom McDonald; Joseph Hutton; Carl Nordly; Walter Sprandel; Ruby Johnson Tysdal; Madame Bidal; Arthur Narverud; Etta Walters; Ruth Field Zulauf; Lorana Foote; Gertrude Grunske
Item [9]: May Fete Costume DesignsView associated digital content.


Includes material related to: May Fete photos; May Fete information cards or invitations; May Fete programs; May Fete scripts; May Fete costume designs; color schemes; art; paintings

Item [10]: Players Scrapbook, 1946-1947


Includes material related to: Carleton Players; glee club; theater; programs; May Fete; piano music; newspaper clippings; photos

People Depicted: Katherine Griffith McDonald; Madison Sheely, Jr.; Elizabeth Swanson Fieselman; Elizabeth Nichol; Marvin Kiehl; Richard O'Harra; Ronald (Ron) Kurtz; James Simpson; Richard Dworak; Robert (Bob) Morrison; Earl Swanson, Jr.; Eileen Risjord LeClercq; Elizabeth McDowell Hamilton; F. Bayne (F.B.) Weeks; Margaret Andrews Andersen; Elizabeth (Betty) Nichol; Edith (Edie) Davidson Kraus; Richard (Dick) Armstrong, Sr.; Frances (Fran) Heim Plastino; Mary Dale Childs Jester
Item [11]: Players Scrapbook, 1947; 1948


Includes material related to: track and field; hockey; soccer; women's athletics; newspaper clippings; Carleton Players; theater; Carleton cooperative (co-op)

People Depicted: Gwendolyn Hurd Hempel; Evelyn Larson; Nylene Eckles; Betty Van Arsdale; Helen Carlson; Genevieve Pearsall Schmitz; Elizabeth McKinney Chmiel; Elizabeth (Betty) Cowling; Leith Shackel; Millicent (Dorothy) Schwendener Harding; Harriet Williams Peterson; Marjorie (Marge) Baker Otteson; Mary James Speers; Dorothy Carlson Flaten; Vera Walley Hulbert; Muriel Vernon Ballard; Mary Dana Blake; Marie Saltwick; Marion Burnett Grove; Halcyon Siegel Johnson; Corrinne Boxrud Sommer; Gertrude (Gert) (Sis) Nordly McKusick; Ralph Worlein; John Middlemist; Edward Truesdale; Louis Wade; Walter Naused; Ralph Keithahn; Paul Netland; John Shaffer; Palmer Elder; Harry Strong; Loy Bowe; G. W. Hunter, IIIl; Ray Johnson; Cecil Chase; Earl Keller; John Schwirtz; William Maus; John Street; Malcolm Johnson; Frederick Exner; Ralph Tuttle; Joan Zuckerman Morgan; Margaret (Marg) Fiore Woods; Robert (Bob) Meier; Arthur Thomas; Virginia (Gini) Dalzell Gundersen; Mary Pleck Christianson; Richard (Dick) Yarnall; Florence (Florrie) Hirsch Leviton; Edward (Ed) Rudolphy; James (Jim) Moomaw; Robert Bodine; Edwin (Ed) Conrad; Jean Elliott Lyon; Roger Cutler; Richard (Rick) Medalie; Ralph Habberstad Tudor; Robert Smith; Patricia (Pat) Unewitz Nash; Stanmore (Stan) Bennett; J. Paul (J. P.) Stillwell; Beverly Upshaw Nicol; Alice Hanson Williams; Sally Sanderson Kallem; Mary Olson; Rosalie Robson Lindquist; Barbara Schulke Tewell; Frances (Fran) Heim Plastino; Walter (Wally) Hiller, Jr.; June Munson Boranian; Earl Swanson, Jr.; James (Jim) Gronseth
Box/Drawer 6
Item [12]: Harrison, Ada M.

Misc. Documents

Includes material related to: salary notices; correspondence with the President; Minnesota Twins baseball; lecture scripts; Department of Economics; "The Expense of Justice" by Leo Tolstoy; writings on economics; Board of Trustees; papers with edit marks; correspondence between professors; "Paradox" by Clarence R. Wylie, Jr.

Item [13]: Harrison, Ada M., 1979

Retirement Book

Includes material related to: correspondence with students, friends, and colleagues; program for senior convocation dedicated to Ada Mae Harrison; Alumni Association programs

Box/Drawer 7
Item [14]: Alumni Guest House Dedication, 1992

Photo Album

Includes material related to: alumni guest house; Johnson house; photos of exterior, interior, and landscape of alumni guest house; basement maintenance equipment; guest rooms; football; dedication dinner

People Depicted: Gayle Lewis; Carole Dust; Betty Hulings; Bill Hulings; Steve Lewis; Mariea Guthrie; Perry Mason; Bill Lowery; Liz Lowery; Pauline Herman; Judy Mason; Zoe Donnell; Chuck Donnell; Katherine Roe; Dick Garbisch; Marge Garbisch; Beth MacKenzie; Beth Davis; Barbara Bonner; Bob Bonner; Maxine Wallin; Winston Wallin; Jeanne Jacobson; Ray Jacobson; Bruce Brook; Wes Chapman; Beth Closner; Bruce Books; Tim Brook; Laurel Brook; Mary Wood; Bob Wood; Fred Leighton; Janet Leighton; LaNelle Olson; Carol Campbell; Jack Campbell; Cathy Yandell; Mark McNeil; Cynthia Shearer; Clem Shearer; Keith Covey; Judy Covey; Elvin Heiberg; Dorothy Headley; Marston Headley; Peggy Prowe; Marv Grundhoefer; David Canmann; Willard Hunter
Item [15]: Goetz, Charlotte A., 1944


Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; highway 19 bridge; old arboretum entrance gate; receipts; Women's League Handbook; name cards; acceptance letter; room assignment; registration program; Carleton song sheet; Minnesota highway map; dried flowers; homecoming; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; athletic rosters; Women's Athletic Association (WAA); dance; driving distances of cities from Northfield; floor plan of Gridley Hall; Thanksgiving; mumps outbreak on campus; tuition; Valentines cards; recitals; theater; pins; basketball; football; band; recitation schedule; English 101 spelling list; May Fete; Hamline a capella choir; honors convocation; nature trail bulletin; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; dramatic arts; campus sisters; floor plan of Nourse Hall; "Information Pleas" by the Women's League; Carleton Tea Room menu; grass from the football field; vesper services; blue examination books; cartoons; YMCA YWCA Conference

People Depicted: Laurence M. Gould; Margaret (Margie) Hauck Matheson; Nancy Gillam Westbrook; Naurine Northrup Watson; Virginia (Ginny) Taylor Davis; Barbara Mills Ruhe; Elizabeth (Betsy) Rudolf Schwab, Jr.; Florence Wood Chambers; Don Dunn; Eiler (Ei) Henrickson; Thomas (Tom) Kling, Sr.; Lewis (Lew) Blanich; Jack (John) Marvin; Dennis (Denny) Tufte; R. W. Olson; George (Buzzy) Smith; Stanley Masson; John Solhaug; James (Jim) Black; David Wile; Ira Elsham; Norman Brueggeman; Carlin Acher; Otis Prinkey; Lowell Broin; Raymond Berggreen; Robert Ouverson; Richard (Dick) Massopust; Frank Hlavacek; William (Bill) (Rock) Anderson; Wilfred (Cookie) Parker
Box/Drawer 8
Item [16]: Boll, Carl R., 1920


Includes material related to: The Carletonia; newspaper clippings; glee club; homecoming; baseball; football; Carleton fiftieth anniversary; historical pageant; Athenian Literary Society; debate; band; vesper services; high school basketball tournament; Philomathian Society; Philo Phool Session; Carleton Mission in China donation card; May Fete; dramatic club; grade card; correspondence; song lyrics and sheet music; weddings; receipts; maps; Men's Dormitory Cafe menu; Carleton College booklet with photos of campus buildings; choir; oratorical contests; postcards; unidentified photos; athletic portraits; athletic group photos

People Depicted: C. J. Hunt; Percy Godfrey; Lester Kitzman; Osborne (Ozzie) Cowles; Edward Truesdale; Charlotte Jepson Gruman; Lydia Jepson Steele; Burton Allen; Orrin Hill; R. Luce; Elmer Hauser; Arthur Reiter, Sr.; Arthur Miller; Sherburn Beecher; Frank Pierce, Jr.; Carl Boll; Kenneth Kehrberg; Clifford Smith; Ralph Tuttle; Ole Simley; Harmon Taylor; Clarence Kuntz; Howard Amland; J. Gullikson; Melvin Molstad; H. Overmann; Ferrin Ellsworth; Richard Doherty
Item [17]: Harris, Mary L., 1917


Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; "Circular of Information: For the Use of Women Students"; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; theater; glee club; commencement; unidentified portraits; literary societies; debate; Washington Reception; Thanksgiving; basketball; athletic schedules; Conservatory of Music; vesper services; football; Delta Phi; Athletic Union; lecture course; dramatic club; dance cards; May Fete; YWCA; Lake Geneva; track and field; music festival; St. Olaf Concert Band

Item [18]: Men's Athletics, 1902/03


Includes material related to: football; newspaper clippings; game scores

People Depicted: Charles Allen; Newcomb Chaney; James Cundy; J. Hayes; Seth Freer; Ralph Wilson; J. Arthur Baird; Fred Cundy; Theodore Lee; James Cundy; Edward Lawrence; Richard Rose; William Ellert; Andrew Lee; Seth Freer; Eugene McKeown; Frank Rairdon; Dwight Mowery
Box/Drawer 9
Item [19]: Alumni Guest House Construction, 1991; 1992

Photo Album

Includes material related to: Alumni Guest House; photos of groundbreaking ceremony; the house under construction

People Depicted: Stephen R. Lewis; Randall (Pat) Herman; Charles (Jim) Kade, Jr.; Marjorie Kade; George (Doc) Zahner; Gayle Lewis; Victor Church; Virginia Church; Stephanie Goening; Nuvart Parseghian Mehta
Item [20]: Alumni Guest House Dedication, 1992

Photo Album

Includes material related to: Alumni Guest House dedication; dedication program; dedication acknowledgements; photos of the guest house; photos of the landscaping; photos of the interior; card to the Heimans from Mariea Guthrie; football; vacation; correspondence; weekend schedule; biographies of those involved with the alumni guest house project; Carleton Singing Knights; Knightingales; a capella; Johnson House

People Depicted: Gayle Lewis; Carole Dust; Betty Hulings; Bill Hulings; Steve Lewis; Mariea Guthrie; Perry Mason; Judy Mason; Bill Lowery; Liz Lowery; Pauline Herman; Pat Herman; Beth MacKenzie; Beth Davis; Barbara Bonner; Bob Bonner; Maxine Wallin; Winston Wallin; Jean Jacobson; Ray Jacobson; Wes Chapman; Beth Closner; Bruce Brook; Tim Brook; Laurel Brook; Mary Wood; Bob Wood; Zoe Donnell; Chuck Donnell; Katherine Tinker Roe; George Zahner; Dick Garbisch; Cathy Yandell; Mark McNeil; Cynthia Shearer; Judy Covey; Keith Covey; Fred Leighton; Janet Leighton; Jack Campbell; Carol Campbell; LaNelle Olson; Elvin Heiberg; Dorothy Headley; Marston Headley; Peggy Prowe; Marv Grundhoefer; Stephen Lewis
Item [21]: Hubbard, Anna, 1931


Includes material related to: Delta Phi; Gamma Delta; Lake City High School; name cards; notes from classmates and friends; course schedule; dance cards; party invitations; admission card; symphony band; May Fete; newspaper clippings; vesper services; Christmas Festival; recitals; organ recital; junior class play; literary societies membership list; football; basketball; homecoming; athletic tickets; athletic schedules; Women's Athletic Association (WAA) certificate of membership; correspondence; Women's Intersociety Declamatory Contest; registration; Carleton songs; floor plan of Gridley Hall; post office; library checkout cards; recitation schedules; dormitory room receipt

People Depicted: Joan Gast Yale; Frances Whiteley Willis; Doris Helbing; Anna Hubbard Scotton; Helen Macgowan Wells; Virginia (Ginny) Lucas Ranieri; Dorothy (Dot) Wilson; Elizabeth (Liz) McKinney Chmiel; Jane Lindsay; Monica Tricker; Dorothy (Dottie) Bowman Osgood; Mary Lewis
Item [22]: Unidentified Female Alum, 1930

Photo Album

Created by female alum from 1930 with pictures from circa 1970.

Includes material related to: aerial photo of campus; campus in winter; photos of buildings on campus; new buildings; graduation procession; ice skating rink; stadium; Lyman Lakes

Box/Drawer 10
Item [23]: Brundin, Marvyl M., 1916


Includes material related to: "Circular of Information: For the Use of Women Students"; photos of buildings on campus; portraits; notes about classmates; glee club; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Carleton songs; Thanksgiving; train ticket receipt; football; athletic schedules; baseball; YWCA; St. Olaf Concert Band; dramatic club; Ben Greet Players; Carleton Mission in China donation card; vesper services; Washington Reception; commencement program; class of 1913 list of students; Sophomore-Freshman Reception; Unique Candy Store menu; recitals

People Depicted: Mabelle Lund; Ruth Anderson Motteler; Helen Kuebler; Mildred McIntyre; Neva Schroeder; Marie Hastings; Park Dougherty; R. Wollin; Austin Hanscom; Sidney Henderson; Oscar Ashton; Walter Wellman; Elmer Benedict; Kenneth Johnson; Paul Jepson; Samuel Solhaug; Jacob Riegel; Floyd Patten; Roy Comport; George Schmitz; Sylvan Crooker; Horace Fishback, Jr.; Clinton Murdock; Frederick Heinemann
Item [24]: Cruttenden, Charles N., 1906


Includes material related to: receipts; cartoons; theater; Northfield Harvest Festival program; football; Athletic Union; laying of the cornerstone for Laird Science Hall; lectures; debate; Northfield Choral Union; Athenian Literary Society; program of recitations; Carleton College pamphlet; Junior Play; glee club; baseball; track and field; The Carletonia; Decoration Day Picnic; Baccalaureate Sunday; Senior Class Day; Alumni Association; commencement; Glenwood, MN; postcards; Jamestown Exposition; opera

People Depicted: Kenneth Taylor; John Munroe
Item [25]: Eddy, Ruth, 1910


Includes material related to: telegraph; name cards; correspondence; YMCA; YWCA; photos of buildings on campus; recitals; George Washington Reception; Delta Phi; Carleton song lyrics; Freshman meetings; senior-sophomore reception; commencement exercises; Christmas cards; Halloween; glee club; Women's Board of Missions of the Congregational Church; oratorical contests; theater; Athletic Union; postcards; President Taft visit to Northfield; lecture course schedules; unidentified group photos; orchestra

Item [26]: Wedge, Clarence Eugene, 1923

Photo Album

Includes material related to: tug of war; flagpole climb; photos of buildings on campus; Rufnek Day; initiation; proposals; unidentified group photos; statues; farm; canoeing; buildings in downtown Northfield; winter sports; hockey; tornado at Castle Rock destruction; Leighton construction; students on campus; sledding

People Depicted: B. Wendt; Clifford Smith; Milo Glarner; Palmer (Polly) Elder; Walter Naused; Louis Wade; John Shaffer; Paul Wilken; Harry March
Box/Drawer 11
Item [27]: Howland, Phebe, 1915


Includes material related to: unidentified photos; "The Ancestry and Descendantes of John S. Simpson and Sarah Strong Porter"; letter to Carleton College from Alan Dodds, family geneaologist; photos of buildings on campus; commencement; class of 1914 list of students; baccalaureate services; Carleton College Bulletin; Alumni Association; newspaper clippings; "Carleton College: Rules for Attendance, Scholarship, and Conduct"; senior night; track and field; Stephen State High School

People Depicted: Mary Elwell; Ruth Tolman Helde; Bernice Holton Gordon
Item [28]: WRA/WPE [Women's Recreation Association/Women's Physical Education], 1947; 1948; 1952-1956


Includes material related to: Northfield festivals; WRA (Women's Recreation Association); WPE (Women's Physical Education); creative dance demonstration; cooperative; saddle club; blazer sale; water ballet; swimming; "WRA Tips"; Orchesis; dance; May Fete; Dolphin Club; synchronized swimming; The Carletonian; tennis; volleyball; bowling; newspaper clippings; basketball; Carleton College Calendar of College Events; "WRA Wreck"; Winter Carnival; Icecapades; skiing; MAIAW State Softball Tournament

People Depicted: Cherry Lockwood; Charlotte Cole Weston; Susan Stoner Beechner; Mary Johnson Bowman; Kay Kolderie White; Holly Samuels Porter; June Kallal Scott; Ann Patterson Buran; Joan McGrath; Sarah Wolcott Straus; Peggy (Helen) Kyndberg Greifer; Nancy Kinyon Docherty; Nan Vonier Clark; Barbara Callender Olson; Rose Marie Johnson Balke; Mary Morton; Susan (Sue) Lebeck Adamek; Judith (Judy) Burrows Weinig; Judith (Judy) Nyvall Clague; Marlene Hartmann Turk; Edwin (Ed) Rossow; Carole Wickman Hefflinger; Kay Lundsten Strand; Nancy Rauber Robbins; Catherine (Cass) Wells Hanson; Patricia (Pat) Hite Lombard; Barbara (Bobby) Kohak Reinfeld; Lois Jordan Huldin; Ruth Anne Hicks Doud; Nancy Hauser; Betty (Poff) Poffenberger Radwin; Marie (Mari) Marshall Plain; Carol Kraemer Marciano; Margaret (Margie) Wales; Zoe Kelly Donnell; Mary (Mary Sue) Sudman Robson; Frances Sundstrom Johnson; Jane Rose Ireland; Judith Tryon George; Dorothy Sundquist Soudakoff; Carol Beyschlag Debolt; Joanne (Joan) Gran Wilkinson; Sharon (Shari) Smith Snell; Edwin (Ed) Mauel; Duncan Stewart; Ann Ballinger Robertson; Eleanor Hansen; Roberta (Bobbi) Daniell Elliott; Margaret (Peg) Beiswanger; Diane Chappell Mitchell; Connie Chambers Harris; Gretchen Walby Fogo; Elizabeth (Betsy) Ober Warnecke; Julia Warner Carlson; Carolyn Schuetz Baysdorfer; Carolyn Wolf VanderWerf; Sally Jett Davis; Trish (Patricia) Sloan Herbert; Susan (Susie) Kerschbaum Tonascia; Bea (Beatrice) Stough Bryngelson; Mary Boardman Boyden; Ann Fagan; Carolyn Richter; Ann Ferguson; Joan Vaile Smith; Susan (Sue) Goodman; Janet Trussell Stewart; Sarah (Sally) McAllister Ganger; Constance (Connie) Coughlin Kokubo; Stewart Lane; Lawrence (Larry) Becker; Harriette Longacre Phelps; Mimi Larsen Becker; Lawrence (Larry) Rubel; Dorothy Ann Wilson Hubbs; Francesca (Ceca) Paciotti Sutherland; Deborah (Debby) Bond Falk; Eleanor Hansen; Joanne Johnson Ewing; Nancy Jordan Fiene; Karen Hillerud Rush; Carolyn Stewart Woollen-Tucker; Jean Apple Owen; Su Rannells; Gretchen Walby Fogo; Caroline Nadelhoffer Orman; Mae Gruber; Beverly (Bev) Smith; Nicole Tondeur Etienne; Katheryn (Kay) Klein Brule; Elizabeth (Liz) Bentley Shelton; Jean Newland Robertson; Belle Burridge Scott; Susan (Sue) Dreyer Southwick; Cynthia (Cindy) Eaton Nickerson; Judith (Judy) Myers; Priscilla Livezey Boardman; Janet Sholes Mott; Mary Jane (Jinx) Lehman Manger; Charles (Chod) DeLong; Michael (Mike) Armacost; William (Bill) Walsh; Mary Ann Peterson Thompson; Susan (Sue) Rowe Buswell; Ruth Harkison Waterbury; Victoria (Torie) Kneevers Sheagren; Katherine (Kathy) Werness Youngblood; Carolyn Voss Copeland; Marilyn Burke Rossman; Jane Gore; Cynthia Munro Marks; Barbara (Bobbie) Leventhal Crosby; Hans Nelson; Jane Moore Rose; Silence (Sicie) Michelet Lowell; Janet (Jan) Winslow Campbell; Kathryn (Kay) Besic Strangman; Jo Ann Arneson; Rebecca (Becky) Robinson Denny; Elizabeth (Betsy) Robinson; Diantha (Dee) Haviland Johnson; William (Bill) Stocker; Judy (Judith) Lerdahl Laerdal; Christopher (Chris) Stocker; Margaret Habein Merry; Laurence M. Gould; Joseph (Joe) Pickle, Jr.
Box/Drawer 12
Item [30]: Orchesis (Creative Dance Group), 1946; 1949


Includes material related to: Orchesis; dance; May Fete; unidentified photos; lists of Orchesis members; modern dance club; dance symposium

Item [32]: Scott, Mary M., 1935


Includes material related to: unidentified portraits; Itasca Junior College; newspaper clippings; May Fete; Minnesota State Forest Service; postcards; University of Minnesota athletics; University of Minnesota concert band; theater; University of Minnesota, University Theatre; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; dance cards; registration sheets; organ recital; recitals; enrollment cards; Zoology Club; athletic rosters; homecoming; correspondence; Red Cross; dramatic arts; Carleton choir; Carleton symphony band; Round Table Conference on Vocations; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; graduation exercises; The Carletonian; basketball; Thanksgiving; Literary Supplement to the Carletonian

People Depicted: Margaret Williams Repke; June Lindquist Crawford; Mary Shifflett Wilkinson; Edith (Edie) Blunt Tobin; Marijane Palmer Stoll; Dorothy Elliott; Barbara Vivian O'Malley; Carol Hankee Nelson; Virginia Yale Kodadek; Carol Nelson Billington; Marion Kristjanson Johnson; Alice Plochman Moore; Mary-Hill Kueffner French; Grace Magee Nelson; Marmion Hengstler Nestrud; Jean Anderson Chesley; Dorothy Johnson Langen; Jane Tindall Weaver; Robert Nugent; Chester Raasch; Richard (Dick) Arney; Matt (Matthias) Thoeny; Coach Diebold
Box/Drawer 13
Item 1: "1890" Scrapbook from "Carleton in the Archives" Class, 2016
Created by students in Bill North's "Carleton in the Archives: Studies in Institutional Memory and Cultural" class Spring 2016. These scrapbooks were displayed as part of the Sesquicentennial exhibition "Independence of Though: An Unfolding Story, 1866 to 2016"  in the Perlman Teaching Museum Fall 2016.
Item 2: Stratton, Alice Belle, 1896-1900


Includes materials related to: Oratorical, athletic/gymnastic, debate, and music programs; football; baseball; Alpha Beta Phi, Adelphic, Clionian, Gamma Delta, Chrestomathian, Athenian, and Philomathian literary societies; graduation and commencement; Northfield High School; St. Olaf College; Field Day; menus; YMCA and YWCA; Spanish-American War; Athletic Union; Class Day; Ware Auditorium

Box/Drawer 14
Item 34: Rand, Lorraine May, 1932, 1929-1932
Box/Drawer 15
Item 35: Young, Lois Suomi, 1960-1964


Includes material related to: snake dance; mixed dining card; photos of buildings on campus; hat; star guide wheel; pins; new students zoobook; University of Wisconsin homecoming; cards; correspondence; Oberlin College Choir; theater; Orchesis; inauguration of President Nason; Carleton Players; Dolphins Club; synchronized swimming; honors day; homecoming; football; careers conference; Winter Carnival; glee club; Carleton Student Association (CSA); Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; choir; orchestra; baccalaureate service

Young, Lois Suomi, Class of 1964
Box/Drawer 16
Item 1: Class of 1949, 2007-2011

photo album

Mini-reunions; planning committee

Item 2: Patterson, Ann Scrapbook, 1950-1954
Box/Drawer 17
Item 1: Thompson, Alice Scrapbook, 1942-1946


Includes material related to: newspaper clippings; scripts; theatre programs; Indiana University; advertisements; Carleton College Bulletin; Frehman Handbook of Cources; Gridley Hall; black out regulations; the Women's League; class schedules; Homecoming 1942 program; women's fashion; vesper service; Skinner Memorial Chapel; budgets; winter carnival; World War II (WWII) war efforts; rations; Evans Hall; May Fete; Nourse Hall, convocation, commencement; Army Air Forces; comics; Coe College; Grand Theater; The Burton Breeze; drawings; class paper; Gould appointment; inauguration of President Gould; saddle club, riding exhibition, V-C days program; Lyman lakes; The Voice of Carleton Alumni; Phi Beta Kappa

People Depicted: Alice Thompson; Elizabeth Thompson; Loyce Johnson; Joan Harris; Alice Jean Will; Ruth Larson; Gisa "Nikki" Neuhaus; Audrey Carlson; Sydney Goodrich; Dolores Dawn Oswald; Katherine "Kay" O'Keefe; Jane Bell; Edde Henderson, Beverly Thompson; Frances Stovall; Florence Kimball; Mary Ann Olsen; Eunice Oman; John "Jack" Jannasch, Shirley Montgomery; George Gibson; Doris Palmer; Nancy Wright; Marrian Taylor; Natalie Sweeney; Gertrude O'Donnell; Jane Barbier; Louise Finley
Series D: (18"x13"x3" size)
Box/Drawer 1
Item [1]: Ames, Florence, 1908-1912


Includes materials related to: Gamma Delta; society invitations; Delta Phi; Northfield and St. Olaf concerts and theater events; Ware Oratorial Contest (between Carleton and St. Olaf) program; debate events; voice recitals; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium program; inauguration of President Cowling ticket; lecture schedule; football schedule; "Carleton Songs and Yells" songbook; U of M football memorabilia; YWCA; gymnasium exhibition ticket; correspondence; Thanksgiving banquet programs; Freshman Party announcements; party invitations; glee club; mock wedding invitation

Item [2]: Norton, Ida Johnson, 1909
Item Ph. 1: Studio portrait: Glee Club, dressed for travel, with suitcases spelling out "Carleton Glee Club", 1908/09
People depicted: Luther A. Weigle; not matched to faces: John Eltun, Claude C. Chadwick, William Nein, Thomas C. Mabon, Harold W. Crary, Giles H. Anderson, Boyd H. Fuller, Harrison B. Sherwood, Jacob F. Balzer, Carl M. Jacobson, Philip Hill, Harry C. Noonan, Lee C. Prentice, John P. Greaves, Henry J. Swanson
Item Ph. 2: Studio portrait: Glee Club, 1908/09
People depicted: William L. Gray, Luther A. Weigel; not matched to faces: John Eltun, Claude C. Chadwick, William Nein, Thomas C. Mabon, Harold W. Crary, Giles H. Anderson, Boyd H. Fuller, Harrison B. Sherwood, Jacob F. Balzer, Carl M. Jacobson, Philip Hill, Harry C. Noonan, Lee C. Prentice, John P. Greaves, Henry J. Swanson
Item Ph. 3: Scoville Library, viewed from the southeast
Item Ph. 4: Studio portrait: Aurora Club
Item Ph. 5: Group portrait: Senior girls' Man-o-mit Club, 1908/09
Item Ph. 6: Goodsell Observatory, viewed from the southwest
Item Ph. 7: Group portrait: Alpha Delta Society party for new members, 1908/09
Item Ph. 8: Group portrait: Senior party in Sky Parlor, 1908/09
Item Ph. 9: Baseball game on Laird Athletic Field, 1902/03
Originals or Copies Note: d-128
Published in: Catalog Apr. 1903; 1909 Viewbook: 21; 1910 Viewbook: 27; 1912 Viewbook: 32; 1913 Viewbook: 24; Carletonian Sep. 22, 1914; 1915 Viewbook: 20
Item Ph. 10: Group portrait: Baseball team, 1908
Item Ph. 11: Alpha Delta “Hiawatha party” for the Sigma Lambda society, in Gridley Hall chapel, 1906
Additional Date Information: 1906-11-26
Item Ph. 12: Studio portrait: Glee Club, 1907
Item Ph. 13: Carleton delegation at Y.W.C.A. Central Student Conference, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1907
Additional Date Information: 1907-09
Item Ph. 14: Studio portrait: Glee Club, 1907/08
Item Ph. 15: Studio portrait: Alpha Delta Society, 1905/06
People depicted: Estella M. Kendall, Calla F. Kendall, Esther Hildahl, Anna L. Oathout, E. Amalia Hoorn, Edith Boethin, Elizabeth C. Jennings, Grace L. Horswill, Crissie A. McLeod, Hattie B. Carpenter, Ethel A. Ackerman, Mildred I. Steinman, Ida J. Norton, Maude A. Leighton, E. Viola Fiester, Florence E. Carr, Lulu E. Townsend, Kate E. Ainslie, Mabel E. Horswill, Mary E. Hull, Clara E. Herring, Lulu I. Rumsey, Bessie M. Bunday, Bessie L. Lanterman, Martha C. Kessel, M. Ruth Spendley, Mary D. Swain
Box/Drawer 2
Item [3]: Carleton Scrapbook, Circa 1920


Includes material related to: photos of campus buildings; men's basketball team photos; track team group photo; Olaf-Carleton game; high school journalism conference group photo; Washington Ball photos; aerial photos of campus; May Fete photos; Bouncing Day photos; Tug O' War photos; notes from students; football team group photo; women's hockey team group photo; records of parties, social functions, theatres, concerts, and lectures; Grand Theatre movie programs; newspaper clippings; St. Olaf and Carleton choir group photos

People Depicted: John Shaffer; Lester Kitzman; Osborne Cowles; Edward Truesdale; Joseph Hutton; Herman Woock; Loy Bowe; Albert D. Nelson; "Nordley"; Charles Levin; Gladys Gardner Jenkins; Coach Jackson; Coach Claude J. Hunt; Coach Mendenhall; L. Stelter; Donald McGannon; Edith Kulander Brunkow; Arthur L. Keith; Evelyn Anderson Haymaker; Irene Erickson Vardon; Mary Roberts; "Loren"; Gerald Marsh; Jack Oja; Byron Smith; Lillian Sorenson Anderson; Helen Goodrich Emery; Frederick Hill; "Tubby"; Romeo Zulauf; Estelle Westcott Marsh; Harold Johnsrud; Malcolm Johnson; Arthur Reiter; Harry O'Brien; C. Grassle; Henry Rokala; Warren Jeffers; Harry Wagner; Frank Pierce; H. Montgomery; Frank Levis; Perry Copeland; Walter Sprandel; John Street; James Robertson; Carl Quackenbush; Coach Reiter; John Middlemist; Harold Maloney; Carroll Ebert; Charles Howard; Stanley Anderson; Paul Christopherson; William Gallagher; Robert Albrecht; Prof. John H. Gray; Prof. David Bryn Jones; Prof. Allen Hoben; Mary L. Benton; Marion B. White
Item [4]: Dow, Margaret, 1910-1913


Includes material related to: track and field scorecard; debate; baseball schedule

People Depicted: Margaret Dow; Olive Nott Morse; Marion Willard Everett; Edith Goodrich Howard
Item [5]: Exner, Franz F., 1895


Includes material related to: photos of campus buildings; drawing of campus

Item [6]: Tolman, Charles Cushman, 1911-1916


Includes material related to: records of athletic events, social functions; photos of campus buildings; football photos; Alpha-Delta; Delian; debate team photos; Washington reception; track meet scorecard; Cane Rush photos; newspaper clippings

People Depicted: Coach Kent; Ernest Lewison; Samuel Solhaug; Gordon Welshons; L. Day; Park Dougherty; Adolph Tatting; C. Cross; Elmer Gillott; Alfred Robertson; Oakey Jackson; George Holm; Wallace Hamilton; George Schmitz; Ellsworth Rieke; Harold George; William Smail; Carroll Schofield; Paul Ryan; George Miners; Chelsea Sampson; Albert Dahlby; Robert Robbins; Penn Howard; Owen Judge; Earl Howard; Herbert Hamlin; Bryng Bryngelson; Milo Gerber; Earl Ryan; Stillman Hathaway; "Zarfus"; Cecil Mikkelsen; John Kierzek; Bartlett Egeland; "Vestling"; J. Mulligan; Alfred Nienow; James Watson; H. Robards; Russell Farnham; Evan Hughes; Truman Bumford; Wallace Hamilton; Frederick Heinemann; Grant Willard; Galen Finnegan; Jean Curran; Spencer Stearns; James Bain; John Ferch; Clarence Cummens; Roy Comport; E. Holton; William Boeck; Oscar Ashton; William Hunt; Arthur McMillan; Everett Moyer; Elmer Benedict; Walter Varco; Morris Wingate; Rolfe Tainter; Rector Putnam; Walter Simpson; Harry Emery; John Quinlivan; R. Quinlivan; Frank Haseltine; Harold Sorlien; Dyar Bill; Otis Godfrey; G. Spaeth; Jacob Riegel; Paul Jepson; Fred Richie; Albert Brasie; Joseph Markley; Warren Wilson; Horace Fishback; Edwin Hellie; Lucius Badger; Clinton Murdock; Franklin Peters; Oliver Steele; James Beach; W. Klinker; William Lowe; Roy Tower; Anton Nerad; Sidney Henderson; C. Andresen; Walter Dean; Alfred Becker; Frank Michael; Warren Mitchell; Frank Balzer; Auston Hanscom; Laurence Rossman; Harry Booth; J. Wilkinson; R. Wollin; Arthur Hawkins; Arthur Persons; Warner Ogden; Oscar Setrum; Henry French; Harold Habein; Warren Stegner; William Holm; Walter Wellman; Floyd Patten; Louis Huhn; Roy Little; Benjamin Thane; Rollin Church; Melkeor Kjorlaug; Charles Tolman; Ralph Boomer; Charles Jack; Frederick Von Bohland; Theodore Shirley
Box/Drawer 3
Item [7]: Blanding, Ruth Eddy, 1910


Includes material related to: glee club; table manners suggestion card; Sayles-Hill Gymnasium dedication; correspondence; athletic ticket; freshmen party; "Carleton Songs and Yells" lyrics card; Delta Phi; postcards of Menomonie Wis. and Normal Il.; The Carletonia; debate; Carrie Jacobs-Bond event; orchestra, recital, theater programs

Item [8]: Burgess, Ida Mildred, 1915

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of people, campus and Northfield buildings; Lake Geneva; Bouncing Day; farm photos

Item [9]: Carl, Ruth, 1927


Includes material related to: photos of campus, Northfield buildings; bonfire; St. Olaf goat; dining hall student workers; basketball; May Fete 1924, 1925; Homecoming floats; St. Olaf campus; St. Patrick's Day; YWCA; Thanksgiving place card; Chapel slip; newspaper, Carletonian clippings; Unique Candy Shoppe menu; Washington Ball; Carleton homecoming events program; Kappa Theta; Conservatory of Music class card; sports schedule; receipt for tuition, room & board, and music; debate

People Depicted: Halicia Naugle Whitehouse; Florence (Haslam) Van Deusen; Ruth Carl Birch; Dorothy Doolittle Wilkes; Francess Lee Gaslin; Anne Merrill Garland; Conrad Olson; Joseph Hutton; Oliver "Hon" Nordly; Harold Maloney; Donald Roberts; Vernon Gallagher; Allan Twichell; Buell Gallagher; Marshall Frost; Raymond Nelson; R.W. Putsch; Eleanor Skinner; Marjorie Parker Chambers; Helen Dodge Cowan; Clarence Decker; Arnold Schultz
Box/Drawer 4
Item [10]: Dean, W. Edwin, 1915

Scrapbook/Photo Album

Includes material related to: athletic record; theater; photos of campus buildings; freshman-sophomore cane-rush; professional photos of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; Washington reception; campus farm; children; newspaper clippings; Dionne quintuplets; postcards from Dell Rapids SD; football; Carleton yells for athletic events; freshman circus

Item [11]: Narverud, Arthur L., 1924


Includes material related to: football; basketball; correspondence; newspaper clippings; theater; debate; literary societies; glee club; May Fete ticket; athletic calendar; dry cleaning stub; The Unique Candy Store menu; high school journalism convention; Washington Ball; Sherwood Eddy event; Carleton-St. Olaf game; Frosh-Soph football game; Carleton farm; ice rink; tug of war; Bouncing Day; grade records; fashion show ticket; forensic banquet; dance cards; homecoming; YMCA; hockey; track

People Depicted: Charles Howard; Allan Hoben; W. Cochran; Howard Gilkinson; Stanley Anderson; Robert Albrecht; V.H. Wells; I.M. Cochran; Paul Christopherson; William Gallagher; John Gray; Osborne Cowles; Arthur Reiter; Coach Jackson; Paul Williams; Arthur Narverud; Harold Johnsrud; William Weeks; Arling Paulson; Walter Sprandel; Torance Grunstad; Joseph Hutton; Lester Kitzman; H. Montgomery; Edward Truesdale; John Shaffer; Lester Kirk; George Miner; Ester Klenk Lister; Walter Naused; Frank Mahler; Jack Oja; R. Woods; Dorothy Wingate Mareck; R.W. Putsch; Pauline Hedberg Phillips; Harriet Paige Pittman; Coach Hunt; Douglas Stewart; Charles O'Brien; Elvin Cassell; Herman Drill; Coach Dean; Mildred Jaynes; Edward Calhoun; Frances Pray Julian; Arnold Schultz; Lloyd Distad
Box/Drawer 5
Item [12]: Brown, Ethel Calvert, 1905


Includes material related to: photos of campus buildings; card giving permission to go home; YWCA; debate card; football; Alpha Beta Phi; photos of dormitories; recital program; Washington receiption; correspondence; Baccalaureate Sunday program; theater; commencement program 1904, 1905; alumni association meeting program; literary society annual tea menu; portraits; junior lawn festival poster; prayer meeting topic schedule; poems; glee club; advertisement for the Carleton calendar; senior-faculty baseball game; namecards; Harrison Fisher's College Girls drawings; Carleton fiftieth anniversary program of events; football ticket; Senior Class Day program; Philomathian Reunion Banquet menu; Carleton postcard; aerial photo of campus; full issue of the Carletonia June 8, 1905

People Depicted: James Cundy
Item 13: Higgins, Lozira, 1912


Includes material related to: Men's basketball; football; men's gymnastics; Decoration Day; May Fete 1911; Thanksgiving 1909; Washington Reception; HIll's Hasty Hash House; Alpha Beta Phi literary society; Philomathian literary society; campus buildings; theater and music programs; Glee Club 1909/10;

People depicted: Marion Richardson
Box/Drawer 6
Item [13]: WRA [Women's Recreation Association], 1957-1960


Includes material related to: WRA, Women's Recreation Association; ski club; tennis club; dance; golf; faculty changes; May Fete 1958, 1959, 1960; dolphin club; construction of Cowling gymnasium; construction of Olympic-size pool in Sayles-Hill; WRA Wreck; Orchesis; correspondence; Department of Physical Education for Women; CSA calendar, February 1959; newspaper clippings; volleyball; swim team; Fine Arts Days; group athletic photos

People Depicted: Tim Boynton; Marion Ritchey; Mike Carpenter; Joan Benton; Lee Mothershead; Ellenore DeFord; Carla Nelson; Shannon Voss; Marjorie Parker; Carole Pushing; Karen Romnes; Mary Boardman; Miriam Forbes; Nancy Hauser; Kay Jaastad; Mary Hulings; Nancy Jo Kiggins; Sylvia Frost; Marilyn Seery; Martha Calhoun; Hazel Hovde; Linda Lohrbauer; Ruth Izdal; Ellen Wulp; Carolyn Kumpula; Ann McClelland; Sally Soper; Andrea Grove; Inga-Thyra Andersson; Gwen Nilsson-Hoglind; Judy Watrous; Helen Mackay; Gail Bakken; Lois Peterson; Betsy Taylor; Kari Turnbladh; Shelagh Day; Warren Beson; Jim Nelson; Polly Nason
Item [14]: York, Marjorie Dix, 1910


Includes material related to: photos of campus buildings; unidentified portraits; Delta Phi; Thanksgiving banquet; namecards; debate; glee club; unidentified group photos; Carleton songs and yells; football; athletic schedules; Athletic Union membership tickets; YWCA; newspaper clippings; class of 1910 statistics; lecture schedule; dedication of Sayles-Hill gymnasium ticket; correspondence; tuition receipt; inauguration of President Cowling ticket

People Depicted: Henry Swanson; Jay Frazer; Loring Ingraham; David Howard; Herbert Goodrich; S. West; C. Pfeiffer; Erwin Nelson; Obed S. Johnson; Hugh Lester; William Kelts; Myron J. Haig; E.D. Dickinson
Box/Drawer 7
Item [15]: Roberts, Margaret Eleanor, 1915


Includes material related to: Bouncing Day; photos around campus; May Fete

People Depicted: Mildred McIntyre; Mary Elwell; Ruth Fulton Patterson; Louise Mason Eberhart; Mabel Geer Crabtree; Margaret Eleanor Roberts; Geneste Muller Anderson
Item [16]: Seibert, Olive V., 1917


Includes material related to: "Circular of Information: For the Use of Women Students"; unidentified group photos; athletic schedules; student privilege tickets; football; Gamma Delta; Thanksgiving banquet; lecture schedule with Clifford Herschel Moore; glee club; dance cards; Hill's Hasty Hash House; philomathian society; The Brunswick wine list; farm photos; May Fete 1915; The Carletonia; theater; Conservatory of Music music festival; debate

Box/Drawer 8
Item [17]: Burnham, Bessie M., 1916


Includes material related to: YWCA; Sophomore-Freshman reception; Freshmen Party; Gridley Hall regulations; correspondence; societies; Thanksgiving; football; Sigma Lambda; athletic schedules; student privilege ticket; Freshman Banquet; music festival; Sayles-Hill carnival; tuition receipt; The Messiah; Morgan's Kandy Kitchen soda menu; glee club schedule; commencement program; lecture schedules; library rules; The Modern Jew; cartoons; The Carletonia order form; class schedule; ice rink; music festival; recitals; May Fete; room assignment card; church attendance sheet; "Circular of Information: For the Use of Women Students"; ski tournament ticket; Thanksgiving banquet menu; Faribault High School enrollment card; namecards; Washington Reception; color guard; track; Lake Geneva YMCA camp; YWCA buildings in San Francisco; First Congregational Church of Northfield; St. Olaf concert band; dramatic club; Vesper services; Carleton College Bulletin of classes; choir list of anthems

Item [18]: Kitzman, Lester, 1922

Photo Album

Includes material related to: campus buildings; May Fete; track; Bouncing Day; unidentified group photos; musicians; aerial photos of campus; St Olaf - Carleton football game; baseball; unidentified athletic portraits; Hot Stuff

People Depicted: Henry Rokala; Lester Kitzman; Joseph Bach; Osborne Cowles; H. Montgomery; Herman Woock
Box/Drawer 9
Item [19]: Beinhorn, Faith Pearl, 1913


Includes material related to: photos of campus buildings; map of campus; football team; Adelphic Society; Mon-Da-Min Society; Gamma Delta; athletic schedules; Thanksgiving banquet; theater; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; George Washington reception; YWCA; First Congregational Church; class day program; Commencement program 1910, 1913; inauguration of President Cowling; group photos; obituary for Erwin P. Nelson; glee club; correspondence; sophomore party; annual banquet; permission card for trip to Cannon Falls; First National Bank check; photos around campus; farm photos; Ware Oratorial Contest; Carleton College band; May Fete; theater; Carleton mission in China donation card; namecards; Sophomore-Freshman reception; vacation in Winona; dance card; newspaper clippings; "Trelawney of the Wells"; The Algol; The Carletonia; St. Olaf band; vesper services; Cooperative Laundry receipt; vacation to St. Pete's; St. Paul Union fire; dramatic club; unidentified group photos; hospital room; Lake Geneva; Gridley Hall rules; Carleton class schedules; "Rules for Attendance, Scholarship, and Conduct"; Northfield advertisements; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; library rules; Northfield News traveler's guide; Commerial Club; The Woman's Union; Opera House

People Depicted: Faith Beinhorn Leighton; Margaret Dow; Olive Nott Morse; Alfred Becker; Marion Stearns Dougherty; Ruth Ames Moyer; Margaret Willcox Hunt; Inez Thompson Mosse; Margaret Hoppin Comport; Edith Goodrich Howard; Claire Brown Calhoun; Ara "Cornwell" Earley; Maurice Kent; L.N. Zarfos; Laurence Rossman; Lewis Leighton; Frank Morse; David Howard; Herbert Goodrich; William Harris Laird; Erwin P. Nelson; Bartlett Egeland; Spencer Stearns; Ernest Lewison; Oliver Tripp; Theodore Shirley; Alfred Robertson; Avery Constant
Item [20]: Kille, Frank R., 1958

Album presented upon resignation

Includes material related to: correspondence; letters written by presidents of the CSA to Frank R. Kille; newspaper clippings; photos of Winter Park, Florida

People Depicted: Frank R. Kille; Fran Kille; Enid Woodward
Box/Drawer 10
Item [21]: Gilbert, Luther, 1912


Includes material related to: athletic records; athletic schedules; U of M football memorabilia; athletic ticket; athletic event posters; newspaper clippings; theater; orchestra; glee club; debate; Thanksgiving banquet; lecture schedules; Freshman party; YWCA; chemistry; correspondence; First National Bank receipt; Congregational Church; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; Olberg's Tailory; Sletten's shoe store; dances; oratorial contests; Adelphic society; alumni association; football; student privilege tickets; "permission to escort" ticket; Washington reception; recitals; St. Olaf band; baseball; Morgan's Kandy Kitchen; gymnastics; course descriptions; photos of campus buildings; track and field; The Arcade; Hill's Hasty Hash House; tuition receipt; vesper services; Adelphic reunion; Minnesota Anti-Saloon League; group photo class of 1912; dorm rooms; outdoor photos; graduation; winter; Carleton band; Dundas train station; Waterford Bridge; Waterford train station; Rum River; canoeing

People Depicted: Gordon Welshons; W.E. Englund; F.M. Carson; Olin Reigstad; Frank E. Morse; Rudolph Wosnek; Glenn S. Hunt; C. Whit Pfeiffer; Theodore S. Slen; Albert T. Tollevs; George Leighton; Mary Phillips Garrison; Luther Gilbert; Florence Ames Gilbert; Ruth Carr Pfeiffer; Beth (Street) Henry; Frank Clark; Alson Blodgett; Herbert Peterson; Burton Hughes; Herbert Goodrich; Malcolm Clark; Park Dougherty; Raymond Palon; Glen Hunt; Lyman Baird; John Greaves; Joseph Moses; Paul Shepard; Ezra Calhoun; James Chapman; Everett Moyer; Paul Harmer; Lewis Leighton; Wallace Johnson; Leslie Lewis; Dr. Exner; David Howard; Howard Klossner; Frank Lewis; George Wandel; Arthur McMillan; Loyde Pfeiffer; Glen Hunt; Elmer Peterson; Oscar Ashton; Roy Comport; Spencer Stearns; G. Aiken; Verle Johnson; Maris DeWolf; Prof. F.B. Hill; Ray Phillips; Evan Williams; Lucius Smith; Ben Bradley; Avery Constant; S. West; Jay Frazer; Boyd Fuller; Elon Ross; John Haskins; Harrison Church; Rex Warren; George Constans; Bernard Grogan; Harry Maass; Elmore Greening; Orlando Lindesmith; Kinsley Renshaw; Milton Nugent; Otis Godfrey, Sr.; Russell Farnham; Rolfe Tainter; John Kierzek; Sylvan Crooker; Harold Sorlien; Thomas Young; Floyd Patten; Ralph Boomer; David Rempel; Charles Jack; Henry French; Coach Zarfos; Samuel Solhaug; Frederick Von Bohland; Jalmer Martison; R. Wollin; Elmer Benedict; Walter Wellman; Elmer Dickman; Alfred Robertson; Claude Knott; L. Day; Floyd Cox; Leslie Jefferson; S. Howard Brown; F.C. Butterfield; Reuben Rosenwald; Melkeor Kjorlaug; Lloyd Dack; Harrison Sherwood; George Schmitz; Charles Holt; Raymond Ziesmer; Carl Jacobson; Orleans Ormond Sprague; Albert Scriver; Martha Oathout Ayres; Mary Oathout Dike; Mae Peterson Hauser; Lee Prentice; Florence Riddell Kinyon; Thomas Mabon
Box/Drawer 11
Item [22]: Boll, Carl R., 1920

Misc. Loose Material

Includes material related to: newspaper clippings; musical programs; cheerleading; campus elections; recitals; glee club; high school basketball tournament; unidentified portraits; census report order form; commencement 1920; St. Olaf choir; athletic schedule; Philofool Session; Philomathian Society; R.C. Barnum Company; New Business Fraternity; grade report cards; correspondence; New Ulm pamphlet; Saint James High School; ban on "vulgar dancing"; news bulletin; Co-operative Laundry Co.; Constitution of the Women's Student Government Association; English Manual from Harvard Business School

People Depicted: Fred Burnett Hill; John W. Wingate; Verne Withrow; Harold Habein; Frederick Heinemann; Horace Fishback; Harry T. Booth; Elmer W. Benedict; Kenneth J. Johnson; Fred Mott; Arnod Phillips; Sylvan J. Crooker; Warren Wilson; Jean A. Curran; Richard H. Wollin; Roy H. Johnson; Fred K. Allen; Henry French; Sidney H. Henderson; Roy H. Comport; W. Park Dougherty; R. A. Bryngelson; Edward Strong; Floyd J. Patten; Paul N. Jepson; Clinton R. Murdock; Austin Hanscom
Item [23]: Johnson, Dorothy, 1938


Includes material related to: newspaper clippings; football; Jesse James bank robbery; The Carletonian, December 12, 1934; photos of campus buildings; song lyrics; commencement 1937; correspondence; play day; Round Table Conference on Vocations; name cards; Christmas cards; international students; chapel choir; Carleton in China; Carleton track athlete running with Jesse Owens; track and field; May Fete; Junior-Senior ball; fencing; theater; concert series schedule; Christmas carol service; memorial service for Henri Verbrugghen; homecoming; horseback riding; Zephyrs trains; Nathan Milstein concert; marionette; enrollment card; measles; faculty and staff changes; basketball roster; University of Dubuque; Dubuque, MN; freshman dinner; organ recitals

People Depicted: Henri Verbrugghen; Duane Brenna; Walt Petraborg; Edward A. Fath; Donald J. Cowling; George Gibson; Marshall Diebold; Ray Conger; Alfred Hyslop; Laurence Gould; Charles Mierow; Adella Catton; Lindsey Blayney; Clyde Duniway; Thomas Job; Harvey Stork; Neil Dungay; A. T. Lincoln; I. M. Cochran; Charles Smiley; James Bird; Curvin Gingrich; Leal Headley; John Phelan; Thomas Rankin; Lois Dworshak; John Phillips; Jean Scheurer; Jose Encinas; Mary Martin; Carolyn Cogdell; Margrit Martin; K. Totaro Hosoiri; Roger Lockrem; Gordy Clark; Gordy Riegel; Bob Earle; Art Bock; Dorothy Johnson; Bernice Brown; Randall Herman; Jesse Owens; Sara Headley; Mary Hill Kueffner; Betty Johnson; Maxine Snyder; Sylvia Harleen; Carolyn Schuldt; Winifred Varco; Thelma Gaspar; Dorothy Halfpap; Marion Birkett; George Zahner; Robert Johnson; Sheldon Vance; Dick Mays; Jess Burkhead; Harold Hansen; William Stafford; Stewart Eliott; Harold Charlsworth; William Stewart; George Hnatluk; Alfred Hyslop; Robert Sinclair; William Scott; Virginia Pfeiffer; Lois Peterson; Jane Whiting; Alta Mae Eagen; Betty Baker; Sam Williams; Robert Gottlieb; Charles Whipple; Ardith Anderson; Janet Straus Henner; Marian McNiece; Leila Bergsman Gordon; Miriam Fath Boom; Carl Huber; Leigh Davis; Red McCarthy; Wendell Strom; William Lescher; Sara Mehlhop; Eleanor Jackson
Item [24]: Miscellaneous Photos

Misc. Photos

Includes material related to: unidentified photos and portraits; newspaper clippings; wedding; pets; cars

Item [25]: Photo Album, Circa 1910-1920

Photo Album

Includes material related to: canoeing; note from a child; photos of children and family; potato picking; Red Iron Lake; Floyd Lake; unidentified photographs and portraits; poetry; pets

Box/Drawer 12
Item [26]: 1929 Scrapbook, 1929


Includes material related to: football; unidentified group photos; unidentified portraits; Junior-Senior prom; photos of campus buildings; stadium; theater; swim team; basketball; wrestling; fencing; track and field; baseball

Item [27]: Class of 1895, 1895

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of the Carleton class of 1895; Franz Friedrich Joseph Exner; newspaper clippings; photos of campus buildings; Willis; Willis chapel; Gridley; library; Northfield photos

People Depicted: Charles Burton; Edith Spooner Pell; Mary Houston; James Chapman; Gracia Jenks; Jessie Payne; Paul Barney; Elizabeth Burnham Adams; Maude Willsey Allen; Robert Pollock; Grace Herrick; Lillian Stewart; Franz Exner; Alice Caldwell; Svante Lindholm; Hisa Amaya; William Hollands; Agnes Page; William Pell; Clarabel Goodhue Wellman; Louisa Richardson
Item [28]: Thomson, Margaret, 1938


Includes material related to: newspaper clippings; name cards; Pictorial Supplement to the Carletonian; homecoming; Carleton fight song; correspondence; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; recitals; theater; Press Club; Gamma Delta; choir; wedding; recitals; J.M. Wardell florist; Round Table Conference on Vocations; May Fete

People Depicted: Thomas Job; Robert Sinclair; William Scott; Virginia Pfeiffer; Lois Peterson; Jane Whiting; Alta Mae Eagen; Betty Baker; Sam Williams; Robert Gottlieb; Charles Whipple; Charles Lunder; Marian Birkett; George Zahner; Virginia Cuthbert; Margaret Thomson; Ralph L. Henry
Box/Drawer 13
Item [29]: Career Placement Scrapbook, 1947-1953


Includes material related to: business leaders; speeches; Carleton Careers Conference; newspaper clippings; The Carletonian; May Fete; schedule of speakers; commencement caps and gowns; Mortar Board; correspondence; class placement statistics

People Depicted: Leith Shackel; Elizabeth Dow; Kathryn Griffith; Madison Shelly; Elizabeth Swanson; Elizabeth Nichol; Marvin Kiehl; Richard O'Hara; Ronald Kurtz; James Simpson; Richard Dvork; Earl Swanson, Jr.; Eileen Risjord LeClercq; Elizabeth McDowell Hamilton; F. Bayne Weeks; Margaret Andrews Andersen; Joe Platt; H.J. O'Neil; John Hackett; Lester Walters; R.T. McKearnan; Lowell Linman; William Eifrig; Fred Bergen; Henry Date; Coach McGraw; Thomas Emch; Edward Naylor; Walter Schroeder; Jane Andrews; Barbara Krause; Carl Nordly; Mary Wrinch; Lucille Deen; Joan Nickells; Bob Wiebe; Jane Hause Pejsa; Joan Grife Wyer; Pat Hinshaw; Dale Riepe; Laurence McKinley Gould; Wilhelmina Beck; George Lundin; Patricia Howard; June Vanderborgh; John Jacobson; Denis McCarthy; Hazel Lewis; Leigh Van Ausdall; Liz Silvers; Alice Pasel; Mary Balzer; Dane Larson; Carol Henderson; Nancy Neller; Jan Schaller; Barb Eifler; Lorie Kreider; Betsy Davis; Jane Andrews; Glenn Allen; Laird Anderson; Roland Chambers; John Driscoll; William Randall; G. Howard Spaeth
Item [30]: McGary, Charlotte Emily Hertzberg, 1914

Official Documents

Includes material related to: gift to Carleton upon death; birth register; certificate of completion of Carleton Conservatory of Music requirements; Minnesota teaching certificate; certificates of death of Charlotte and Ben McGary; last will and testament; check to Carleton

People Depicted: Charlotte Emily Hertzberg McGary
Box/Drawer 14
Item [31]: Cruttenden, Louis, 1911/12


Includes material related to: postcards; ski champions; theater; unidentified group photos; Graceville High School; Northfield High School commencement; Decoration Day; orchestra; Orpheum; vesper services; Ware Auditorium; Monument Fund Benefit; athletic schedules; Alpha Beta Phi; Philomathian Society; football; track and field; basketball; directory of Northfield businesses

Item [32]: Holm, Dean, 1906


Includes material related to: photos of campus buildings; train; outdoor photos of Northfield; political speech; Algol; winter sports; unidentified portraits; commencement photos; Shattuck; Gridley dining hall

People Depicted: John Dean Holm
Item [33]: Moses, Dacie


Includes material related to: First United Church of Christ in Northfield; Dacie Moses; Dacie Moses' 95th birthday party; Carleton Singing Knights; a capella; newspaper clippings; Libertones; Dacie Moses obituary; memorial service program; tribute to Dacie from the UCC; Carleton inheriting Dacie's home; letter from Myrtle Coe to Dacie's friends following her death

People Depicted: Dacie (Candace) Moses; Michael Fortner; David McCarthy; Sue LaGoix; John Coe; Jane O'Leski; Barbara Okamoto; Mark Bach; Myrtle Coe; Cecil Hutton; Anne Katata; Tom Savage; Dixon Bond; Tom Savage; Marion Hutton; Jim Lobue; Charlie Green; Judy Bond; Cecil Hutton; Jane Hawley; Mark Helpenstell; Allison Krafft; Bonnie Porte; Al Porte; Janet Hartwell; Elisabeth Keppler; Sally Jean Fairman; Margaret Roggensack; Christine Nonemaker; Sylvia Chase; Glen Lee; Ron Lee Mauk; Bonnie Takashi; Porter Kadera; Sue Stenzel; Kim Jones; Bonnie Rohr; Ken Homes; Dave McCaully; Jim Norris; Janelle Norris; Bernard Street; Jan Shoger; Homer Robinson; Gary Docken; Kim June; Gordon Forbes; Barbara Mauk; Lee Mauk
Item [34]: Moses, Dacie- 95th Birthday

Photo Album

Includes material related to: Dacie Moses' 95th birthday; newspaper clippings; photos from party; Carleton alumni; a capella; Carleton Singing Knights

People Depicted: Dacie (Candace) Moses
Box/Drawer 15
Item [35]: Ranney, Helen M., 1918


Includes material related to: Northfield Community Club; posters; The Carletonia; enrollment cards; photos of buildings on campus; bible class; schedule of recitations; dramatic quartet; “Hand Book of Carleton College”; “Circular of Information”; Carleton College Library Information and Rules; correspondence; party invitations; unidentified photos; glee club; programs; band; volleyball; Valentines Day; candy wrappers; May Fete; Washington Reception; flower delivery card; name cards; Sigma Lambda; Delta Phi; debate; Ware Oratorical Contest; ticket stubs; Ben Greet Players; dramatic club; Lockrem’s Kandy Kitchen menu; football; athletic schedules; The Crystal menu; freshman class group photo; recital concert course; Congregational Church; Sigma Lambda constitution and by-laws; commencement program; basketball; student privilege ticket; poetry; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; music festival; track and field; Fool Session; Conservatory of Music; student recitals; list of dining hall meals; YWCA; photos of Northfield buildings; Thanksgiving; vesper services; choir; story book; Carleton Greetings; Bouncing Day; memorial service program for Professor George Huntington; Sophomorpheum; Shubert Theatre; football fight songs; Grand Theatre; grape juice bottle cap; lecturer programs; signs for athletic events; High School Basketball Tournament; St. Olaf Concert Band; napkins; post cards; newspaper clippings; photos of St. Olaf buildings; letters from family; photo of the college farm; college pamphlets; death notice of student Antes (Anstes?) Kroshus; telegrams; Central Student Conference; Northfield News; Inter-Society Compact; fiftieth anniversary of the college; historical pageant for the fiftieth anniversary; dedication of the organ in Skinner Chapel; dedication service for Skinner Memorial Chapel; stamp; organ recitals; “University of Minnesota: National Needs: Forms of Service for University Students”; St. Olaf Choir; Messiah; church attendance report cards; dance cards; oratorical association; homecoming; Education course examination; Carletonia order form; bulletins; class day exercises; rooming notice; pep meeting; “Customs and Regulations”; Christmas program; theatre; St. Olaf Athletic Union; Tag Day; Red Cross parade; Senior Vaudeville; class roll; Northfield Music Club; school song sheet music

People Depicted: Genevieve Pearson Wade; Hollice Hopp Tiegs; Helen Ranney; Gladys Hamilton Correll; Laura Michener Newell; Ruth Tolman Helde; Olive Seibert; Ruth Smith; Goldie Stebbins; Orpha Webb; Zella Devitt Leonard; Margaret Jones; Ema Tripp Younkin; Nettie Kraft Rice; Vera Whitmore Gilbert; Cleo McLean Petersen; Beth Scott Bryngelson; Ebby Greer Marlow; Lumetta Swanson Hansen; Janet Donaldson McIntyre; Cassie Munroe Wellman; Eunice Gossman Ritter; Lottie Jones Redman; Mrs. Crary; Mary Adams Unumb; Ruth Huntoon Weller; Antes (Anstes?) Kroshus; Esther Carr Reed; Myrtle Nolan Wilson; Estelle Simonson Orendorff; William Dunphy; John Phillips; A. Massopust; John Truesdale; B. Schroeder; Lawrence Eastby; Richard Cook; Mervyn Welshons; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Donald Stewart; Edwin Farrell; Arthur Rolfe; Harold Yerxa; John Street; Coach Hunt; Ralph Fremou; Charles Joy; Henry Barnes; Walter Fink; Theron Janney; Matie Rhoads Earl; Professor Cochran
Box/Drawer 16
Item 1: Class of 1967 Scrapbook, 1963-1967

Created for reunion 2017 by the class of 1967

Includes material related to: Jesse James bar napkin; American Association of University Women card; class photos; Firehouse liquor receipt; reunions 1987, 1997, 2017; class of 1967; class of 1972; Winter Carnival 1965; theater; Junior Carnival; Centennial Convocation; Hell Day; men's gymnasium; football; Parent's Day; athletic roster; basketball; volleyball contract; chronicle of the 1967 Rotblatt season; Cowling rec center for women; Wreck; Women's Recreation Association newsletter; swim; the Dolphins; Dolphins team picture; synchronized swimming; Carleton players; Three Penny Opera; newspaper clippings; Carleton College choir; Carleton College Chamer Orchestra; campus phone directory; N.B.; Mai Fete; centennial celebrations; centennial fireworks list; science symposium; Twin Cities guide; student activities promotional guide; the Karl; Co-op calendars; welcome letter to freshmen; student handbook; handbook for women students; map of campus; The Voice; commencement; graduation exercises; baccalaureate service; "Information for Prospective Alumni"

People Depicted: Alan Hagstrom; George Wu; Charles (Chick) High; John Elk; Jon Halvorson; Judith (Judy) Gaskell; Barbara Burke Madger; Grant Harland; John Benninghoff; Samuel (Sam) Adams; David Sachs; Hal Arkes; Hal Hart; James (Jim) Hanson; Sally Lorenz; Ines Matheny; Liisa (Ann) Jalonen; Carol Sterns Soroos; Dorothea (Deedy) Johnson Jensen; Nancy (Pretzel) Wetzel Morehouse; James (Jim) Beckett; Brenda Ringwald; Joan Hertzog O'Mara; Sue Ellen Leffler Rael; David Rowe; Theodore (Ted) Lutz; James (Jim) Kloek; Anne Jansen Aby; Robert (Bob) Aby; Harry Fuller; Lynn Hunt; John (Yeshe) Samuelson; Walter Dean; Joseph (Joe) Spencer; Robert (Bob) Lange; Laura Scarlett Bottoms; Elizabeth (Betty) Carlson Morris; Eric Olson; Thomas (Tom) Dean; Paula Bonnell; Robert (Bob) Lund; Christine (Chris) Furlanetto; Robert (Bob) Miller; Frank Markel; Ioannis (Yani) Sinanoglou; Sean Beeny; Katherine (Kit) Newman; Phyllis Reames; Barbara Ellingson Peterson; Helen Lovestedt Grant; Burdett (Bird) Loomis; Robert (Rob) Paarlberg; Eric Berg; Jack Kyte; Peter Schwei; David Willis; Andrea Schieckel; Jane (Janie) Shank Sonnenday; Judith (Judy) Miniclier Hopkins; Susan Palmer Vescera; Margaret (Peg) Orwig Craig; Mary Loewen Cavalier; John Lemly; Aline Faben; Margaret Simms; Deborah Gavrin Frangquist; Jon Hopeman; Laura Klingel Cordek; Nancy Hazard; Tom Heads; Margaret (Peggy) Dvonch Swingle; Marsha Garbisch Harbison; Danna Schilling; Jerrol (Jerry) Neupert; Abby Ross Olson; Roger Forsberg; William (Bill) Whitney; Michael (Mike) Trucano; Mary Lou Hoerr Bingham; John Lehnhoff; Barbara (Barb) Peterson Lyons; Charles Skinner; Barbara Davis Bond; Mark McBride; Bennett Davis; J. Neville (Jev) Sikes; Ken Wedding; Joanne Wheeler Whitney; Marc Mosiman; Robert (Bob) Geyer; Neill Peterson; Robert (Rob) Thiel; Gary Sundem; Charles (Chip) Morrison; Kenneth Mortenson; Donald Redfern; James C. Wilson; Douglas (Doug) Henderson-James; Genie Sue Riegel Weppner; Jack Aslanian; Marilyn Ziebarth; James (Jim) Garnett; William Rentz; Carl Strippel; Valerie Brooker; Mary Glendon Castimore; William (Bill) Smoker; Lawrence (Larry) Scofield; Susan (Sue) McMillion Scofield; Marc Reigel; Lorin Jordan; Clark Marshall, Jr.; Virginia (Ginny) Poole Bainbridge; Derek Worman; Edgar (Skip) Hall; Victoria (Vicky) Li; Margaret (Marge) Crowley; Missy (Dehn) Kubitschek; Susan (Sue) Bailey Koehler; Susan Robohm Bigelow; Kenneth (Ken) Cliffer; John Vogel, Jr.; Kirk McReynolds; Elizabeth (Becca) Brackett; Nancy Ashmore; Stanly (Stan) Seltzer; Daniel (Dan) Rohr; William (Bill) Kuhlmann; Thomas Boe; Carol Cathcart Johnson; Craig Kubitschek; Don Rawitsch; Fred Rogers; Jenny Hartley; Kathleen (Kate) Ligare; Peggy (Peg) Salagovic Sweitzer; Caesar Sweitzer; Beverly Jones Heydinger; Jonathan Ice; Todd Lund; Jack Johnson; Bruce Zuraw; Rebecca (Becky) Gilles Richardson; Thomas Lovett; John Ophaug; John Davidson; Charles (Charlie) Lofgren; Marjorie Benjamin Peterson; Richard (Rich) Nibbe; Charles (Chuck) Mohan; Mary Moses Lofgren; Lawrence (Larry) Bennett; Jane Christopherson Mitchell; Thomas Dorfman; Stephen (Steve) Dickinson; Elizabeth Zimmermann; Ross Legrand; Jerome Monasch; Lawrence (Larry) Jones; Rolf Oliver; Helen Pingrey Neal; Mary Borland Goldberg; Carol Nethercut Edmonds; Geraldine (Gerri) Carlen Steen; Katharine Sears McKibben; Susan Parent Zamuto; Mary Snell Zimmerman; Catherine (Cathy) Figge King; Polly Nason McCrea; Laurence Gould; Barbara (Barb) Dreyer Smith; Barbara Mitchell Mauk; Daniel Idzal; Edgar (Nummie) Numrich; James (Jim) Graves; John Nelson; Harold (Hal) Goebel; Donna Harris Guillaume; Judith (Judy) Johnson Swanson; Terry Robinson; Lois Fullerton Shumaker; Ouida Nachbar MacGregor; Jane Fildey Tugurian; Donald Olivier; Margaret (Peg) Harwood Milledge; Lois Kroc; Susan Reedy Schnur; Ardith Propst Arnold; Sharon Cadman Seelig; Richard Angell; Judith (Judy) Bermond Goth; David Kindig; Mary Norton; Virginia (Ginge) Klenk; Dale Yoakum; Penelope (Penny) McLear Peterson; Linda Oberholtz Davis; Beverly Brown; Charles (Church) Jennings; Gail Parson Zlatnik; Caroline Cromwell Carlson; Mary Hulings Rice; Susan Coerr; Nancy Hursch Bagley; Carol Throdahl Feuerhahn; Margie Hoover Pearson; Suzanne (Sue) Huestis Moriarty; Gail Franzen Kleven; Barbara Cramer Mallonee; Elizabeth (Libby) Pinney Duncan; Marla (Micki) Chassin Teschner; Mary Larson Johnson; Elizabeth Norris; LaDonna Nelson Carman; Jeremy (Jerry) Mattox; Michael (Mike) Parrott; Jerry Gerde; David (Duke) Hyduke; Stephen (Steve) Johnson; Richard (Dick) Raiter; Bertha (Bert) Lauritzen Mount; Constance (Connie) Raasch Jones; Janet Foster Carroll; Donald (Don) Cooper; John (Silk) Lufkin; Kerrith (Kerry) Adkins Jones; Barbara Dohrman; Judith Holliday Rothman; Linda Crawford Larson; Judith (Judy) Gibson Noyes; Michael Harbers; Franklin (Frank) Welsh; Roy Steigbigel; Robert (Swede) Peterson; Lois Devol Phemister; Thomas (Tom) Phemister; Maryalice (Mabs) Borman Wahlquist; Albert (Al) Schlueter; Mary Ann Clow Wightman; Bruce Lehmkuhl; Charles (Chuck) Geer; Phyllis Jones Miller; John Wilson; William (Bill) Pickett; Robert (Bob) Nelson; Michael (Mike) Frame; John Madgett; John Schultz; John Schwarz; Keith Man; David (Dave) Lowe; Dwight Austin; Robert (Bob) Homme; Theodore (Ted) Bergstrom; James (Jim) Weaver; Alan (Al) Kennedy; David Hildebrand; Richard Martin; James (Jim) Chesebro
Box/Drawer 17
Item [37]: Balzer, Jacob Frank, 1910


Includes material related to: Annual Reception; prayer meetings; enrollment tickets; football; college bulletins; society agreement; Northfield Choral Union; athletic union ticket; First Congregational Church; class dues receipt; tuition receipt; athletic schedule; chapel excuse ticket; opera; concerts; Athenian Society; Delta Phi; correspondence; class schedule; Sophomore-Freshman scrap; lecture schedule; newspaper clippings; intercollegiate oratorial competition; Messiah; Washington Reception; YMCA; debate; theater; commencement 1908; resignation of President Sallmon; Iowa College glee club; William Taft visit to Northfield; national election; college correspondence with doctor; glee club; recitals; Carleton Satire; Delian Society; commencement; laundry; resignation of Prof. Payne; rent receipt; baseball; basketball; Senior Class Day; Carleton-in-China donation card; Laying of the Cornerstone at Sayles-Hill; Adelphic Society; debate champions; dedication of Carnegie Library; interscholastic meet; Tag Day; Holeproof Hosiery; Carleton College handbook; Mammoth Ice Rink; Halloween Frolic; Freshman Party; tennis; musical organizations; alumni banquet; Alumni Association; The Carletonia; new students; posters; postcards

People Depicted: Myron S. Curtis; Henry Swanson; President W. H. Sallmon; Edward Hayes; William P. Kelts; Ned D. Dickinson; M. R. Plumb; A. T. Larsen; S. West
Box/Drawer 18
Item [38]: KARL, 1948


Includes material related to: KARL staff; Carletonian clippings about KARL; faculty approval of KARL; newspaper clippings; KARL program schedule

People Depicted: Colin Graves; Gloria Heath; Dick Yarnall; Dave Jewell; Kathy Griffith; Bill Holmquist; Hall Roberts; Al Matter; Don Tuttle; Sam Chase; Thor Lyford; Wally Hiller; Dick Yarnall; Bob Gale; Jeanne Buss; Mr. Moline; Jess Preihs; Ken Ligare; Jack Parsons; Bob Henderson
Item [39]: Lockin, Lucile E., 1926


Includes material related to: dance cards; name cards; YMCA; YWCA; football; theater; Conservatory of Music; Alpha Beta Phi; Women's Athletic Association; U of M homecoming; Philofool Session; privilege card; valentines; Junior-Senior formal; Girl Scouts Leaders' training course; athletic schedules; unidentified photos

Box/Drawer 19
Item [40]: Warner, Doris, 1944


Includes material related to: May Fete; women's physical education; spring formal; Methodist Church; bar napkin; horse show; equestrian; bowling scorecard; blue examination books; lectures; choir; YWCA; military courses; "Beaty on the Campus: Pretty Co-eds"; Minneapolis Sunday Tribune; Washington reception; tuition receipt; list of courses; Christmas song lyrics; historical WWII newspaper clippings; The Carletonian; war training program; housing instructions; dormitory room receipt; Halloween dining hall napkin; enrollment card; international students; basketball; football roster; aerial photo of Carleton; calendars; basketball; newspaper clippings; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; Alma Mater song; homecoming; football; Vocational Conference; winter carnival; invitation for tea; dance cards; a capella; date book; coeducational dining; The Playgoer; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; correspondence; orchestra; modern dance; enrollment statistics

People Depicted: MaryAnn Harwick Sundberg; Elinor Thomson; Margaret Thomson; Vera-Jane Renstrom; Charlotte Dodds; Jane Bordewick; Shirley Sakrison; Carla Howard; Frank Estes Kendrie; Rupert Sircom; Dorothy (Deems) Anderson; Jean (Ramsey) Sander; Janet Randall Quale; Ann Blager; Leonore Klemme; Theodora Buchman; Victor Chuan; Natver Mazumbar; Eryl Levers; Josephine Yen; Martynas Ycas; Alice Anigstein; Tadeusz Korsak; Ruth Phillips; Helen Daniels; Frank Chen; Gerald Graham; Margaret Schubert; Ethne Forster; Herbert Lefler; Harriet Hessler; Edward Jacobson; Richard Umhoefer; Ruth Davis; Eleanor Oberg; Robert Ruhe; Robert Karatz; William Dunham; Courtney Cleland; Bill Howard; Richard (Dick) Massopust; Jack (John) Blanich; James (Jim) Black; Loraine Bell; Mary Walters; Florence Wood; Kathryn Paynter; Merodie Anderson; Jeanne Winsor; Elizabeth Barrett; Louise Shrader; Ruth Tyrholm; Elizabeth Hall; Elaine Ulvestad; Martha Winterble; Priscilla Rossman; Betty Jane Rogers; Jane Read; Jane Krause; Dennis Tufte; Rod Lofte; John Plummer; Joy Wing; Robert Leland; John Swenson; George Becker; Ruth Houlton; Richard (Dick) Raiter; Jerome (Jerry) Scheela; Elmer Wood; Ray (Wisty) Wistrcill; Erma Dickey; Mary Elizabeth Orr; Edward Everett; Leslie (Les) Smith; Alan Hall; Stuart Hunter; Elizabeth Running; Jenny Cullen; John Mattill; Richard Umhoefer; William Dunham; Soren (Bill) Egekvist; Jane Crawford; Robert Anderson; Rebecca Butler; Ardis Oppegard; Barbara Baker; Thad Reed
Box/Drawer 20
Item [41]: Gilbert, Clara Richardson, 1922View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: YWCA; recitals; athletic schedules; birthday card; dance; Sophomore-Freshman party; theater; dramatic club; Gamma Delta; Carleton's fiftieth anniversary; Metropolitan Opera House; Valentines card; Washington Reception; church attendance report card; newspaper clippings; glee club; college band; dedication of the organ in Skinner Chapel; correspondence; war recruitment poster; May Fete; basketball; dance card; Constitution of the Women's Student Government Association; Bouncing Day; unidentified photos and portraits; senior program; Halloween; masquerade ball

Item [42]: Student Groups Scrapbook, 1960; 1961


Includes material related to: Phi Beta Kappa; choir trip to Northrup; swimming; folk musicians; Fulbright scholar; recitals; winter sports; Keynotes; Overtones; a capella; Co-op; YWCA; YMCA; Thanksgiving; Priscillas; religious activities

People Depicted: John Allen; Barbara Comer; James Gilbert; Jeffrey Hanor; Richard Haymaker; Ann Maucker; Jo Ann Medert; Gunilla Nilsson; Elizabeth Osborne; Carole Pushing; Ann Holter; Carol Holtzman; Joyce Hughes; Robert Jacobson; Isabella Lukens; Brock Spencer; Bailey Spencer; John Trout; Norman Vig; Gary Young; Jack Thurnblad; Sharon Cadman; Sidney Carne; Richard Wolff; Ellen Wulp; Jane Andrews; Marty Strain; Mrs. Woodward; Miss Browne; Mr. Larson; Mr. Woodward; Lynn McVey; Barbara Dreyer Smith; Lucy Horton; Lois Kroc; Terry Robinson; Gail Franzen; Judy Johnson; Carol Throdahl; Margie Hoober; Jane Christopherson; Diane Weston; Ellen Rosen; Linda Oberholtz; Helen Pingrey; Polly Nason; Janet Foster; Libby Nybakken; Helen McDonald; Marty Strain; Margie Benjamin; Mary Hulings; Joyce Hughes; Janet Gohres; Mary Borland; Bruce McEwen; Don Davidson; Roger Holthaus; Jim Bacon; Mel Taube
Item 43: Margit Carson Johnson Art Project, 1969

art project / photo essay

Includes material related to:

Art class; Goodsell Observatory; Downtown Northfield; Tiny's;  Dino's Coffeehouse; Bill's Pizza Palace; Pizza Villa; Malt-o-meal; Carleton Bookstore; Northfield City Hall; Archibald Mill, Dundas; T. A. Jirik Lumber and Building Materials; Jesse James Coffeshop; Carleton Memorial Library; train tracks.

People depicted include:

Margit Carson, Bill McIntyre, Jean Jacobson, Ray Jacobson, Roxanne Fredrickson, Bill Huyck, Bob Tisdale, Bobbie, Duncan Stuart's dog, Dacie Moses, Angie Barnes.

Box/Drawer 21
Item 1: Social Co-op Scrapbook, 1946-1956


Includes material related to: Social Cooperative Committee report; square dance; co-op dance committee; The Cave; cabaret committee; Club Carleton; correspondence; theater; Junior Senior Ball; dance cards; Fall Formal; newspaper clippings; homecoming; Christmas Ball; Congressional Ball; Mardi Gras; I-Am-Me Party; pep fest; snake dance; Sadie Hawkins; music; hay ride; Carl-St. Olaf Show; skiing; Mt. Telemark; glee club; Junior-Senior Prom; Carousel; bonfire; homecoming parade; co-op movie program; Halloween; KARL radio show; Christmas ball; dance cards; art; pottery; hockey; opera; Junior Carnival; Chuckwagon Dinner; Overtones; a capella; singing; mixed-gender dining; Froshmore Stampede; tug of war; May Fete; "Carleton College Comments"; Boliou Workshop

(Some materials have been defaced.)

People Depicted: Richard (Dick) Carlson; Paul Roberts; Barbara Kircher Nyberg; Frederick (Rick) Markwardt, Jr.; Ann Davis; Gail Melick; Jane Wheeler Nagel; John Colwell; Mary (Betts) Bettinghaus Baepler; Joanne (Jo) Moe Pray; Leslie Quick Giering; Joseph (Joe) Dickey; Robert (Bob) Demichelis; Mary Ehrhardt Moe; Barbara (Bobbie) Boll Herndon; Marilyn Gosnell Holman; Jean Johnson Midthun; Mary Durey Poole; Anne Lehmicke Owen; Robert (Bob) Kodl; John-Julian Swanson; Sidney (Sid) Edinger; Hartley Clark; Lionel Mosing; Thomas (Tom) Vessey; Shirley Anderson Wyatt; Thomas (Tom) Jeglosky; Thomas (Tom) Swallen; Warren Tapscott; Herbert (Herb) Sayers; Joan Grife Wyer; C. H. Michaelson; Edla (Eddie) Einck Berggreen; Roger Doney; Mary Boynton Henkle; Robert Henkle; Joanne Stoland de Leeuw; Vivian Bonebrake Nossiter; Pauline Quam Fisher; James (Jim) Fisher; Samuel Strong; Don Hayes; Fred Phelps, Jr.; Mariette (Marty) Einen Reid; Morgan (Morgy) Lloyd; Sally Johnson Novetzke; Edwin (Ed) Eisendrath, Jr.; Tom Thompson; Suzanne Sullivan Sumner; Robert (Bob) Martinson; John Sage; George Woodward; Dorothy (Dottie) Sloan; Billy (Billy Ann) Hurley Burch; Irene (Billie) Daniell Kress; Ralph Newman; Eleanor (Ellie) Velek Waltemade; Sara Sprague McNaughton; James (Jim) Stuhler; Jane Tower Reichert; Jon Pardoll; Richard (Dick) Vook; Sidney Hedin Brooks; Robert (Bob) Finch; Richard (Dick) Kodl; Paul Mans, Jr.; James (Jim) Eisenberg; Patricia (Ricky) O'Regan Jamtgaard; Joyce Fullwood McIntosh; David (Dave) Friendly; David (Dave) Lee; Richard (Dick) Berryman; Stanley (Stan) Curtis; James (Jim) Voss, Jr.; James (Jim) Nock; Craig McDowell; Chris Christensen, Jr.; Roger (Rog) Ludgin; Jack Naros; Jack Turk; Peggy Kyndberg Greifer; Bernadette (Bunny) Anderson Rawlings; Charles (Chuck) Howard; Joan (Jo) Sinko Swendseen; Helen (Bunny) Jackson Roehlke; Jerry Tappan; Arthur (Art) Roehlke; Barbara (Barb) Holforty Doss; Virginia (Ginny) Pearson Anderson; Louis McMurray; Donald Walker, Jr.; Paul Mans, Jr.; Marcia Thompson Mans; Mavis Augustine Torke; Andrew (Andy) Scott, Jr.; William (Bill) Kershaw; Sally Phillips Tripp; Inga-Stina Ekeblad Ewbank; Susan (Sue) Stoner Beechner; William (Bill) Duffy; Doris Charter Goldman; Curt E. Friese; William (Bill) McNaughton; Geraldine (Gerry) Voss Bailey; Alice Herman Geisert; Joanne Wicklund Evans; Phyllis (Phidie) Daugherty Colwell; Thomas (Tom) Colwell; Arnold (Arnie) Carlson; Deborah (Debbie) Dobbins Kodl; Judith (Judy) Mallen Landis; Elton Brooks; Eleanor (Kue) Kuester Nicholson; Jane Wheeler Nagel; Richard (Dick) Miller; Jean Hill Hartman; Barbara Eifler Munro; Barbara (Barbie) Clarke Watkinson; William (Bill) Weed; Robert (Bob) Matson; Sue (Suzie) (Nancy) Jacoby Sommers; Russell (Russ) Clark; Donna Glaas Fraser; Holly Samuels Porter; Catherine (Kay) Holland Gainey; Ruby (Skip) Silliman Gustafson; Constance (Connie) Whitesell Hunt; James (Jim) Lock; Marjorie (Marge) McCandless Slocum; Ann Davis; Barbara Callender Olson; Gloria Johnston Myers; JoAnn (Jo) Olson Soyka; Dorothy Johnson Busch; Charlotte (Char) Devol Ford; Laurence Gould; Charles C. Mierow; Leigh Van Ausdall; Kendall (Ken) Paulson; Joanne (Jo) Hanson Schwab; James (Jim) Berglund; Marion Fetzer Woodward; John Stoutland; David (Dave) McGannon; Carol Nutting Mullins; Kent Ueland; Cynthia Turner; Harry Nelson; Donald (Don) Curtin; Thomas (Tom) Jeglosky; Mary Miles Hajek; Samuel Kinser; David (Dave) Buran; Richard (Dick) Barstow; C. Dexter Lufkin; David (Dave) Hales; Kenneth (Ken) Cantine; Leanne Bannitz Schmidt; Raymond (Ray) Rowley; Ann Patterson Buran; Delores Whitworth Melbourne; Marcella Ott Field; Elizabeth (Betsy) Eckey Bickford; Findley (Fin) Randolph Cotton; Carleton Nadelhoffer; Joanne (Jo) Leckband Nadelhoffer; Bruce Anderson; Mally Smith; Willard (Bill) (Spike) Huyck; Joseph (Joe) Pressendo; Eiler (Ei) Henrickson; Thomas (Tom) Anderson; Joann (Jo) Febel Tharin; Gordon Grant; Sarah Wolcott Straus; M. E. (Pat) Bickford; Robert (Bob) Demichelis; Natalie Williams Peters; Oliver Slocum; Mary (Ely) Slocum; Clyde Slocum; Donald (Don) Clokey; Charlotte Pfau Ernst; W. (Gary) Ernst; Stanley (Stan) Johnson; Francesca (Ceca) Paciotti Sutherland; Mary Ferguston Larsen; Louise Carlson Sinclaire; Charles (Chuck) Donnell, Jr.; Alfred Swenson; Susan (Sue) Sprague Gately; Robert (Bob) Sieling; Marilyn Shadinger Robson; Lawrence (Larry) Parker; Nan Vonier Clark; Thomas (Tom) Erickson; Carolyn Stewart Woollen-Tucker; Thomas (Tom) Fiene; Zoe Kelly Donnell; Norman (Norm) Carlson; John (Griff) Weld; Phyllis Luther Fick; Katherine (Kathy) Smith Krieger; Robert (Bob) Nygren; Corbin (Corby) Pennington; Nancy Jensen Pennington; Howard Kogen; Donald Leary; Barbara (Barb) Nutt Roecker; William (Bill) (Tip) Tipping; Norman (Norm) Wigg; Marcia Phelps Schmidt; Kay Kolderie White; Nancy Jordan Fiene; Barbara Burton Elliott; James (Jim) Surpless; Jerry Wright; Caroline Nadelhoffer Orman; Richard Skudstad; Lois Brenner Brown; Carol Schuler Armstrong; Joseph Armstrong; Murray Lufkin; Ed (Bruce) Garlock; Tom Timmerman; John (Stein) Sten; June McKenzie Francisco; Roger Berglund; Judith (Judy) Hendershot; Glenn Greenwood; Jan Varco; Darlene (Dar) Kalfahs Haskin; H. Kenneth (Ken) Fisher; Barrie Richardson; John Raines; Ruth Anne Hicks Doud; Duncan (Dunk) Stewart; Sumner Hayward; Dave Okada; Earle Gister; Arild Miller; Kenneth Wegner; Wally Hass; William (Bill) Frazer; Ronald (Ron) Bliffert; Anne (Sam) Lebeck Whitman; Richard (Dick) White; Patricia (Pat) Schipplock Oetting; Thmoas (Tom) Zuck; Roger (Rog) Gordon; Jim Morton; Richard (Dick) Buchheit; June Kallal Scott; Joan McGrath; Peggy Kyndberg Greifer; Nancy Kinyon Docherty; Rose Marie Johnson Balke; Mary Morton; Susan (Sue) Lebeck Adamek; Dr. Pettet; Dr. Miller; Mr. Seiden; Thomas (Tom) Rockey; Jack Newcomb; Sharon Annis Churchill; Lucy Griffith Shepard; Carolyn Voss Copeland; Victoria (Torie) Kneevers Sheagren; Sarah Lignell Gross; Ted Smebakken; John McCamant; Sally Gains McCamant; Marion Marshall; Barbara (Barb) Tellner Carlson; Douglas (Doug) Sprague; Paul Schultz; Bradley (Brad) Steinberg; Milles Kellogg Cavanaugh; Constance (Connie) Kint Greig; James (Jim) Stephans; Linda Henry; Richard (Reese) Elledge; William (Bill) (Jep) Jepson; Ruth Harkison Waterbury; Fletcher Driscoll; Beverley (Bev) Smith Driscoll; Mary Ann Tinsley Johnson; Mary (Brandy) Brandes; Patricia (Pat) Schipplock Oetting; Roberta (Bonny) Bray Armacost; Karni Swanson; Lindsay Cooper Calhoun; Ann Crosby Nicholson; Darlene (Dar) Kalfahs Haskin; Bruce McManus; Joane (Jo) Shear Eisner; Kaye Darby; Dante Shapiro Stephensen; Thomas (Tom) Lowe; Martha Calhoun Wintner; Mary Ann Peterson Thompson; Patricia (Pat) Neal Kelley; Fred Cooper; Robert (Bob) Buckingham; Priscilla (Pris) Butts; Alan (Al) Nicholaus; Maria Havey; Raymond Jacobson; Joseph (Joe) Pickle, Jr.; Barbara (Bobbie) Kohak Reinfeld; Roscoe Hill;  Philip (Phil) Anderson; Linda Lohrbauer Olds; Janet (Jan) Trussell Stewart; Nancy Reed; Ann Kirkman Cunningham; Catherine (Kate) Calvery; David (Dave) Patten; Katherine Werness Youngblood; Richard (Rich) (Dick) Stumbo; Edward (Ed) Dahlin; Thomas (Tom) Bleser; David (Dave) Chomeau; Richard Ramette; Judith (Judy) Peschken Darst; Ann Ferguson; Janice (Jan) Lindskoog Biegert; Diane Gemuenden Wagner; Carol Smith Thompson; Molly Fisher; Dianne (Bunnie) Walkup Herrick; Hazel Hovde Lawrence; Linda Lindquist Bradford; Marlys Erickson Chapman; Richard (Dick) Westphal; David (Dave) Neumann; John Wightman; Bruce Johnson; Karen Hillerud Rush; Carolyn Backus Hillan; Mary Capper Stewart; Daniel (Danny) Arnaud; Kent Kirby; Lynn Schutte Johnson; Anita Lewis Anger; Donald (Don) Kohls; Charles (Chuck) Kuglin; Ellen Wulp Dahl; Janet McPhail Barstow; David (Dave) Barstow; Robert (Bob) Stout; Andrea Grove Iseminger; Robert (Bob) Cote; James (Jim) Durham; Merton (Mert) Bell; James (Jim) Hecht; Sidney (Sid) Abramson; Preston Kelly; Cynthia Munro Marks; Richard (Dick) McAuliffe; Nancy Wintsch Lian; Mason Myers
Item 2: Pieper, Margaret Bailey, class of 1921, 1917-1921

Photo Album

Includes material related to: Gridley waitresses; choir; class of 1921 class photo; Reunion 1961 or 1965; Thanksgiving; winter; Bouncing Day; skiing; band; tug of war; May Fete; football

People Depicted: Charlotte Chantrelle Capretz; Lucile Luscher Duesterhoeft; Marguerite Wyatt Birkeland; Geraldine (Gerry) Stearns Clayton; Clara Mae Peterson Ronning; Allene Michener Anderson; Isabella Gooding Sanders; Donna Rosebrock Markley
Box/Drawer 22
Item 1: Pattridge, Walter H., class of 1918, 1914-1915


Includes material related to: correspondence; class officers list; chapel attendance; The Carletonia subscription card; tuition receipt; Student Book Company; Alethean Literary Society; Alethean members list; glee club schedule and group photo; dramatic club; Kuhn's Palm Confectionery; The Crystal menu; The Unique menu; Lockrem's Kandy Kitchen soda menu; Hagan's drug store soda menu; cartoons; Military Ball; Washington Reception; dance cards; athletic schedules; football; spring schedule; track and field; group photos; basketball; privilege ticket; newspaper clippings; Carleton Music Festival; vesper services; St. Olaf Concert Band; Carleton choir; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Sophomore-Freshmen Reception; lectures; Northfield buying guide; commencement program; train; Oberlin glee club; photos of campus buildings; Sayles-Hill gymnasium; First Congregational Church of Northfield

People Depicted: Edward Garvey; Arthur Rolfe; Walter Simpson; Mervyn Welshons; Gordon (Spuds) Welshons; Adolph Tatting; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Cloyde Lee; Archie Carlson; George Miners; Coach Hunt; Joseph Markley
Item 2: Hunt, Roscoe Cadwell, class of 1905, 1902-1905


Includes material related to: The Carletonia; Washington Reception; "Facts for the New Men Regarding the Literary Societies of Carleton College"; Annual Banquet of the Southern Minnesota Carleton Club; recitals; literary societies; Students Book Company; baseball; Philomathian Society; debate; football; Carleton Athletic Union; Sophomores song lyrics; Junior Party; Philomathian Reunion; correspondence; postcard; commencement; class day exercises; Inauguration of William Sallmon; Athletic Exhibition; glee club; Thanksgiving; Oratorical Contest; theater; Alumni Banquet; "The Freshmen" poem; athletic schedules; photos of buildings on campus; valentines; glee club group photos; Carleton Club; Alumni Association; bulletin; Senior-Faculty baseball game; Blue Earth High School commencement; St. Olaf athletic ticket

People Depicted: J. Hayes; Richard Rose; James Cundy
Item 3: Watson, Helen F., class of 1908, 1904-1908


Includes material related to: Northfield High School; photos of buildings on campus; group photo of faculty; cartoons; tuition receipts; Carleton pamphlet; library rules; Alpha Beta Phi; debate; correspondence; Washington Reception; list of Alpha Beta Phi members; society group photos; 'open session' programs; YWCA; YMCA; prayer meetings; lecture schedules; St. Olaf College Band; glee club; Congregational Church; recitals; Northfield Choral Union; posters; Senior-Sophomore Reception; Sophomore-Freshman Reception; Bible 4 class photo with Prof. Huntington; theater; Carleton laboratory; football; St. Olaf-Carleton Joint Concert; Carleton Yells; athletic schedules; baseball; oratory; unidentified portraits; commencement; Baccalaureate Sunday; graduating exercises; The Carletonia staff photo; Alumni Association; Junior Play; commencement week schedule; Oberlin commencement

People Depicted: James W. Strong; Margaret J. Evans; Horace Goodhue; William W. Payne; George Huntington; Leal Headley; Obed S. Johnson; Della Yancey; Helen Watson; Alfred Larson; M. Plumb; Harriet Gemmel; Myron Haig; Matilda Johnson; Jay Frazer; Richard Chalgren; Harold Crary; Mary Clark; Vera Erikson Peppel; Gertrude Steward Barclay; Rowland Cross
Box/Drawer 23
Item 1: Kendall, Mary Aurilla, class of 1917, 1912-1917


Includes material related to: basketball; athletic records; newspaper clippings; lectures; calendar; The Carletonia; "Oh Dear Maize and Blue" lyrics; Rochester High School; correspondence; student privilege ticket; Sophomore-Freshman Reception; YWCA; YMCA; Thanksgiving; Washington Reception; train tickets; societies; theater; Alpha Delta; dues receipts; glee club; athletic schedules; football; track and field; May Fete; Women's Athletic Association (WAA); Lake Geneva YWCA Camp; Hill's Hasty Hash House menu; Circular of Information: For the Use of Women Students; "Prophecy of the Class of 1917"; Carleton College Bulletin; class day exercises; Alumni Association; band concerts; Northfield Traveler's Guide; photos of buildings on campus; map of campus; recitals; music festival; list of seniors with future plans; vesper services; Carleton choir; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; debate; May Fete; The Carletonia; construction of Skinner Memorial Chapel; social services; student government officers

People Depicted: Coach Markley; Lucius Badger; Thomas N. Carver
Item 2: Anderson, Irene, class of 1924, 1920-1924


Includes material related to: football; basketball; athletic group photos; baseball; track and field; hockey; lectures; theater; Alpha Delta; Women's Athletic Association; faculty; correspondence; Initiation Day; Bouncing Day; Customs and Regulations; dance cards; Carleton handbook; Annual Tea; newspaper clippings; Hamline Jinx; Delianutty Show; All-College Banquet; tug of war; snake dance; glee club; Ole Goat; organ recitals; vesper services; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; homcecoming; A.M.A.; Junior Ball; Prom; May Fete; dining hall waiters

People Depicted: Coach Jackson; Coach Hunt; Warren Jeffers; Stuart Sims; Lester Kitzman; Harry Wagner; P. Harrison; Arthur Reiter, Sr.; Henry Rokala; Charles Levin; Osborne (Ozzie) Cowles; Warren Sims; Harry O'Brien; Loy Bowe; Joseph Hutton; John Shaffer; Edward Truesdale; H. Montgomery; Carl Nordly; Herman Woock; James Robertson; John Middlemist; Joseph Bach; Walter Sprandel; James Doran; Veryl Ebert; Herman Drill; Elvin Cassell; Marve Dundas; Wallace (Wally) Remington; Coach Dean; Frederick Fairbank; Walter Sprandel; Esther Goudy Corbett; Arthur Narverud; Pierre McKellar; Harold Vail; Norman Ness; William (Bill) Gallagher; James (Jim) Bullard; Everett Huntoon, Jr.; William Alford; L. Stelter; R. Luce; Kenneth Kehrberg; Franklin Matson; W. Cochran; H. Constans; Jack Oja; Erwin Hertz; Edmund Ender; Irene Anderson Rockne; Josephine (Jo) Clay Wedge; William (Bill) Weeks; Della Reutter Lindsten; Clarence Decker; Margaret Stacy Middlemist; E. (Margaret) Hill Adams; Helen Dickson Truesdale; Mary Jones Weaver
Box/Drawer 24
Item [43]: Lofgren, Margaret L., 1920

Scrapbook (loose materials)

Includes material related to: Carleton bulletin, directory; athletic schedules; correspondence; wedding; commencement exercises; vesper services; theater; unidentified portraits; Valentine "application"; Conservatory of Music grade card; College grade card; postcards; postcard of the home in Buffalo NY where Pres. McKinley died; unidentified group photos; Constitution of the Women's Student Government Association; May Fete; chapel service programs; notice of salary increase; teacher's contract; Ulen High School; photo negatives; birth announcement; glee club; photos of campus buildings; Alpha Delta; Gamma Delta; Delta Phi; Kappa Theta; Bouncing Day; academic procession; Sophomoraeolian; recitals; Thanksgiving; ice skating; oratorical contest; Class Day; costumes; 1920 class roll; roll call for third floor green house; Junior-Senior banquet; Porter cottage Crescent Beach; Carleton fiftieth anniversary; fiftieth anniversary historical pageant; The Carletonia; American Red Cross surgical dressings course; "College Songs and Yells"; "Our Houseparty" handwritten chapter of a book; news bulletin in memory of Fred Burnett Hill; Ambassador Theatre; concert; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; high school basketball tournament; society initiation; Delianutty Show

People Depicted: Lowell Lofgren; Delphine Carpenter; Margaret (Megs) Lofgren Boll; Lucy Hoerschgen Hogan; Alice Davis; Ruth Harkison Voss; V. (Edna) Wold Ginaine; Edith Carlisle Stone; Grant Miner, Jr.; M. Kirst; Harry Barnes; Harold Reineke; Harold Crooker; Gordon Best; John McLaury; Malcolm Aldrich; P. McChesney; R. Heinemann; Eugene Scriver; Paul Gyles; Rudolph Schmidt; Winfield Smith; Roy Johnson; Walter Fink; Gideon Gilbert; Warren Wilson; Harmon Taylor; Frank Pierce, Jr.; Roy Palmer; Ralph Henry; George Robertson; Burton Allen; Orrin Hill; Theodore Thomson; R. Luce; Elmer Hauser; Arthur Reiter, Sr.; Irving Thomson; Arthur Reiter, Sr.; Irving Thomson; Arthur Miller; Sherburn Beecher; Carl Boll; Kenneth Kehrberg; Clifford Smith; Ralph Tuttle; Ole Simley; Clarence Kuntz; Howard Amland; J. Gullikson; Melvin Molstad; H. Overmann; Ferrin Ellsworth; Richard Doherty; Sylvia Hartig Massopust; Joyce Walrath Lounsberry; Florence Gruman Williams; Theron Janney; Donald Meier; Vera Whitmore Gilbert; Ray Johnson; Esther Stacy Wright; Rachel Carleton Keeton; Violet Smith; Dorothy Peterson Pieper; Viola Marti; Esther Malmin Conley; Anna Sundberg; Ernest Ouellette; R. F. Cote; P. Harrison; Samuel Gray; Arthur Whittemore; Ford Hall; Robert (Bob) Bray; Robertha Akin Parker; Nettie Kraft Rice; Irene Erickson Vardon; Elizabeth Cowles Preston; Katherine Herrold Lilygren; Fred Burnett Hill
Box/Drawer 25
Item 1: 90th Convention for the Advancement of Cribbage Players, 1973


Dacie Moses' 90th birthday.

Includes material related to: Minnesota School of the Deaf; correspondence; Christmas cards; newspaper clippings; Dacie Moses' 91st birthday; Carleton College News Briefs for Parents; Reverend Robert H. Parsonage job with the DHE; death of Elton Peterson; 90th Convention for the Advancement of Cribbage Players; Dacie Moses' 90th birthday; birthday cards for Dacie from former students; Carleton Singing Knights; a capella; telegrams; party list; Northfield News; death of Dacie Moses; obituary; replacement of 2nd street bridge

People Depicted: Don Stiles; Candace (Dacie) Moses; Royal (Roy) Moses
Item 2: Orchesis, Carleton Dance Club, 1946-1962


Includes material related to: May Fete; Orchesis; list of members of Orchesis; dance recitals; event posters; dance; dance classes; Religion and Art Conference; chapel; variety show; saddle club

Box/Drawer 26
Item 1: WAA [Women's Athletic Association] Activities, 1955-1958


Includes material related to: newspaper clippings; Women's Athletic Association; saddle club; dance; Gridley gymnasium; canoeing; swimming; bowling; tennis; badminton; Carleton Dolphin Club; water ballet; May Fete; golf; Minnesota AFCW; WRA; fall banquet; "WRA Wreck"; "WRA Tips"

People Depicted: Mary Glendon Castimore; Nancy Larson Bassis; Judith Vesely Byrnes; Sharon Greenberg; Karen Casey; Gail Johnson Ames; Penelope (Penny) Brown; Katherine Hagstrum; Edwin (Ed) Rossow; Carole Wickman Hefflinger; Judith (Judy) Burrows Weinig; Judith (Judy) Nyvall Clague; Marlene Hartmann Turk; Ann Ballinger Robertson; Eleanor Hansen; Roberta (Bobbi) Daniell Elliott; Catherine (Cass) Wells Hanson; Patricia (Pat) Hite Lombard; Barbara Kohak Reinfeld; Lois Jordan Huldin; Ruth Anne Hicks Doud; Kay Lundsten Strand; Nancy Rauber Robbins; Bob Baker; Julia Warner Carlson; Joan Hemenway; Janet (Jan) Trussell Stewart; Connie Chambers Harris; Karen Romnes Olenzak; Shannon Voss Griffin; May Boardman Boyden; Carla Nelson Rohwedder; Marjorie (Marge) Parker; Karen Adler Larson; Lindsay Cooper Calhoun; Patricia Fletcher Dean; Barbara McElroy Rezny; Sarah Skinner Trumbull; Mary Rawcliffe Colton; Roberta (Bonny) Bray Armacost; Karen Swanson; Tucky McCarthy Elliott; Marlys Erickson Chapman; Nancy Klenk Hill; Joan Hooker Neumann
Item 2: WAA [Women's Athletic Association] Activities, 1958-1963


Includes material related to: basketball; tennis; women's athletics; Women's Athletic Association; women's gymnasium; May Fete; WRA; "WRA Tips"; saddle club; Cowling gymnasium; "WRA Wreck"; newspaper clippings; Constitution of the Women's Recreation Association; The Carletonian; open house; The Dolphins; synchronized swimming; golf; hand-drawn map of UW River Falls; basketball tournament bracket; list of WRA officers and sports club officers; track and field; bowling; badminton; field hockey; bridge; Time Magazine; directory of women's athletic courses; volleyball; news about women's athletics across the country; athletic schedules; aerial photo of campus; football; athletic rosters; winter banquet; canoe trip; unidentified photos

People Depicted: Carole Pushing Burch; Helen McDonald; Martha (Marty) Strain Weaver; Lyn Westsmith; Ann Kennedy; Sandra (Sandy) Eckles; Barbara (Barb) Dreyer Smith; Patricia (Pat) Rose Roberts; Nancy Staab Traer; Gail Bakken Johnson; Jeannette Hefti Klumb; Judith (Judy) Patton; Kathleen (Katy) Dawkins Gray; Ann Griffith; Marjorie (Marjie) Fitts Chapman; Gail Eaton Thies; Lynn McVey Layden; Roxane (Rocky) Yourd Coleman; Mary Kay Arthur; Susan (Sue) Rollert Cooper; Frances (Fran) Watt Baker; Edwina (Winnie) Kinkead Eichner; Marilyn Tompkins Bellert; Sheridan (Sherry) Hassell Rutherford; Joan Brink Bergsteinsson; Kristin (Kris) (Harriet) Serum McGrath; Mary Hulings Rice; Ann Bradley Siefer; Margaret (Marg) Stanek Schmid; Penelope (Penny) Cope Cutler; Anne (Ann) Woodhams Duffield; Sylvia Pfeffer Kerr; Ricki (Ann) Leonard Nehs; Nan Rathjen; Timothy (Tim) Hoops
Box/Drawer 27
Item [44]: Archie H. Carlson, 1917

Scrapbook of Carleton sports news clippings

Includes material related to: newspaper clippings on Carleton sports; football; track and field; basketball; baseball; Elton John show in the Twin Cities; University of Minnesota

People Depicted: William Dunphy; C. J. Hunt; Howard Buck; Joseph Markley; George Miners; H. G. Barnes; Arthur Rolfe; John McLaury; Arthur Reiter, Sr.; John Street; Frank Pierce, Jr.; Harry Barnes; Clinton Vaux; Leonard (Stub) Allison; A. Massopust; Alfred Lindesmith; Elton John
Item [46]: Triponel, Leo H., 1917-1919


Includes material related to: map of the college; notes from classmates; athletic records; baseball; basketball; football; tennis; track and field; calendars; newspaper clippings; cartoons; athletic tickets; course schedule; correspondence; student privilege ticket; athletic schedules; letter jacket felt letters; payment receipts; homecoming; prayers and sayings; Agricultural Student Council (U of M); Red Cross War Fund blood donation card; railroad ticket; dance cards; war; cigar papers; dry cleaner ticket; name cards; Athenian Literary Society; Carleton Greetings; Valentine's Day; cigar or cigarette labels; full cigars; photos of buildings on campus; photos of cars; picnics; canoeing; soldiers; music; Engineers Day; Inter-Campus Trolley Line; Metropolitan Opera House; newspaper clippings about the war; programs; theatre; Orpheum Theatre; Grand Theatre; restaurant menus; glee club; photos of downtown Northfield buildings; unidentified photos; post cards; photo of University of Minnesota; "Your Future Wife" horoscope cards; Carleton goat; State High School Basketball Tournament; dramatic club; dedication service for Skinner Memorial Chapel; Sophomoraeolian; pep meeting signs; contract to not smoke tobacco

People Depicted: Leo Triponel; Joseph Markley; Bryan Gilkinson; Arthur Rolfe; Donald J. Cowling; James Earl; John Earl; Reuben Earl
Item 47: Saddle Club / Leland (Lee) Frances Page Jackson, 1947-1949


Includes material related to: horseback riding; athletics; equestrian; unidentified photographs; horses; Saddle Club; newspaper clippings; event program (Bit and Spur Gymkhana Field Day); May Fete; Horse Show; Biltmore Forest Saddle and Bridle Club;

People Depicted: Leland (Lee) Frances Page Jackson; Cherry Lockwood; Peggy Brown Johnson; Elizabeth Clifford O'Connor; Miriam (Mimi) Bennett; Mary Dawley Fugate; Mildred (Milly) Brooks Weaver
Box/Drawer 28
Item [47]: Fleming, Ward (Political Scrapbook), 1939


Includes material related to: business card; newspaper clippings; St. Paul Dispatch; state and congressional politics; "Ward Fleming for Congress" pamphlet; Polish Weekly Newspaper; campaign ads in Polish; Republican party; National Republican Congressional Committee; correspondence; Minnesota House of Representatives; canvass of county vote; Ramsey County; Republican National Committee (RNC); voting statistics

People Depicted: Ward Fleming; Congressman Eugene McCarthy; Governor Luther W. Youngdahl
Item [48]: Kruger, Gerald, 1925


Includes material related to: train tickets; theater; high school basketball tournament; Fennia Club Indoor Games; debate; vesper services; organ; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; May Fete; football; homecoming; athletic schedules; correspondence; dance; Washington Ball; mask; state park; freshmen initiation; Maecenean Literary Society; tennis; Lake Geneva; swim team; commencement; The Carletonian; Lake Michigan; basketball; track and field; dorm rooms; card games

People Depicted: Ethan Cassell
Box/Drawer 29
Item [49]: Baugh, Mary-Ann Augusta, 1961


Includes material related to: letter describing post-Carleton lives of the class of 1961; retirement of Professor Alfred Hyslop; The Carleton Miscellany; Christmas card; Northfield pamphlet; Chicago Daily Tribune descriptions of top colleges; choir list; Olin dedication; Olin grant; Ford grant; The Carletonian; appointment of MaryAnn Baugh to staff of Carleton; map of campus; wedding of Carleton faculty members Marie Haefliger and Paul Jensen; winter carnival; Carleton Student Association (CSA); plans for six new buildings; Natural History Club; cartoon; abolishment of compulsory worship; Carleton Comments; summer science programs; Carleton stickers; alma mater song; The Voice; opening of Musser and Myers; photos of campus buildings; Look Magazine article on President Gould; Women's League Handbook; privilege card; adviser card; grade card; French 102 quiz; concert tickets; scholarship dinner flower; correspondence; sophomore class banquet; convo service absence card; Carleton Players; Junior Carnival; church programs; chapel programs; Singing Knights; May Fete; commencement; Phi Beta Kappa; photo of the construction of Myers Hall; homecoming bonfire; "M. A. Baugh's Playboy of the Month"

People Depicted: Alfred J. Hyslop; Laurence M. Gould; Mary Ann Peterson; Robert Gale; Bruce Pollock; Phillip Phenix; Merrill Jarchow; Leith Shackel; Parker Palmer; Carole Pushing; Dave Murray; John Nelson; Richard Reilein; Sigurd (Sig) Jaastad; Robert (Bob) Possehl; Dwight Austin; Bonnie Berger Porte; Stanford (Stan) Robins; George Williams; John Massey; Lawrence (Larry) Perlman; J. Phillip (Phil) Pennell; Rod Swartling; John Larson; John Hamilton; William (Bill) Dunlap, Jr.; James (Jim) Priest; Arthur (Art) Leovy; James (Jim) Rawcliffe; J. Alan Jensen; Michael (Mike) Gartner; Elizabeth Powell; Dorothy Keane; Catherine (Cay) Howard Gilpin; Stephanie (Stephie) Lang Barton; Robert (Bob) Heusinkveld; Donald (Don) Klinefelter; John M. Musser; Clyde Smith; Polly Nason McCrea; Thurlo B. Thomas; Henry Woodward; Janet Saltus Whatley; David (Dave) Burns; James Gord; Ejner Jensen; Martha Calhoun Wintner; John Larson; Steven Roderick; Benjamin Priest; John Tymoczko; Daniel (Dan) Harris; Edward Ratner; Stephanie Smythe; Philip Wheatley; Paul Jensen; Bennett (Ben) Rockney; Bruce Thomas; Frederick (Fred) Hicks; David (Dave) Reynolds; Jeanne Reynolds; Stephen Reynolds; Isabella (Ian) Lukens Horsky; Kathleen (Kathy) Brown Coyote; Kazuko Nishimoto Fukuhara; Marie Ann Heiberg Vos; Laurence (Larry) Gregg; Thomas (Tom) Beech; George Sweazey; John Schwarz; Laurence (Larry) Dry, Jr.; Donald (Don) Cooper; John Beal; William Brown; Phebe Julius Barth; Mary-Ann Baugh Cateforis; Martha (Marty) Gettinger Larson; Eliawira Ndosi
Item [50]: Lea, Bob, 1941

Photo album / Scrapbook

Includes material related to: Cornell-Carleton Mexico Expedition; dorm rooms; Adelphic Society; shoe scramble; football; swimming; winter; nature photos; airplane; homecoming; arboretum; birds; death of William Strong, son of James Strong; Korean War

People Depicted: Edwin (Buff) Buffington; Lorraine (Rainy) Downing; Mary (Jarb) Jarboe May; Cleon Stitzel; Harvey (Harv) Larson; Joy Beranek Enkema; Laurence Gould; Jerome (Jerry) Scheela; Edward Crandall; Charles Hoppin; Elbert (Al) La Hue, Jr.; Paul Domke; Frank Hammond; Arland (Chris) Christ-Janer; John Deason; Arthur Gilster; Richard (Dick) Edison; John Dow; Charles (Chuck) Kujawa; Leas Schwickert; Herbert Lefler; Lewis Enkema; John Willard; Leslie Emmert; Frank Manz, Jr.; Peggy Muirhead Hawkinson; Rufus Jefferson; Kathryn (Kay) Knoff Raiter; Lesley McBride Freerks; Juneal Bopp Ferguson; Ruth Nutting; Dorothy Mierow; Martha De Leuw Stende; Otis Prinkey; Richard (Dick) Massopust; John (Jack) Bryson; Richard (Dick) Raiter; Ray (Wisty) Wistrcill; Douglas Moore; Carlin Acher; Dennis (Denny) Tufte; "Ma" Scholten; John Turcotte; John Raish; William (Bill) Mason; William (Bill) Steinke; Lorraine O'Keefe Kosta; Elinor Olsen Scott; Robert Paine; Charlotte Gilmer Holton; Henry Koch; Stuart Hunter, Jr.; William B. Strong; Dwain Warner; Robert Lea
Box/Drawer 30
Item [51]: Erickson, Mary Jeanne 'Mare' (Freshman and Sophomore Years), 1949


Includes material related to: Hell Day; floor plan of Gridley Hall; Handbook for Women Students; The Women's League; dorm rooms; photos of campus buildings; Carleton song lyrics; schedule of recitations; cartoons; VC Days; war; theater; homecoming; winter; freshman handbook; vesper services; program for freshman days; "Youth on the Campus"; Inauguration of Laurence Gould; Halloween; name cards; football; pep fest song sheet; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Christmas carols; train tickets; correspondence; St. Olaf vs. Carleton; exam schedule; post office; Junior Carnival; Injun Carnival; Mardi Gras; Easter; postcards; Taylors Falls, MN; geology field trip; May Fete; glee club; honors convocation; saddle club; Snowflake Swirl; dance cards; painted jeans; wedding of Eunice Oman Chapman; athletic rosters; calendar; The Carletonian; YWCA; Christmas Ball; memorial service for Frank Estes Kendrie; lecture schedule; wedding of Virginia Lorenz West; Problems of the Far North Conference; track and field; tennis; golf

People Depicted: Natalie (Twinks) Sweeney Haeger; Shirley (Shan) Montgomery Knox; Nancy Wright Weyhrauch; Marian Taylor Antin; Louise Finley Coy; Margaret (Marn) Riley Hamilton; Mary Olson Johnsen; Florence Kimball Burau; Laurence M. Gould; Joseph Burnquist; Leal Headley; Barbara (Bobbie) Griebel Kaufmann; William Anderson; Patricia (Pat) Stern Stein; Virginia Warren Christenson; Nancy Hollerith Gasque; Loyce Johnson Houlton; Alice (Allie) Thompson Smith; Ann Schweizer Douglas; Jane Townsley; Jean Elliott Lyon; Marilyn (Lynn) Minar Erickson; Ellen Marie (Ellie) Bergquist Brown; Mary (Denny) Denworth Stratte; Mary Wilson Ketterhagen; Nancy Lance Bacon; Doris Jean (D.J.) Rucker Wolfe; Jean Smith Jordan; Margaret Hatch Butler; Louise (Lou) Leibold Dale; Jean Crego Curtis; Margaret Downing Cooper; Elizabeth (Betty) Howe Schreiber; Caroline Gray Hackett; Barbara Olson Rohde; Mary Jeanne (Mare) Erickson Onderdonk; Ann Derauf Peregrine; Virginia (Ginny) Lorenz West; Laurel (Lolly) Stone Snedeker; Helen Sargeant Zentner; Barbara (Bobby) Wilson Cook; William (Bill) McDougal; Thomas (Tom) Manthey; Everett (Ev) Norlander; John (J.R.) Hacklander; Robert (Bob) Lockwood; Judd Alexander; Helen (Harmy Coe) Coe; Thomas (Tom) Morgan; Joanna (Jo) Clark Moore; Reverend Hunter Yen; Per Jansen; Wallace Ulrich; Charles (Chuck) (Charlie) Todd; Howie Mundt; Katherine (Kathy) Rathe Clifton; Jane (Olmsted) Irwin; Edith (Edie) Davidson Kraus; Ann Spafford Herbert; Mary Ellen (Pee Wee) Hendrickson Schulze; Susan (Breckenridge) Haverstock; Barbara Gunderson Nicholson; Edith Batchelder Elliott; Nancy Rosenheim Greenebaum; Harriett Johnson Christy; Nancy Rennie James; Elizabeth (Liz) Dow Bruck; Virginia (Ginny) Hale Fick
Box/Drawer 31
Item [52]: Erickson, Mary Jeanne 'Mare' (Junior and Senior Years), 1949


Includes material related to: "I Am Me" Party; football; athletic rosters; YWCA; 1949 class photo; calendar; dues receipt; homecoming; basketball; student-faculty basketball game; Christmas; vesper services; glee club; name cards; photos of buildings on campus; "Youth on the Campus"; Carleton House of Representatives; cartoons; YMCA; dance cards; Club Carleton; Junior Carnival; Christmas formal; Winter Carnival; correspondence; careers conference; Mardi Gras; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; winter; theater; class schedule; May Fete; honors convocation; enrollment card; co-operative; directory of female students' dormitories or houses; aerial photo of campus; recitals; St. Olaf Christmas Festival; Winter Carnival; Skidoo yearbook; Conference on Faith and Action; Carleton Players; Senior Recital; The Carletonian; golf; track and field; Carleton Orchestra; May Day; post office; graduation exercises

People Depicted: Tom Pray; Curtis Rottke; Jeannette Hall Garber; Edwin Eisendrath, Jr.; Evelyn (Lyn) Odor Bremicker; Elaine (Steffe) Steffensrud Jewell; Keith MacKenzie; Susan Wiegman Jenks; Barbara (Barb) Harz Gore; Patricia (Pat) Hinshaw Oien; Constance (Connie) Skinner Bloom; Joan Buckingham; Mary Jeanne (Mare) Erickson; Mary (Denny) Denworth Stratte; Barbara (Bobbie) Griebel Kaufmann; Robert (Bob) Henderson; Sonny Dunham; Raymond (Ray) Busch; Christiane Crasemann Collins; Helen Hunter McGee; Rhoda Tanner Moeller; Barbara Krause DeCoster; Carol (Ticker) Tock Ledder; Nona Lorenz Seuren; Nell Cary Sather; Barbara Hatch Verby; Janet Swanson Enquist; Phyllis Brewer Rest; Frances (Fran) Heim Plastino; Mary Jo Nilssen Stark; Suzanne Heagey Gusweller; John Hendricks; Karion Fitzpatrick; Hiel (Rock) Rockwell, Jr.; Roy Peregrine; Weir McQuoid; Thomas (Tom) Morgan; Hudson Wirth; Curtis (Curt) Rottke; Raymond (Ray) Asp; John Simenstad; Frank Wright; Donald Beutner; Ruth (Sadie) Gocker Woodke; Helen (Harmy Coe) Coe; Marjorie (Midge) Hale Kipper; Ann Daly Goodwin; Thomas (Tom) Manthey; Sonia (Sunny) Hazen Fondrie; Lois (Kitty) Hullander Roberts; Paul Roberts; Carol Frase Causer; Charles (Chuck) Moses; Barbara (Bobbie) Wilson Cook; Dan Dougherty; Julie Floyd Dalton; Paul Fossum; Joanne (Jo) Sill Huntting; James (Jim) Gronseth; Louise Coffey Wright; Irene (Billie) Daniell Kress; Elizabeth (Georgia) Kenyon Dalton; Karen Nelson Winger; Marian (Meem) Wahlquist Asp; Douglas (Doug) West; John Snedeker; Richard (Dick) Bremicker; John (Jack) Sweeney; Donald Tuttle; E. A. Fath; Phyllis Donaldson Brothers; Mireille Vaillant Negrier; Einar Hoyem-Johansen; David Bryn-Jones; Peggy Brown Johnson; Marianne McKaig Hacklander; Marilyn (Lynn) Minar Erickson; Ann Boynton Rogers; Richard (Dick) Leary; Julie Floyd Dalton; Gordon (Gordy) Meyer; William (Bill) Eifrig; Joan (Jo) Nickells Watkins; Harold (Mac) McCarthy; Edgar (Ed) Brenner; Jean (Jeanmarie) Baldwin Hudson; Mary Jane (Jinx) Lehman Manger; Janet Sholes Mott; Carol Boberg Holmes; Diane Williamson Darr; Cherry Lockwood; Patricia (Pat) Munson Koucky; Barbara (Barbie) Clarke Watkinson; James (Jim) Fisher; Gerald (Jerry) Shean, Jr.; Jack Thurnblad; Frank Kille; Barbara (Putter) Nordly Beck; Joan Peterson Otness; Ruth (Ruthie) Yauch Berquist; David (Dave) Goode; Thomas Sandberg; John Street; Carter Davidson; Albert Peel
Box/Drawer 32-33
Item [53]: Katz, Helen, 1945View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: class photo; floor plan of Gridley Hall; Freshman Days program; The Women's League; cartoons; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; course schedule; nametag for 1st week of school; football; train tickets; namecards; enrollment card; homecoming; YWCA; calendars; Minnesota-Northern Wisconsin Fall Area Conference; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Women's Athletic Association (WAA); Christmas Vesper Service; photos of dormitories; Grand Theatre; mittens; basketball; athletic schedules; Winter Carnival; The Chapel Choir; Carleton Orchestra; newspaper clippings; Conference of the Mississippi Valley International Relations Clubs; honors convocation; May Fete; recitals; Social Cooperative; arboretum; train menu; Christmas carols; "Your Date Book"; grade card; Play Day; Carleton Student Association (CSA); aerial photo of campus; post cards; Freshman Day; Department of Health and Physical Education for Women; receipts; "Carleton College Today"; event posters; matchbook; Dental Health Service; "Scenes and Buildings: Carleton College"; Carleton College ground plan; war; war ration book; campus directory; wedding of Lorraine Lindsey; Plymouth Church, Milwaukee; post office regulations; course registration sheet; Zest Fest; Economics club; Minneapolis Radisson; "Youth on the Campus"; winter; army specialized training program; Carleton Service Fund drive; Winter Carnival; blood drives; commencement; grade cards; campus directory; train tickets; Women's Faculty Club; "That's Life" college issue; Conference on Problems of the Far North; record book; graduation cards; receipts

People Depicted: James (Jim) Black; Doris (Dorie) Meissner Berman; Robert Drake; Donald J. Cowling; William Powell; John (Jack) McCarthy; Robert Nugent; Francis (Wayne) Sparks; William Leonard; Oscar (Sonny) Olson, Jr.; Quintus Nelson; Richard (Dick) Raiter; Randall (Pat) Herman; Lorraine E. Lindsey; Mary Wilson Ketterhagen; Sydney Goodrich Burkhart; John Mulholland; Peter Silverstone; Mary Weller Raber; Charlotte (Char) Goetz Thomas; Margaret Larkin Pettingill; Elizabeth (Betty) Thale Cross; Margaret (Marg) Antrim Ferguson; Edward Mulcahy; Sally Eldredge Larson; Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith Sundberg; Mary Griffin; Nancy Devonald Osborn; Marie Elliott Kling; Mary Ellen Ackerman Givens; Margaret (Peg) (Peggy) Badger; Ruth Larson Mularz; Jean Marx Hachmeister; Ruth Cleare Bentley; Rosemary Hein; Louise (Lou) Leibold Dale; Ruth Cass Clifford Brown; Martha (Marty) Nowlen Guilliams; Manetta Focke Merrill; Bette (Elizabeth) (Betty) McGough Cummins; Lucile Dean; Jeanette Jaynes Englund; Roxanne Cowles McCabe; Helen Katz Hicks; Mary Schmitz Sundberg; Arleen Ehne Girdner; Mary (Terry) Waddill Pye; Belle Paulsen Leunig
Box/Drawer 33
Item [54]: Hughes, E(van) Raymond, 1916


Includes material related to: athletic records; football; baseball; basketball; track and field; tennis; photos of buildings on campus; arboretum; farm; train tracks; canoeing; post cards; Thanksgiving; debate; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; dramatic club; vesper services; oratorical contest; high school basketball tournament; newspaper clippings; newspaper clippings; St. Olaf Athletic Union; Thanksgiving dance; YMCA; theater; glee club; Washington Reception; Adelphic Society; cooperative ice rink; The Crystal menu; lectures; dance cards; U of M; baccalaureate Sunday; receipts; Carleton band; social services; class day exercises; May Fete; student privilege ticket; concert course; card game scorecard; The Ben Greet Players; course schedules; commencement; First Congregational Church; memorial service for Prof. George Huntington program; Phi Beta Kappa

People Depicted: Wallace Hamilton; Arthur Hawkins; Oscar Setrum; Jean Curran; Elmer Gillott; Dyar Bill; Lucius Badger; Stillman Hathaway; Alice Lowe Hughes; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Zella Devitt Leonard; Mary Adams Unumb; Pearl Swanson; William Smail; John Truesdale; Joseph Markley; William Dunphy; Edwin Farrell; Adrin Sorenson; A. Massopust; Harold Yerxa; Arthur Rolfe; Sidney Henderson; Park Dougherty; H. Robards; Fred Stoppel; Adolph Tatting; Harold Habein; James Bain; Evan (Raymond) Hughes; Coach Hunt; Coach McGovern
Box/Drawer 34
Item [55]: Marvin, Jack C., 1943View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: football; newspaper clippings; basketball; baseball; The Voice; Marine Corps Reserve members from Carleton and Olaf; athletics; homecoming; Conference on Problems of the Far North; Freshman Handbook; May Fete; Department of Athletics; war; The Carletonian; Carls missing in action; dance cards

People Depicted: Jack (John) Marvin; Coach Hass; Douglas (Doug) Moore; James Dymond; Otis Prinkey; R. W. Olson; Richard (Dick) Raiter; Cleon Stitzel; Barney (Joseph) Johnson; Arthur (Art) Osman; Carlin (Ace) Acher; Richard (Dick) Massopust; Lewis (Lew) Blanich; Jerome (Jerry) Scheela; Dennis (Denny) Tufte; William (Bill) Wright; William (Bill) Howard, Jr.; Eiler (Ei) Henrickson; James (Jim) Black; Ira Elsham; George (Buzzy) Smith; Marshall Diebold; Ray (Wisty) Wistrcill; Lucile D. Deen; Chet McGraw; Roland Young; Laurence M. Gould; Frank Verbrugge; Henry Woodward; James Bird; J.A.A. Burnquist; Arthur G. Crane; Barbara June Gill; James (Jim) Leighton; Richard (Dick) Hull, Jr.; William (Bill) Warren; John Esch; Gordon (Gordy) Ferguson; Elmer Wood; David (Dave) Jones; Overton Norton, Jr.; Delbert (Del) Hallett; Wilfred (Cookie) Parker; Henry (Bing) Bingham; Sam Solhaug, Jr.; Harry Speakes; Frederick (Fred) Hansen; Rodney (Rod) Loft; Richard (Dick) Lee; Robert (Bob) Ruhe; Harvey (Harv) Larson; George Lindner, Jr.; Quintus (Quint) Nelson; Edward (Pete) Berry; John Weigen; David Nelson Beach; Edward A. Fath; Harry Martin, Jr.; Stanley Palcich; Violette Brown; John (Jack) Verby, Jr.
Box/Drawer 35
Item [56]: Isabelle Weiler, 1919View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: athletic records; football; namecards; Sophomorpheum; theater; list of new women at Carleton; enrollment statistics; Anti-Saloon League of Minnesota; YWCA; vesper services; concert course; recitals; debate; Thanksgiving Banquet; oratory; Northfield Memorial Baths; Carleton College pamphlet; commencement week; glee club; newspaper clippings; high school basketball tournament; basketball; The Daily Cardinal from University of Wisconsin; student privilege ticket; athletic schedules; track and field; dramatic club; May Fete; skiing; Central Students Conference; Hastings High School; dedication of the organ at Skinner Memorial Chapel; fiftieth anniversary; Woman's Board of Missions of the Interior; Northfield News; Hamline glee club; receipts; Minnesota School for the Deaf; Hastings High School alumni directory; Customs and Regulations; Memorial Day; Carleton College bulletin; memorial program for Prof. Fred Burnett Hill; "Preparatory Courses for Nurses in Colleges and Universities: A War Measure"; Metropolitan Opera House; end of World War I; American Red Cross; "Loyalty and Other Poems" by Melvin E. Crandall; weddings

People Depicted: Joseph (Joe) Markley; Lucius Badger; Thomas N. Carver; Erwin Dunphy; Lester Kitzman; Arthur Reiter, Sr.; Coach Anderson; C. Grassle; Percy Godfrey; Samuel Gray; Rollin Church; Byron Smith; John McLaury; Arthur Rolfe; Russell Weblen; Clinton Vaux; Harry Barnes; Rufus Johnston; Frank Pierce, Jr.; Fred Burnett Hill; Charlotte Jepson Gruman; Lydia Jepson Steele; Vera Unumb Gowdy
Box/Drawer 36
Item [57]: O'Brien, Harry C. "Stub", 1919-1923View associated digital content.
Scrapbook of Harry C. "Stub" O'Brien's years at Carleton College (1919-1923). Includes photographs, newspaper clippings, programs and other materials related to the Carleton football program, baseball, basketball.  Also contains numerous notices, programs, and other memorabilia related to student social life. Topics include athletics; football; baseball; basketball; water polo; hazing; "Bouncing day;" academic societies; literary societies; theater; student life; dormitories; Prentice House.
O'Brien, Harry C. "Stub" (1900-1972)
Box/Drawer 37
Item [58]: Nancy H. Hursh, 1958-1962


Includes material related to: Phi Beta Kappa; "Handbook for New Students"; "Information Pleas"; The Carletonian; namecards; Valentines; photos of buildings on campus; homecoming; theater; snake dance; Junior Carnival; soccer; Parents' Day; Halloween; Sadie Hawkins dance; grade cards; Hamline homecoming; U.M.D. Engineer's Club; cartoons; map of campus; addition of six new buildings on campus; Christmas cards; exam grade cards; The Town Crier; correspondence; Gould's acceptance of the position of Admiral of the great Nebraska Navy; postcards; birthday cards; scholarship achievement; Club Carleton; dining hall waitresses; dried flowers; abolishment of compulsory worship; Frosh/Soph Holiday; honors convocation; May Fete; YMCA; theater; Carleton Players; U.M.D. Engineer's Club; Vienna Choir Boys; Mexican peso; pamphlet against racial intolerance, especially in South Africa; opera; Carleton Cooperative; the Dolphins; synchronized swimming; graduation exercises; marriage of Joyce Ann Robinson Sullivan; death of Bruce Pollock; newspaper clippings; study abroad; The Experiment in International Living; financial aid; Junior Carnival; St. Paul Auditorium; careers conference; Woodrow Wilson fellowship; French song lyrics; trains; hiring of Nason as president; Valentines Day; Mortar Board; calendars; college interview form; teaching job offers; choir; senior class breakfast; Carleton earns Accreditation of Teacher Education; commencement; Baccalaureate Service; Carleton College Bulletin; graduation cards

People Depicted: Mary Ann Peterson; Robert Gale; Bruce Pollock; Laurence M. Gould; Phillip Phenix; Merrill Jarchow; Leith Shackel; Jeronimo Mallo; Seymour Schuster; John K. Bare; Harold G. Vatter; Harry E. Buckley; James F. Doyle; H. Ernest Lewald; Lucille Oaklander Herbert; Robert E. Tracy; Richard Stang; Frank Miller; Miriam R. Forbes; Martha (Marty) Calhoun Wintner; Thomas (Tom) Toser; Robert (Bob) Stout; David (Dave) Burns; Ellen Wulp Dahl; Thomas (Tom) Lowe; Warren Beson; H. Alan (Al) Schmucker; Willard Tuomi; Jim Nelson; Bill Huyck; Gerald (Jerry) Erickson; Carole Pushing Burch; Mel Taube; Ted Wahlfeld; John Wilson; Robert (Bob) Stemsrud; Richard (Rich) Wilson; Robert (Bob) Shotwell, Jr.; Bart Campbell; David (Dave) Burns; Nancy Taylor West; Timothy (Tim) Palmer; George Fodor; Susan (Sue) Geiger; Carolyn Kumpula Cade; Carol Jo Johnson Kent; Keith Libbey; Atherton Bean; Norman (Norm) Vig; Joan Beal; Elizabeth (Betty) Rintoul; Laurence (Larry) Gregg; Lawrence (Larry) Perlman; John Hessl; Joan (Joannie) Naslund Burke; Carol Massey Presley; Richard Ramette; Pete Seeger; Norma Johnson Guerrero; Mary Moses Lofgren; Marjorie (Marie) Heimann Austin; Nancy Jo Kiggins Goell; Stanford (Stan) Robins; Robert (Bob) Fowler; Ralf Klinger; James (Jim) Miller; Thomas Prather; James Sudmeier; Peter Thurnauer; N. D. Holland; Marjorie (Marge) Clarkson Spannaus; James (Jim) Priest; Polly Nason McCrea; Nancy Jo Kiggins Goell; Sylvia Frost; Marilyn Seery Beal; Martha Calhoun Wintner; Hazel Hovde Lawrence; Linda Lohrbauer Olds; Ruth Idzal Lee; Ann McClelland Johns; Sally Soper Gray; Andrea Grove Iseminger; Hugh Claudy; William (Bill) Fitch; Eugene McCarthy; Amelia Cobb Gray; Karin Stevens Connelly; Mary Videen Trout; Monique Harnly Ellis; Ann Calloway Neeb; Bob Hoover, Jr.; Melinda (Mel) Meyer Hunter; Barbara Nicholson Titel; Bobbette (Bobbie) Stoner Pickell; Judith (Judy) Ehrich; Helen Danner; Thomas (Tom) Kieren; John Hamilton; Thomas (Tom) Kelly; Marjorie (Margie) Benjamin Peterson; John Larson; Linda Oberholtz Davis; Susan McClain Mead; Nancy Wintsch; Daniel (Dan) Reber; Gerald (Jerry) Greene; Lee Beecher; Jane Andrews; Jeanne Elliot; Sheila Johnson Girton; Robert (Bob) (Swede) Peterson; Edwin (Steeves) Smith; James (Jim) Bruce; Michael (Mike) (Murph) Murphy; R. D. (Roy) Zehnder; Jerry Gerde; Peter (Pete) Gentling; David (Dave) Muenow; Boyce Burdick; Charles Dock; Robert Oelhaf; Stephen (Steve) Burch; Linda Buswell Bartoshuk; Alison Krotter Johnson; Maravene Gram Edelstein; June Matthews; Bennet Brabson; William (Bill) Linnell; Richard Langer; Lawrence (Larry) Bennett; Paul Ellis; Thomas (Tom) Todd; Charles (Chuck) Rutherford; Samuel (Sam) Lewis; David (Dave) Murray; John Nelson; Parker Palmer; Richard Reilein; Sigurd (Sig) Jaastad; Robert (Bob) Possehl; Dwight Austin; Bonnie Berger Porte; John Beal; Sandra Saari; Judith Pierce Fogels; Katherine (Kitsy) Easton Kuykendall; Robert (Bob) Fliegel; Andrew (Andy) Ellwein; James (Jim) Jorgensen; Robert Tracht; Jeffrey Hanor; James (Jim) Rawcliffe; John Massey; Lois-Mary Apple Dunlap; Frank Surpless; James (Jim) Bacon, Jr.; Robert (Bob) Jacobsen; Jack Barnes; Stephen (Steve) Smith; Gwen Colescott Mullen; Walter (Walt) Soderlind; Thomas (Tom) Tollman; Abby (Abigail) Cole Dawkins; Evelyn (Evie) Haymaker Dolven; Marie-Louise (Weezie) Arnaud Smith; Katherine (Katie) Busch Weiblen; Lelah (Lee) Alexander Van Camp; Florence (Flo) Staplin McBride; Linda Lundberg; Susan Rosenow Vig; JoAnn (Jo) Mayeda King; Karen Johnson Jones; Thomas (Tom) Hunt; Arild J. Miller; John Wilder; Anthony (Abe) Lincoln; Donald (Don) Hunt; David (Dave) Clark; William (Bill) Feldt; Margaret (Peg) Young Harrington; Karen Grove Feldt; Neal Brunner; Elizabeth (Liz) Gardner Kennedy; Scott B. Elledge; Donald S. Schier; Bruce Pollock; Ricki (Ann) Leonard Nehs; George Brosi; Elizabeth (Betty Anne) Lindahl Donnelly; Jim O'Brien; Kerrith (Kerry) Adkins Jones; Edgar (Nummie) Numrich; Elizabeth (Betsy) Deeds Ermarth; John Brandenberger; Barbara (Barb) Wall Coe; Kari Turnbladh Simkins; Jean Christianson Grussing; Toby (Marjorie) Dickinson Stewart; Timothy (Tim) Cole; Arthur (Art) Middlemist; Brock Spencer; Sallie Feurt Avallone; Holly Ehrich Henderson; Joseph Havens; Teresina Havens; Gregory (Greg) Collier; John Miller; Richard (Rich) Wilson; Deborah (Debbie) Slutz Hall; George Woodworth; Stephen (Steve) Dickinson; Ross L. Shoger; David (Dave) Current; Frank Logan; Alfred J. Hyslop; Frank Zlatnik; Helen McDonald; Robin Boone; Edwina (Winnie) Kinkead Eichner; James (Jim) Schlademan; Ann Bradley Siefer; Edward Burkhalter; Carol Yamasaki; Roscoe Hill; Nancy Klenk Hill; Loraine Penn; Ross Legrand; Douglas (Doug) Woods; Peter Schjeldahl; Michael (Mike) Daggett; L. D. Soderlind; Eugene Ims; James (Jim) Chesebro; Russell Langworthy; Enid Woodward; Richard (Dick) Hammer; Kenneth Ames; Robert (Bob) Lofelmaker; Marx Swanholm; Stephen (Steve) Hall; Donald Olivier; Lawrence (Larry) Jones; David (Dave) Larson; John W. Nason; John Lavine; Susan Burkhead Seamon; William (Bill) Wingate; Ann Griffith; Margaret Stanek Schmid; Vit (Veet) Patel; Margaret (Molly) Hollenbach; Minor Myers, Jr.; Stephen (Steve) Dale; James (Jim) Motzko; Michael (Mike) Tierney; Richard (Dick) Angell; David (Duke) Hyduke; David (Dave) Beckwith; Hugh (Elhander) Cameron; Niles Doolittle; Dwight Wagenius; William (Bill) Jennings; James (Jim) (J.L.) Dodson; Russell (Russ) Brown; Penelope (Penny) Cope Cutler; Alan (Al) Kennedy; James (Jim) Preston; Mary Ellen Swanson Salinas; John (Rick) Solie; Julian Andersen; Steven Pope; Donald Weitzman; Margaret (Margy) Klenk Robertson; Ellen Mazur Thomson; Jairus Lincoln; Robert (Bob) Kent; Scot McConachie; John Kaiser; Dennis Meadows; Stanley (Stan) Siefer; Clark Raney; Stephen (Steve) Elrick; Bruce Murdoch; Sonja (Sonie) Hanson Elend; Felix (Fips) Braendel; Geraldine (Gerri) Carlen Steen; Donna Harris Guillaume; John Turngren; William (Woody) Hand; John Juers; Donald Cooper; David (Dave) Neal; James (Jim) Harris; Nancy Hursh Bagley; Daryl Davis; Sheila Dreany Collins; Tom Easterly Peter Gruber; David Hildebrand; Judith Holliday Rothman; Barbara King Dohrman; Stanley Klein; Virginia (Ginge) Klenk; Bertha (Bert) Lauritzen Mount; Sandra Morral Pinkham; John Shackford; George Somero; Diane Weston Butzin; Karen Whitney Porter; Jennifer (Jenny) Dubach Duskey; Gail Omvedt; Edward Reed Whittemore; Thomas L. Mattson; John McAuliff; Mary Maselli Fox; Robert (Bob) Sprague; Elinor Svendsen Stein; Kenneth Caulton; Sandra (Sandy) Sacia Hunt; Marianne McDonnell Chun; Lawrence (Larry) Hush; Robert (Bob) Lee; James (Jim) Hoffer; Charles (Chuck) Geer; Casey Jarchow; Robert (Bob) Cramer
Box/Drawer 38
Item [59]: Mackey, France E., 1919-1923


Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; Bouncing Day; greased pole; initiation; YMCA; YWCA; choir; enrollment statistics; glee club; dramatic club; literary societies; "Delianutty Show"; "Philofool Session"; class day exercises; chapel services; commencement; band; high school basketball tournament; Bungling Brothers Circus; unidentified group photos; basketball; athletic schedules; track and field; football; aerial photos of campus; Carleton Athletic Union; St. Olaf homecoming; The Grand Theatre; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; May Fete; oratorical contests; Washington Ball; dance cards

People Depicted: Joe Markley; Coach Jackson; Paul Wilken; Wilbur Lindsten; Loy Bowe; William Maus; John Swearingen; John Middlemist; Arthur Reiter, Sr.; Harry Strong; Ferrin Ellsworth; Lester Kitzman; Frank Pierce, Jr.; John Street; Samuel Gray; Coach Buck; Robert Haig; Earl Keller; R. F. Cote; Osborne (Ozzie) Cowles; P. Harrison; Chster Gillott; Percy Godfrey; C. Grassle; Edward Truesdale; Joseph (Joe) Hutton; John Shaffer; H. Montgomery; Ralph Sargent; Ralph Worlein; Henry Rokala; Warren Jeffers; Carl Quackenbush; John Harvey; Charles Levin; Ferrin Ellsworth; Cecil Chase; Perry Copeland; Harry O'Brien; Harry Wagner; Stewart Sims; Claude Hunt; Wesley Dirks
Box/Drawer 39
Item 60: Dacie Moses House, Circa 1900-1960

Photo album and scrapbook.

Contains images of Candace "Dacie" Moses; Roy Moses; Emma Isabella Rounce Kelly (Dacie's mother); Rounce Moses, class of 1930 (Dacie's son); Patty Wheeler, class of 1968; Mike Blodgett, class of 1966; Takashi Kodera, class of 1969; Edward Dahlin, class of 1958; Polly Nason, class of 1962; Sally Seidel, class of 1965; Dave Seavey, class of 1969; Chris Cohrs, class of 1969; John Stout, class of 1962; Lee Mauk, class of 1963; Joyce Lanahan, class of 1964; Peter Baird, class of 1963; Jim Lammers, class of 1963; Cecil Hutton; Jeff Beckwith, class of 1967. Contains some information related to the Carleton Singing Knights.

Album was discarded. Photos and other materials sleeved and foldered.

Box/Drawer 40
Item 61: Dacie and Roy Moses family photo album, circa 1884-1965

Includes material related to: family tree; portraits of family and friends of Roy and Dacie Moses; Dacie Moses House; Carleton campus; family photos

Album was compiled by Karin Fisher, class of 1989.

People Depicted: Royal (Roy) Moses; Candace (Dacie) Louise Kelly Moses; R. Rounce Moses; Duren Kelly; Joe Moses; Bill Gould; Emma Kelly; Jim Armstrong; Jenny Armstrong; Charles Jack; Charles Addison Jack; Tom Rounce; Joseph Raymond Kelly; Nellie Ardelle Miller; Gladys Kelly; Temperance Kelly; Ethel Cronen; Edith Cronen; Edith Moses; Betty Moses; Paul Moses; Sandra Moses; David Moses; Cynthia Moses
Box/Drawer 41
Item 62: Carleton Saddle Club, 1931-1952View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: Carleton Saddle Club; saddle club budget; correspondence; Algol quotes; report on horseback riding; Carleton farm; horses; riding exhibitions; "gymkana"; drill team; ribbons; awards; meeting minutes

People Depicted: Millicent Grant Tinsley; Jane Bordewick Kelly; Mary Cook Sumner; Mary McPheeters Baker; Joann Dytert Irvine; Margaret Watson Hebditch; Marilyn Greene Nystrom, Jr.; Joan (Jo) Daly Hicks; Joan Crossman Wonn; Marjorie Olson Wilkie; Louise (Lou) Leibold Dale; Marilyn Moore Stevenson; Donna Rae Swanberg Pugh; Patricia (Pat) O'Leary; Elizabeth Clifford O'Connor; Lois (Toni) Christensen Yates; Peggy Brown Johnson; Leland Page; Jean Gemmill Halstead; Marianne McKaig Hacklander; Ann Kaufmann; Phyllis Hoffman McFeters; Cherry Lockwood; Mary Zlatnik; Jean Middleton James; Kathleen Rogers Anderson; Jacquelyn Lemon Nolan; Patricia Bozell Prom; Deborah (Debby) Hartshorn Pool; Rosamond Fischer McIlveen; David McGarvey; Pat (Patricia) Doyle Myers; Marjorie Cantrall Brosier; Susan Baschen Reising; Billy Ann Hurley Burch; Miriam Veblen Curtin; Alette Clausen Pontoppidan; Elizabeth (Liz) Bentley Shelton; Constance (Connie) Kint Greig; Jane Andrews Heins; Marian Ropes Robertson; Ann Borglum Dupichot; Rebecca (Betsy) Chambers; Louise DeMar Roe; Jill Hall Hartman; Jane Moore Rose; Judith (Judy) Danielson Dunlop; Alison Smith Antoun; Georgia Hesse; Mary Ann Gibson Wilkes; Nicole Tondeur Etienne; Sarah (Sally) McAllister Ganger; Kathryn (Kay) Klein Brule; Phyllis Hansen Heistand; Sally Stengel Ivaska
Item 63: Gymnastics Club, 1975-1976View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: gymnastics; photos of practices

People Depicted: Teresa (Terri) Wood; Laura (Laurie) Nadelhoffer; Miriam (Mitze) Dunau; Stephanie Boening; Stephanie Smythe; James (Jim) LoBue; Elizabeth (Beth) Mitchell; Mary Morris; Regula (Ragi) Zimmermann Marino; Alison Krafft Rempel; Ann Whitfield Powers
Box/Drawer 42
Item 64: Bonnie Porte (Freshman Year), 1959-1960


Includes material related to: correspondence; calendars; newspaper clippings; booklet on student activities; Religious Activities Committee pamphlet; welcome booklet for freshmen; "The Intercollegian: Welcome Freshmen"; Carleton song lyrics; schedule of classes; course schedules; glee club; Carleton Players; worship services; First Congregational Church; First Baptist Church; football; homecoming; theater; Parent's Days; soap; matchbook; Mark Twain Hotel; careers conference; Student-Faculty tea; grade card; Shabbos service; flight tickets; Christmas carols; dance cards; St. Olaf vs. Carleton; dried roses; Vienna Choir Boys; birthday cards; Tim Boynton Day; list of textbooks with costs; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; play money; band; map of campus; the Dolphins; synchronized swimming; archery; Color Carnival; Good Friday; Freshman Banquet; May Fete; honors convocation; Honors Day; Baccalaureate Service; Christmas cards; Wauwatosa, WI; ice skating; map of Santa Fe lines; Arlington Park horse racing; Geology 102 exam; Miss Wauwatosa Pageant

People Depicted: Bonnie Berger Porte; Laurence M. Gould; Nancy Ensor Field; Diana Dickerson Anderson; David (Dave) Greene; Janet Lindholm Lindeman; Timothy (Tim) Barnum; Veronica (Ronnie) Lowe Skinner; Elizabeth (Betsy) Bayliss Gillum; James (Jim) Bertelson
Physical description: Adhesives badly deteriorated. Support both sides of pages when using.
Berger, Bonnie (Class of 1963)
Box/Drawer 43
Item 65: Bonnie Porte (Sophomore Year), 1960-1961


Includes material related to: calendars; letter from advisor; freshman traditions; correspondence; Sophomore Party; concert series; theater; course schedules; women's league; "Guide to the Twin Cities"; homecoming; football; dance cards; parent's day; George Shepherd for Congress campaign; Nixon campaign; course grades; fall formal; choir; organ; recitals; postcards; Christmas; birthday cards; ice show; winter carnival; glee club; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; Dolphin Club; synchronized swimming; bird dog weekend; honors convocation; cartoons; death of Royal (Roy) Moses; newspaper clippings; Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; weddings; bowling scorecards; plane tickets; trip to New York

People Depicted: Kari (Karin) Turnbladh Simkins; Timothy Cole; George Shepherd; Royal (Roy) Moses; Don Odell; Laurence M. Gould
Physical description: Adhesives badly deteriorated. Support both sides of pages when using.
Berger, Bonnie (Class of 1963)
Box/Drawer 44
Item 66: Bonnie Porte (Junior Year), 1961-1962


Includes material related to: aerial photo of campus; plan for new buildings; registration; enrollment card; blood donations; YWCA; theater; Junior Carnival; calendars; football; student activities booklet; newspaper clippings; Olin Hall of Science booklet; homecoming; convocation; Halloween; correspondence; careers conference; vesper services; alumni association; concert tour; grade cards; orchestra; International Weekend; Dacie Moses' birthday party; birthday cards; cooperative; recitals; transition from Gould to Nason as president; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; Oberlin choir; Easter; Good Friday; May Fete; Gershwin Symphony; honors day program; stamps; marriage of LaDonna Nelson and John Carman; marriage of Carole Pushing and Stephen Burch; marriage of Judith Holliday and Anthony Lincoln; marriage of Diane Weston and Lee Butzin; basketball; marriage of Katharine Freyburger and Peter Adomeit; "college beauty calendar"; Mackinac Bridge; marriage of Judith Hassell and Charles Rutherford; marriage of Karen Grove and William Feldt; Minneapolis Morning Tribune

People Depicted: Candace (Dacie) Moses; Christina Backlund Nicholas; Philip (Phil) Dahl-Bredine; Laurence M. Gould; John W. Nason; Rev. R. L. Eldridge; LaDonna Nelson Carman; Carole Pushing; Judith Holliday Rothman; Diane Weston Butzin; David (Dave) Current; Coach Jack Thurnblad; Terry Miller; Katharine Freyburger English; Sheridan (Sherry) (Judith) Hassell Rutherford; Karen Grove Feldt
Physical description: Adhesives badly damaged. Support both sides of pages when using.
Berger, Bonnie (Class of 1963)
Box/Drawer 45
Item 67: Bonnie Porte (Senior Year), 1962-1963


Includes material related to: calendars; Jesse James napkin; bar napkins; counselors; course schedule; Boliou Gallery exhibition schedule; football; "Guide to the Twin Cities"; Women's League; Co-op; correspondence; homecoming; party invitations; posters; visit from George Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi Party; inauguration of John Nason as president; Thanksgiving; athletic rosters; holiday cards; marriage of Bonnie Ann Berger and Timothy Brooks Barnum; Campus Affairs Conference; chapel services and convocations schedule; birthday cards; plane tickets; map of Columbia University; comprehensive examination result notice; comps; May Fete; orchestra; band; honors day; Baccalaureate Service; cartoons; graduation; commencement; Winter Carnival; Knights; a capella; Niagara Falls; marriage of Constance Bodene and John Schwarz; marriage of Mary Moses and Charles Lofgren; Yamasaki architecture; cartoons; dedication of West Gymnasium; exam grade cards; The Voice; "Dacie Moses House: The Door Is Always Open"; Greek Orthodox Church for the Milwaukee Hellenic Community

People Depicted: Ann Tucker-Nelson; Barbara (Barb) Thomsen Sample; Joan Brink Bergsteinsson; Joanne Sanderson Sturgeon; Kari (Karin) Turnbladh Simkins; Sylvia Pfeffer Kerr; Vina Hahn Mikesell; Miriam (Mimi) Short Kennedy; Lynn McVey Layden; Jane Comings; Barbara Reed Krider; Judith (Judy) McNally; Edwina (Winnie) Kinkead Eichner; Barbara (Barb) Wall Coe; Bonnie Berger Porte; Marjorie (Margie) Rex Johnson; Patricia (Pat) Mount Reymann; Marcia Miller Almquist; Carrie (Mary Carolyn) Flett Dorfman; Elizabeth (Betsy) Bayliss Gillum; Nina Kolb Heckman; Susan (Sue) Hawthorne Plank; Janet (Jan) Hieronymus Gore Webb; John William Nason; Donald J. Cowling; Louis S. Headley; Timothy (Tim) Barnum; Alfred J. Hyslop; Candace (Dacie) Moses; Lee Mauk; William (Bill) Jennings; John Nelson; Parker Palmer; Carole Pushing Burch; Richard Reilein; Sigurd (Sig) Jaastad; Robert (Bob) Possehl; Dwight Austin; Bardwell Smith; William (Bill) Plank; Robert (Bob) Gore; Mary Jane O'Connor Young; Constance Bodene Schwarz; Mary Moses Lofgren; Mel Taube; Casey Jarchow
Physical description: Adhesives badly damaged. Support both sides of pages when using.
Berger, Bonnie (Class of 1963)
Box/Drawer 46
Item 1: Women's Recreation Assoction (WRA), 1962-1965


Includes material related to: "When the Players Rest Again" sheet music; "The Grapevine"; women's recreation center; "Carleton Comments"; "WRA Tips"; Elizabeth Cowling Recreation Center for Women pamphlet; unidentified athletic photos; volleyball; Dolphin club; synchronized swimming; canoe trip; winter banquet; WRA; Women's Recreation Association; elections; hockey club; football; "WRA Wreck"; interscholastic competition; schedules; spring banquet; floor plan of the recreation center; tennis

People Depicted: Doris (Dorie) Viguers; Jacqueline (Jackie) Marik Prince; Christine (Chris) Jessen Barber; Julie Dickinson; Ann Medinger; Virginia (Ginny) Clark; Virginia (Ginny) Poole Bainbridge; Milla Lattan Cummins; Sally Olson Harris; Ann Morgan; Chude (Pamela) Parker Allen; Judith (Judy) Goldberg Siegel; Caroline Lund Sheppard; Carol Kimball Sigelman; Jane Stedman; Marianne (Mermie) McKay Karger; Tanis Walters; Diane McVey Bruggeman; Cornelia (Nea) Mayer Herzfeld; Judith (Judy) Kohn; Katharine (Kathy) Bradbury; Meryl Moritz; Sandra (Sandy) Shaw; Joan Palomaki; Patricia (Pat) Graves Moss; John W. Nason; Marie Matsen
Item 2: "1971" Scrapbook from "Carleton in the Archives" Class, 2016
Created by students in Bill North's "Carleton in the Archives: Studies in Institutional Memory and Cultural" class Spring 2016. These scrapbooks were displayed as part of the Sesquicentennial exhibition "Independence of Though: An Unfolding Story, 1866 to 2016"  in the Perlman Teaching Museum Fall 2016.
Box/Drawer 47
Item 69: Wick, Nancy, 1952-1956


Includes material related to: mittens; alumni pins; patches; banner; handbook for new students; ski club card; enrollment card; amecards; correspondence; course registration, course schedule; The Carletonian; "My Favorite Town: Northfield, MN" from the Chicago Tribune Magazine; Dwight Eisenhower's visit to campus; worship services; calendars; bonfire; homecoming; Eisenhower campaign for president; vesper services; Grand Theatre; postcards; grade cards; photos of buildings on campus; skiing; John S. Lucas; orchestra; posters; recitals; theater; opera; Carleton Players; May Fete; Women's League handbook; receipts; airplane tickets; football; YWCA; YMCA; Christmas; Physical Education; "Youth on the Campus"; mixed dining; dining card; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Winter Carnival; basketball; tug of war; birthday cards; Easter; St. Olaf concert band; arb pass; careers conference; American Legion poppy; hockey; graduation exercises; parent's day; MCCH Regional Conference; baccalaureate service, American National Red Cross; commencement; "A Liberal Education and Good Manners"

People Depicted: Susan (Sue) Kennedy Smebakken; Robert (Bob) Bertsch; Nancy Neller Springsteen; Laurence M. Gould; Doris (Dody) Wilson Viola; Mary Enrietto Shover; Francesca (Ceca) Paciotti Sutherland; Mae Gruber; Gwen Fischer; Mrs. G. Glover Boake; Joseph (Joe) Mancuso; Anton (Tony) Heller; Bruce Anderson; Donald (Don) Boelke; John Ray; John Nutting; Gordon (Gordie) Breed; Hollis (Hollie) Caswell, III; Elton Brooks; Dick Christensen; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Edward Thye; Kel Keldsen; Karolyn Smith Foley; Walter Dean Warnholtz; John (Jack) Sommers; Earle Gister; David (Dave) Unumb; Shirley Rask Gimm; John-Julian Swanson; William (Will) Hardesty; Margaret (Peggy) Coombs Jacoby; Nancy (Nan) Littell Wick; JoEllyn Phillips; Bernt Balchen; Norman (Norm) Carlson; William (Bill) (Tip) Tipping; Daniel (Dan) VanEyck; Alice Cox Mastin; Nancy Jordan Fiene; Jane Andrews; Robert (Bob) Richardson; Laurie Slocum; Walter (Walt) Varco; Ben Nelson; Ada Harrison; Richard (Dick) Skudstad; Donald (Don) Kennedy; Ray Salo; Sue Jacoby Sommers; Barbara Burton Elliott; Richard (Dick) Nock; Margot Mark Dubois; Carolyn Stewart Woollen-Tucker; Charles (Chuck) Donnell, Jr.; Zoe Kelly Donnell; Roger Ludgin; Nancy Furby Hamlin; Virginia (Ginny) Shields Schoelzel; Ruby Silliman Gustafson; Duncan (Dunk) Stewart; Katherine (Kathy) Smith Krieger; Robert (Bob) Buis; Donald (Don) Voss; Reuben (Reub) Larson; Howard (Howie) Rosenblum; John Jones; Mel Taube; William Max Cloud; Frank Bracken; Robert (Bob) Scheevel; C. E. (Ted) Windsor; William (Bill) LeMay; Roger (Rog) Worlock; Robert (Bob) Campbell; Patricia (Pat) Price Cadwell; Charlotte Kissling; Wally Hass; William (Bill) Buffett; Mary Bayley Carlson; Richard (Dick) Miller; H. Kenneth (Ken) Fisher; Jean Abbott Staley; James Richards; Sally Gains McCamant; Louise (Lou) Rice Tassone; Marcia Phelps Schmidt; John Raines; Richard (Dick) McAuliffe; John Stein Sten; David (Dave) Strain; John McCamant; Sadao Asada; William (Bill) Kelly, Jr.; Malcolm (Mac) Mouat; Hubert Humphrey; Marshall Dimock; Duncan Stewart; Jay Weisman; William (Bill) Copeland; Charles (Charley) (Chuck) Machacek; Thomas (Tom) Timmerman; Robert (Bob) Larson; George Howell; David (Dave) Colburn; Robert (Bob) Scott; Rod Napier; Cy DeCoster; Donald J. Grout; Daniel (Danny) Arnaud; Thomas (Tom) Mack; Antonio H. Obiad; Ralph S. Fjelstad; Harold R. Medina
Wick, Nancy (Littell), class of 1956
Box/Drawer 48
Item 70: Charlotte Jane Patterson, 1939, 1935-1946View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: Mellen High School; registration for freshmen; course schedules; enrollment card; schedule of recitations; post office; 1939 class song lyrics; YWCA; recitals; Halloween; vesper services; Women's Athletic Association (WAA); Christmas; theater; symphony band; Conference of the Athletic Federation of College Women; name cards; correspondence; choir; May Fete; commencement; baccalaureate service; graduation exercises; University of Minnesota Artists Course; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Northfield taxi tickets; winter carnival; Carleton orchestra; Round Table Conference on Vocations; The Apollo Club; First Congregational Church; choir; University of Minnesota homecoming; Thanksgiving; graduation cards; unidentified group photo

Box/Drawer 49
Item 1: "1942" Scrapbook from "Carleton in the Archives" Class, 2016
Created by students in Bill North's "Carleton in the Archives: Studies in Institutional Memory and Cultural" class Spring 2016. These scrapbooks were displayed as part of the Sesquicentennial exhibition "Independence of Though: An Unfolding Story, 1866 to 2016"  in the Perlman Teaching Museum Fall 2016.
Item 2: "1918" Scrapbook from "Carleton in the Archives" Class, 2016
Created by students in Bill North's "Carleton in the Archives: Studies in Institutional Memory and Cultural" class Spring 2016. These scrapbooks were displayed as part of the Sesquicentennial exhibition "Independence of Though: An Unfolding Story, 1866 to 2016"  in the Perlman Teaching Museum Fall 2016.
Item 3: "2001" Scrapbook from "Carleton in the Archives" Class, 2016

Created by students in Bill North's "Carleton in the Archives: Studies in Institutional Memory and Cultural" class Spring 2016. These scrapbooks were displayed as part of the Sesquicentennial exhibition "Independence of Though: An Unfolding Story, 1866 to 2016"  in the Perlman Teaching Museum Fall 2016.

Includes professor's directions to class for creation of these commemorative scrapbooks.

Box/Drawer 50
Item 1: Mary Scott Green, 1935

Scrapbook (Loose Pages)

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; photos of arboretum; Carleton tea room; resignation of Melba La Hue from the tea room; newspaper clippings; The Ten O'Clockers Club; May Fete; post-Carleton plans for seniors; Sigma Xi science society; Carleton-in-China; chapel; stadium; Lyman Lakes; Goodsell Observatory; Margaret Evans Hall; Burton, Severance, Willis Halls; Nourse Hall; Christmas cards from President and Mrs. Gould, 1955 and 1956; airplane view of campus; Williams Hall; Leighton Hall of Chemistry; laboratory; graduation honors; candidates for degrees; athletic banquets, 1932 and 1933; programs; "Carleton Esteemed Nationally" article from St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press, March 6, 1960; "The Voice of Carleton Alumni," December, 1944 and March, June, and December, 1945; "Carleton College Today"; war; Scoville Memorial Library; Severance Great Hall; Matteson Memorial Trophy; football; track and field; basketball; All-America athletes; Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; Laird Stadium and Field House; intramurals; war-time physical training for male students; flight training; Carleton airfield; Aeronautics; Gridley Hall; Campus Sisters; Priscilla Procession; greenhouse laboratory; Botanical Greenhouse; music; Skinner organ; theatre; mail delivery; cheerleeding; graduation; commencement; homecoming bonfire; Annual Riding Exhibition; equestrian; horse-riding; Carleton's Gold Stars: a list of men who died in World War II; list of Carleton students in service during World War II, including Prisoners of War, missing service members; and deaths; memorials for Clyde Augustus Duniway, Lydia (Lily) Davey, Mary Vilaty Tupper Scriver, Robert Kennedy, Charles McCreery, Emma L. Lincoln, William McCarthy, Carlos Eben Allen, William Watson, Lucia Danforth, George Alden, Axel Ebenezer Vestling, William B. Strong, Maris DeWolf, Bernard Moore Forssell, Charles W. Greening, Lowell Jepson, Harold Johnsrud, Alice Meyer Markley, William Schroeder; photo of campus skyline; christening of the S.S. Carleton Victory cargo vessel; Carleton College Bulletin for the Inauguration of President Laurence McKinley Gould; roles of women on campus during wartime; retirement of Frederick Joy Fairbank; resignation of Adella M. Catton; reunions; group photo of second and third generation Carletonites

People Depicted: John Carpenter Hillyer; Muriel Peterson Grunditz; Laurence McKinley Gould; William Powell; Robert Nugent; William Leonard; Oscar (Sonny) Olson, Jr.; Quintus Nelson; Richard (Dick) Raiter; William Wright; John (Jack) McCarthy; Randall (Pat) Herman; Captain Fred Haviland, Jr.; President Donald John Cowling; Gerald Marsh; Joseph Burnquist; Leal Headley; William Watson; Axel Ebenezer Vestling; Claude J. Hunt; Frederick Joy Fairbank; Adella M. Catton
Item 2 & 3: Photo Album, circa 1987

Photo Albums (3 Volumes)

Includes material related to: cheerleading; events on campus; commencement; science lab; buildings on campus; theatre; music; diversity on campus; "We Are Together Vigil for Racial and Cultural Diversity"; dance; convocations.

See also Scrapbooks B Box 14.

Box/Drawer 51
Item 1: Class of 1939 Post-Carleton, 1989-1994


Includes material related to: Reunion 1989; reunion committee; correspondence; reunion schedule; alumni award winners; "The Voice" Fall 1989; list of deceased members of the class of 1939 as of May 31, 1989; map of campus showing changes between 1939 and 1989; Christmas cards; family photos; life updates; newspaper clippings; correspondence; campus news

Alumni who are not pictured but for whom the scrapbook has related memorabilia: Zoe Kelly Donnell; Henry (Hank) Webster

People Depicted: Winifred Varco Haagensen; Jeanette Burnham Westfall; Theodore (Ted) Watson; Alfred (Al) Garske; Charlotte Ogg Garske; Harold (Hal) Roeth; Lafayette French; Arild (Spike) Miller; George Hnatiuk; Kenneth (Ken) Kalina; Willabel (Hillyer) Shale Blodgett; Hope Hollender Shale; Janet Bashen Switzer; Lois Wenk Cohodas; Evelyn (Lynn) Ware Peters; Margaret (Peg) Stamm Dahlman; Marcell Peterson Hoyer; Mary Jane Bengston Bolmgren; Gertrude (Trudie) Gingrich Feather; Marjorie (Crabby) Crabb Garbisch; Jane Becker Anderson; Dorothy Sommer Marvin; Robert Upp; Jean Gilbert Jaax; Betsy Bullis Sterrie; Shirley Shale Palmer; Jean Moulding Joboul; Margaret (Mageie) Smith Winborn; Donald Crooks; Doris (Dode) Repke Matoush; Katherine (Kay) Leach Stafford; Lorraine Tillberg Kapitanoff; Jane Scholl; Lois (Pete) Peterson Morgan Stone; Katherine (Kay) Grunert Farnham; Ruth Hartley Bagley; Alice Hunt Rossman; Norman (Norm) Sterrie; Doris Neely Woolsey; Sabin Arnquist; Joseph Malsheski; Velaire (Lari) Kaplan Ehni; Alfred (Al) Oldenburg; Wilfred (Will) Corey; Edward (Ed) Shannon; Sonja Karsen; George Wattles; David Prudden; Robert (Bob) Drips; Gwendolyn (Gwen) Stinger Scott; Ursula (Sue) Wahlstrom Sparkman; William (Bill) Westfall; Eugene (Gene) Hunner; Marcel Andres; Elizabeth (Liz) (Betty) Fielder Holden; Samuel (Sam) Darling; George Rossman; John Hlavacek; John Miller; Fran Hall; Dwain Warner; Robert (Bob) Ebenreiter; Hugh Lindsay; David (Dave) Caughren, Jr.; Hugh Kendall; Edward (Ed) Dodson; Leigh Van Ausdall; Eleanor Taylor; Donna Dennis; Robert (Bob) Roth; President Stephen R. Lewis; John Hanson; Tom Stein; Richard (Dick) Sommers; Don Selby; Marjorie Potter; Muriel Bach Dunkleman Diamond; William (Bill) Stafford; Elaine Weil Fechheimer; Jerry Berthe; William (Bill) Dietrich; Kathryn (Kay) Olson Dietrich; William Dietrich, Jr.; Fay Stipp Cogswell; Maria Matala Lowdon; Martha Leuthold Winter Reeves; Eric Carlson; Marilyn (Mimi) Garbisch Carlson; Marsha Garbisch Harbison; Marlou (Marjorie) Garbisch Johnston; Charles Johnston; Nancy Johnston; Kenneth Johnston; Thomas (Tom) Garbisch; Laurence McKinley Gould; Jerry Machalek; Patricia Dickerson Doten; Deborah (Debby) Seltzer Bishop; Charlotte Westberg; John (Jack) Caton; Norma Petefish Behrend; Elizabeth Kennedy Fischer; Judith Webster Nelson; Marguerite (Jappy) Kennedy Smith; Mary Shifflett Wilkinson; Lyne Smith Loomis; Phyllis Brothers; Don Brothers; Ralph Smith; James (Jim) Rawcliffe; Frank Countryman; Violette Browne; Marshall Freerks; Lesley McBride Freerks; Sheldon (Shelly) Vance; Jean Chambers Vance; Helen Currah Gross
Item 2: Mildred Blomquist Curry, 1946


Includes material related to: "Youth on the Campus"; photos of buildings on campus; Gould inauguration; commencement; graduation exercises; "The Carletonian," October 20, 1945; theatre; programs; unidentified photos; V-C Days booklet; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Northfield Symphony Orchestra; Vesper address "Thoughts in a Period of Transition" by David Bryn-Jones; party invitations; "The Light of the World" poem by Charles C. Mierow; Iliad; Christmas; correspondence; "Cut Notice" informing students of the circumstances that allow them to cut class; postcards; Second Annual Conference on Problems of the Far North; "The Carletonian," March 23, 1946; glee club; dance band; Constitution of the CSA; Flying Carls; airport; "The Carletonian," September 29, 1945; SS. Carleton Victory; war; Easter; vesper services; Junior-Senior Dinner and Ball; dance cards; pressed flowers; honors convocation; saddle club; horse-riding; equestrian; May Fete; "We Hold These Truths" by Lucile Deen; marriage announcements; baccalaureate service; newspaper clippings

People Depicted: Shirley (Shan) Montgomery Knox; Doris Palmer Nairne; Robert (Bob) Potts; George Gibson; Marian Taylor Antin; Nancy Wright Weyhrauch; Natalie (Twinks) Sweeney Haeger; Gertrude O'Donnell Rocheford; Margaret (Jane) Barbier Dulmage; Louise Finley Coy; Beverly Thompson McInnes; Frances Stovall Walters; Florence Kimball Burau; Margaret (Marn) Riley Hamilton; Eunice Oman Chapman; John (Jack) Jannasch; President Laurence McKinley Gould; Olive Seibert; Belle Fast Anderson; Merrill Hutchinson; Charles Christopher Mierow; Lorena Fagan Anderson; Audrey Carlson Branch; Charles (Chuck) Voss, Jr.; Stephen Dunning; Paul Anderson; Nancy Goodman Emory; Elmer (Gus) Lindquist; James (Jim) Dorman; Earl Swanson, Jr.; Ellsworth Quinnell; Patricia O'Leary Paul Kaufmann; William Benton; Jean Crego Curtis; David Bryn-Jones; Mary (Pee Wee) Hendrickson Schulze; Helen Crabb Thompson; Nancy (Peab) Peabody McCaffrey; Helen (Georgia) Shulhafer Whitehill; Stuart McKlveen Hunter, Jr.; James Pyper Bird; Eva Prow; Mary Wilson Ketterhagen; Loyce Johnson Houlton; Louise (Lou) Leibold Dale; Elizabeth (Betty) McQueen Mayther; Edith (Edie) Davidson Kraus
Item 3: Mabel Stone Cartwright, 1904

Scrapbook (Loose Pages)

Includes material related to: theatre; programs; Junior Class Play; The Messiah; debate; Philomathian society; Adelphic society; Ware Oratorical; commencement exercises; name cards; Senior Class Play; College Yells; Carleton Athletic Union; marriage announcement; wedding invitation

Item 4: George Gwinn, 1940

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; bonfire; unidentified photos; dormitory room; Lyman Lakes; Carleton symphony band; music

Box/Drawer 52
Item 1: Class of 1950 50th Reunion, 2000

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of reunion attendees

People Depicted: C. C. (Tim) Elder; William (Bill) Beck; Richard (Dick) (Jorgy) Jorgensen; William (Bill) McDougal; Kenneth (Ken) Ligare
Item 2: Dorothy Draper Patten, 1914


Includes material related to: unidentified photos; dormity room; Christmas; notes from classmates; marriage announcements; newspaper clippings; portraits; Carleton greetings; Alpha Beta Phi; literary societies; Sophomore-Freshman receptions; Morgan's Kandy Kitchen; name cards; programs; football; privilege ticket; athletic schedules; group photos; athletic photos; Songs and Yells; dance cards; Treadwell Cyanide Plant; Thanksgiving banquet; planing cards; payment receipts; Cane Rush; post cards; glee club; photos of buildings on campus; basketball; Decoration Day; poems; picnics; May Fete; track; interscholastic meet; St. Olaf goat; family photos; Bouncing Day; New Year's Eve; Seldom Inn; Valentine's Day; Washington Reception; canoeing; arboretum; survey for the entering class; orchestra

People Depicted: Violet Atchinson Peterson; Ruth Richardson Smith; Daisy Miller Erickson; Margaret Simpson Porterfield; Hazel Stinson Emery; Winifred Sherwood Maier; Eleanor Pfeiffer Nordbye; Hazel Aldrich Bass; Jane Williams Jones; Florence Allen Norby; Florence McDonald Jacobson; Lozira Higgins Cardle; Eva Lindbergh Spaeth; Marion Richardson Simpson, Jr.; Clarice Coult Hunt; Alma Mayer Bush; Lloyd Dack; Robert Cowling; John Haskins; Elmer Gillott; Carl Jacobson; George Jacobson; William (Bill) Kinder; Thomas (Thos) Mabon; Oscar Ashton; George Wandel; Claude Knott; Luther Gilbert; Ray Phillips; Ralph Wilson; G. Edgar Aiken; Harrison Sherwood; Lee Prentice; John Percy Greaves; George Schmitz; Leslie Jefferson; Donald John Cowling; Elmore Greening; Grace Cochran; Mary Wilson Constans
Box/Drawer 53
Item 1: Class of 1939 Post-Carleton, 1995-2004


Photos, news clippings, cards, etc. from 1995-2004 related to alumni from the class of 1939. Compiled by Jeanette Westfall.

Includes material related to: Reunion 1995 class of 1940 directory; list of class of 1939 attendees to their 60th reunion; 'Inside Carleton' 1995 Profile in Leadership of Jane Scholl; 'The Voice'; newspaper clippings; obituaries; Northfield News; Christmas cards; family photos; Westfall Tours; 1999 Alumni Remembrance Chapel Service; Reunion 1999; donor list; Distinguished Achievement articles; Bill Clinton Commencement; list of lost members of the class of 1939 (as in, for whom the class did not have an address); list of deceased members of the class of 1939 as of 1999; news about donations from 1939 alumni; news about the college; '"'The Voice' of Reason" on Jeanette Westfall'; jazz; map of campus; Reunion 1984; Reunion 1989; letters from Lois Wenk Cohodas and her husband regarding their annual trips to Israel

Alumni who are not pictured but for whom the scrapbook has related memorabilia: Mary Bowles Cordingley; Sheldon (Shelly) Vance; Martha Leuthold Reeves Winter; Frederick Leighton; Robert (Bob) Carlson; Charles Brashares; Carl Altenburg; Joan Williams; Lucile (Anderson) Davis; Paul (Slats) Gering

People Depicted: Jane Scholl; Jeanette Burnham Westfall; Fran Hall; Arild (Spike) Miller; William (Bill) Westfall; Lois Wenk Cohodas; Carolyn Guidinger Shuck; Ruth Hartley Bagley; Hugh Kendall; Helen Currah Gross; Robert (Bob) Upp; Charles Johnston; Colby Carlson; Christopher (Chris) Harbison; Marsha Garbisch Harbison; Richard (Dick) Garbisch; Marlou (Marjorie) Garbisch Johnston; Marilyn (Mimi) Garbisch Carlson; Marjorie (Crabby) Crabb Garbisch; Thomas (Tom) Garbisch; Nancy Johnston Mitalski; Robert (Bob) Ebenreiter; Velaire (Lari) Kaplan Ehni; William (Bill) Cheek; Helen Lyle Cheek; Katherine (Kay) Leach Stafford; Muriel Dunkleman Diamond Bach; Maria Matala Lowdon; Winifred Varco Haagensen; Dwain Warner; William (Bill) Stafford; Doris (Dode) Repke Matoush; John Miller; Robert Drips; Norman (Norm) Sterrie; Elizabeth (Liz) Fielder Holden; Marshall Freerks; Katherine (Kay) (Kassie) Grunert Farnham; Gertrude (Trudie) Gingrich Feather; Lorraine Tillberg Kapitanoff; Samuel (Sam) Darling; Wilfred (Will) Corey; George Rossman; Margaret (Maggie) Smith Winborn; Hugh Lindsay; Eugene (Gene) Hunner; Walter Clark; Louis Claeson; Donald Crooks; Dorothy Sommer Marvin; Marion Peterson Flinn; Alice Hunt Rossman; Sabin Arnquist; Jean Saunders Miller; Don Selby; Richard (Bud) Johnson; Betsy Bullis Sterrie; Charles (Bill) Valencourt; Edward Shannon; Mary Jane Bengston Bolmgren; Robert (Bob) Conroy; Charlotte Westberg; Janet Hoffman Leighton; Alice Liedloff Castle; Robert Gielow; John (Tiny) Coe; Oliver Fardig; Kenneth (Ken) Morrison; Janes (Jim) Youngdale; John Castle; George Schwert; John Harris; President Bill Clinton; President Stephen R. Lewis, Jr.; John Hlavacek; Jeanne DuBois Davidson; Edward (Ed) Dodson; Theodore (Ted) Watson; Jeanne Winsor Watson; Victor Bertramson; Bruce Boynton; George Wattles; President Robert Oden Jr.; Waldo (Wally) Jaax; Donald Colby; Erling Nordberg; William (Bill) Glenn; George Gibson; Richard (Dick) Hope; Laird Anderson; Edwin (Bruce) Gilmore; Alfred (Al) Garske; Charlotte Ogg Garske; Harold (Hal) Roeth; Lafayette French; George Hnatiuk; Kenneth Kalina; Willabell Hillyer Shale Blodgett; Hope Hollender Shale; Janet Bashen Switzer; Margaret (Peg) Stamm Dahlman; Marcell Peterson Hoyer; Evelyn (Lynn) Ware Peters; Jane Becker Anderson; Shirley Shale Palmer; Jean Moulding Joboul; Lois (Pete) Peterson Stone Morgan; Doris Neely Woolsey; Joseph Malsheski; Alfred (Al) Oldenberg; Sonja Karsen; David Prudden; Gwendolyn Stinger Scott; Ursula (Sue) Wahlstrom Sparkman; Marcel Andres; David (Dave) Caughren, Jr.; Harvey Mader, Jr.; Sara Headley; Robert (Bob) Weise, Jr.; Seth Atwood; Gordon Klenk; John (Pistol Pete) Peterson; Glenn Hartley; Betty Barr Zulch
Box/Drawer 54
Item 1: Mildred Blomquist, 1946


Contains material related to: photos of buildings on campus; unidentified group photos; "Maize Daize"; name cards; "Information Pleas" publication by the Women's League of Carleton College; correspondence; Christmas Dinner; theatre; programs; music; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Carleton orchestra; "MS" or "Manuscript" publication from January 1945; "The Burton Breeze" publication from Dec. 19, 1944, Feb. 10, 1945, and May 19, 1945; Valentines Day; Conference on Problems of the Far North; 'Carleton Songs and Yells'; photos of Carleton women taken by a color camera; war; Carleton Saddle Club; "That's Life" College Issue 1945; Honors Convocation 1945 program; May Fete 1945; dance cards; newspaper clippings; "Youth on the Campus"; "The Carletonian" from March 17, 1945 and May 19, 1945; Donald Cowling retirement; election of Laurence Gould; May Fete; retirement of Lindsey Blayney; "Minneapolis Daily Times"; death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

People Depicted: Ann Spafford Herbert; Helen Schadegg Prins; Carol McCullough Jones; Elizabeth (Betty) Montgomery Rowe; Hazel (Spence) Spencer Hastings; Suzanne Nelson Calvin; Martha McBratnie Goetz; Mary Puchner Fagan; Merry Esbjornsson Dobson; Patricia Ewell Trumble; Martha (Marty) Nowlen Guilliams; Manetta Focke Merrill; Nancy Devonald Osborn; Marie Elliott Kling; Mary Ellen Ackerman Givens; Margaret (Peg) (Peggy) Badger; Ruth Larson Mularz; Jean Marx Hachmeister; Norma Hanson Roberts; Ruth Cleare Bentley; Rosemary Hein; Louise (Lou) Leibold Dale; Mary Wilson Ketterhagen; Sydney Goodrich Burkhart; Mary Weller Raber; Pvt. John Mulholland; Pvt. Peter Silverstone; Charlotte (Char) Goetz Thomas; Margaret Larkin Pettingill; Elizabeth (Betty) Thale Cross; Margaret (Marg) Antrim Ferguson; Pfc. Edward Mulcahy; Sally Eldredge Larson; Mary Griffin; President Donald John Cowling; President Laurence McKinley Gould; Ann (Micky) McNamara Fallon; Louise E. Walraven; Priscilla Livezey Boardman; Loyce Johnson Houlton; Robert Ward McEwen; Thomas Lindsey Blayney; Frank Estes Kendrie; Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Item 2: Katharine (Tinker) Angell Roe, 1936


Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; airplane view of campus; monthly college calendars; list of new students; newspaper clippings; marriage and engagement announcements; athletic photos; course schedules; post office; football; homecoming program; news about University of Minnesota; C.S.A. Constitution; Cane Spree; St. Olaf Choir; debate; theatre; vesper services; athletic schedules; basketball; class officers; examination schedules; symphony band; unidentified photos; name cards; May Fete; baseball; track; golf; tennis; Carleton Greetings; Gamma Delta; programs; Alpha Beta Phi; Delta Phi; correspondence; Sack-Rush; choir; prohibition; Frosh-Soph Ball; social committee; enrollment card; Round Table Conference on Vocations; sheet music for school songs; death notice of Professor of Music, Henri Verbrugghen; the Carletonian; Winter Carnival; telegrams; Washington Ball; Junior-Senior Prom; dried bouquet and corsage from prom; Carleton-in-China; news on Herbert Krayenbuhl, a student who was accidently shot by a college watchman; course schedules; Carleton Athletic Handbook; death of Art Professor, Ian B. Stoughton Holbourn; memorial service program for Henri Verbrugghen; hockey; Thanksgiving; Halloween; hockey; sledding; winter; dental health services; botany; laboratories; equestrian; horse-riding; art; oratorical contests; Carleton GOPoliticians and republicans; Carleton Student Associaton (CSA) ballot; recitals; Cannon River flooding; commencement; grades; report card; graduation exercises; post-Carleton news of the class of 1935

People Depicted: Axel Ebenezer Vestling; George R. Gibson; Bert Sternal; Bert Slade; Robert Litsheim; J. A. (Del) Torrens; Robert Nugent; Walter Petraborg; Paul Boisen; Harold (Tubby) Nordly; Edward Behmler; Robert Morris; Richard Schuettge; Elmer A. Lampe; Marshall Diebold; Curt Simmons; Semor Tofte; Maurice (Maury) Nestrud; John A. Ferguson; Richard (Dick) McClanahan; Russell Rafdal; Lyle Narum; John Main; Catherine Gabrielson Manson; Haldore Hanson; Alois Kiefer; William (Bill) Schacht; Eric Strom; Matthias (Matt) Thoeny; Ronald (Boots) Taylor; Richard (Dick) Arney; June Downer Ramsay; Robert (Bob) Anderson; Justus Geist; Myron M. Weaver; Henry Jeronimus; John Truesdale; Donald (Tag) Senior; John (Jack) Grey; President Donald John Cowling; Robert DeWall; Randall (Pat) Herman; Ray Milton Conger; Herman A. Jensch; William Getsch; Ralph (Cy) Parker; Art Tressel; William McDonald; Frederick Locke Lawrence; Theodore Otto Wedel; William (Billy) Powell; Stanley Palcich; Carl Huber; Frank Okoren; John McCarthy; Joseph (Joe) Scammon; Chester Raasch; John Baumann; James Robert Gillette, Sr.; Cameron Newell; Katharine (Tinker) Angell Roe; Louise (Lady) Seeger Andrews; Bernice Peterson Petrich; Thomas Job; Henri Verbrugghen; Gretchen Ann Magaret Garner; Russell Schoch; Charles Christopher Mierow; Edward Arthur Fath; Adella M. Catton; William Lescher; Wendell Strom; Alice Venrick Roberts; Duane (Duts) Brenna; Webb Raudenbush, Jr.; Robert Matteson; Betty Ball Lyle; Jean Todd Sharp; Rebecca (Rebacca) Streater Fuhlbruegge; David Canmann; John Phelan; Richard (Dick) Woodbury; Jean Porter Gibbons; Charlotte Westbrook Virga; Ann Hartman Russ; Kenneth Zosel; Thomas (Tom) Dosen; John (Jack) Roe, Jr.; Bernice Brown Hanson; William Clark Bramble; Wesley Enkema; Leigh Davis; Edward Moore; Donald Raish; Willard Hunter; Kenneth Foster; Russell Harper, Jr.; Frederick Jackson; Susanne (Sue) Jones Ellis; Thomas (Tom) Countryman; Marion New; William Nicoll; William (Bill) Lewis; James Robert Gillette, Sr.; Laurence McKinley Gould; Ian B. Stoughton Holbourn; Marmion Hengstler Nestrud; Kenneth (Ken) Heacock; William Fiedler; Helen Thorsen Blomquist; John (Big John) Euckert; Russell Hall; Clyde Augustus Duniway; Harley Sigmond; Harry Moe; Sydney (Sid) Larson; Samuel Harrison Thomson; David Hill; Edith (Edie) Blunt Tobin; Homer Hoyer Hanna; Merece Taralseth Postlethwait; Francis (Wayne) Sparks; Evans Hunter; Victor Rose; William (Bill) Leonard; Ralph Strom; Ruth Schacht Shaw; Anna Grace Enkema Frizelle; Thomas Lindsey Blayney; H. Carter Davidson; Harold St. Germain; George (Doc) Zahner; Vernon Fladager; William Brunstad; Reynolds Thomas; Marian Birkett Lewis; Charles (Chuck) Lunder; Altamae Eagen Raiser; Keith Clark; Joseph W. Goldsbury; Muriel Peterson Grunditz; Ingram Benson; Russell Van Hoof; George Posselt; Robert Lewis; William (Bill) Randall; Ruth Todd Scammon; Frances Ellis Haswell; Winfield (Bill) Foreman; Ernest (Ernie) McMillan; Howard Benn; Ark Kohnen; Frank Krause; Arthur Smith, Jr.; Kenneth Knopf; Howard Pietsch; John Poore; Frank Chesley; John Simon; Stanley Manro; Jane Macaulay Swanstrom; Helen Jane Millen; Mary (Betty) Andersen Hulings; Helen Hunt Wright; Helen Butke Whiting; Ruth (Robin) Robertson Wallace; Deva Stone Martin; Helen (Betty) Johnson Jensch; Maxine Snyder; Sylvia Harleen Morton; Carolyn Schuldt Smith; Winifred Varco Haagensen; Sara Headley; Thelma Gaspar Hanau; Dorothy Halfpap Thomas; Millicent (Milly) Weschcke Christiansen; Norma Montgomery Kindy; Loren Scott Maguire Dunning; Katherine Dawson Paulin; Mary-Hill Kueffner French; Mary Hazen Read; Betty Blomquist Dreis; Stuart McKlveen Hunter, Jr.
Box/Drawer 55
Item 1: Women's Recreation Association (WRA), 1960-1971
Item 2: Paul Petran, class of 1918, 1914-1918
Box/Drawer 56
Item 1: Carleton in 2016, 2016
Includes material related to: Spring Concert; Overheard at Carleton; party culture; the Clap; the Carletonian; Student Activities Office (SAO) trips; dances; Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO) movies; Carls Give Day; Carleton Hackathon; Sesquicentennial; Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT); Conversations for Change; Freedom of Speech; Ebony II; Synchrony; Divest Carleton; 2016 election; Diversity and inclusion; major declaration; minors; comprehensive exercise "Comps": football, ultimate frisbee; Gods of Plastic (GOP); Clader House; Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC); Weitz Center for Creativity; Scoville Hall; Dean of Students; Carleton Student Association (CSA); Lyman, the campus cat; Stripped; Schiller
People Depicted: People Depicted: Steven Ponskanzer, Carolyn Livingston; Madeleine Geitz; Christopher "Chris" Lee; Allison "Ally" Tucker; Suhail Thandi; Fabio Soares; Jill Ponskanzer; Robert "Bob" Daily; Felicity Flesher
Item 2: Critical Studies in Public Space, 2015
Includes material related to: Cowling Arboretum "Arb"
Series Z: (various sizes)
Box/Drawer 1: Meyer, Charlotte, 1930-1934


Includes material related to: athletic tickets; homecoming; Round Table Conference on Vocations; organ recitals; vesper services; correspondence; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; symphony band; English club; women's inter-society declamatory contest; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; posters; The Carletonian; Grand Theater; May Fete; commencement; graduation exercises; dance cards; Carleton song lyrics; library rules; cards; art; newspaper clippings; faculty changes; infantile paralysis breakout on campus; basketball; photos of buildings on campus; cartoons; graduation cards; wedding photos, invitations, and announcements; photo of entire student body; program for freshman registration; acceptance / room assignment letter; health tests; party invitations; schedule of recitations; theater; dramatic arts; The Handbook of the Women's League

People Depicted: Mrs. Florence Hedstrum Morsbach; Isaac M. Cochran; Frederick Locke Lawrence; Theodore Wedel; John M. Millen; Mary Beal Housel; Keith Clark; Thomas Job; Elizabeth Linscott; Alfred J. Hyslop; Laurence M. Gould; Myron M. Weaver; Elmer J. Lampe; James R. Gillette; Thorstein Veblen; John Phelan; Roy Nilsen; Marshall Diebold; Samuel Perrin; Harold (Tubby) Nordly; Richard (Dick) Arney; Robert (Bob) Leach; Paul (Skip) Crawford; Matthias Thoeny; Eric Strom; Ronald (Boots) Taylor; Jean Rice Hoppin; Margaret Evans Huntington; Ambrose W. Vernon; Elaine Sears Clay; Betty Alexander Novak; Joan Thompson Harrold; Miriam Seeger Reay; Mary Burns Hegdal; Susan (Sue) Evarts Lewis; Jean Birkett Hoffman; Catherine Gallagher Thomson; Muriel Mackay Arney
Box/Drawer 2: Ogden, Warner, 1912-1916View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: Bouncing Day; First Congregational Church; privilege ticket; Northfield National Bank check for rooming costs; football; Halloween; Sophomore-Freshman reception; lecture course schedules; theater; athletic schedules; Freshman-Sophomore football game; dance cards; Freshman Party; posters; Freshman Banquet; vesper services; dramatic club; skiing; photos of buildings on campus; correspondence; concert band; Athenian Literary Society; oratorical contests; Washington Reception; glee club; basketball; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; booklet about the college; baseball scorecard; track and field; unidentified group photos; photos of faculty; dormitories; Northfield Choral Union; tennis; YMCA; St. Olaf Concert Band; Washington Reception; class of 1916 group photo; St. Patrick's Day; debate; dance cards; grade reports; scarlet fever quarantine; construction of Skinner Memorial Chapel; winter; May Fete; Carleton College Bulletin; gymnastics; choir; newspaper clippings; map of campus; band; Morgan's Kandy Kitchen soda menu

People Depicted: Ernest Lewison; Alfred Robertson; Wallace Hamilton; Oscar Setrum; Elmer (Long Pete) Peterson; J. Mulligan; Harry Booth; Zoe Ward Walker; Warner Ogden; Margaret Fleming Finnegan; Richard (Dick) Wollin; Edith Conkey Verdale; L. Day; Joseph Markley; Elmer Gillott; Cloyd (Ching) Lee; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Rex Kitts; Donald Gray; President Donald Cowling; George Miners; Walter Simpson; Gordon Welshons; Mervyn Welshons; Adolph Tatting; Arthur Rolfe; Edward Garvey; Berniece Young McMillan; Arthur Weiland; Elmer Cordes; Arnold Schmidt; Edna Fuller; Frances Decker Anderson; A. (Dick) Massopust; Alexander Nelson; A. (Del) Gruman
Box/Drawer 3: Griffith, Edith, 1896

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of students; Northfield train station; Congregational Church; photos of buildings on campus; photo of large portion of campus; dormitories; parties; trip to Owatonna; 1926 reunion; Gamma Delta; New York City; unidentified group photos; unidentified portraits

People Depicted: James Van Slyke; Charles McCreery; William McCreery; Harlan Fisk; Edward Kimball; Henry Riggs; Frank Forsell; Alexander Cameron; Jacob Bentell; Elizabeth Taylor; Myrtle Kinyon; Mary Harmon; Nellie Hickok Morford; Mabelle Morgan; Nora Montgomery Brown; Elizabeth (Bessie) Eaton Elston; Anna Swanson; Edith Griffith; Clarabel Goodhue Wellman; Mary Houston; Edith Spooner Pell; Julie (Julie) Anthony Kennedy; Bess Strayer Williamson; Lydia (Lynda) Woodbridge; Grace Chamberlin Rosa; Edith Daniels; Martha Dixon; Helen (Nellie) Evans; Ruth Haven; Margaret Jervis Bickel; Frances (Fannie) Johnston; Lillian Klossner Shepard; Caroline Manning; Carolyn (Carrie) Ogden; Alice Hannahs Olds
Box/Drawer 4: Nutting Family Album, Circa 1910

Photo Album

Includes material related to: Nutting gravestone; unidentified family photos; children; pets; boating

Box/Drawer 5: Class of 1898, 1898

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of faculty; portraits of students

People Depicted: Frank Lockerby; Nellie Gregg Hurst; Herman McChesney; Lillian Klossner Shepard; Malcolm Dana; Alice Hannahs Olds; Eleanor Gladstone; Hans Jager; Helen Evans; Max Exner; Eugene Graham; Minnie Dilley; Charles Ottesen; Caroline Manning; Ludvig Sundeen; Margery Morrison; Carolyn (Carrie) Ogden; John Johnson; Irene Woodman; William Westerson; Charles Ryberg; Christiana (Christy) Spencer; Harriet Guilford
Box/Drawer 6: Gregg, John, 1930

Photo Album

Includes material related to: football; stadium; band; winter; Lyman Lakes; photos of buildings on campus; canoing; homecoming; bonfire; debate; basketball

People Depicted: Preston McNurlen; Estelle (Steve) Anderson Nelson; Vernie Miller; Vance Grannis, Sr.; Arnold Simso; Donald Dickey; Samuel Jensch; William Sprague; Milton Born; W. J. Bakken; Arthur (Swede) Kern; E. (Erc) Addington; Lester Cable; Jesse Gossard, Jr.; Robert (Bob) Reay; Horace Murfin; John Gregg; John Millen; Zena Thurston Isaacs; Nedra Torrance; Almeda (Meda) Buckman Stromme; Margaret Garberson Lee; June Lindquist Crawford; Paul Robblee; Charles Schwartz; Harold Stemsrud; Everett (Corky) Sandburg; Ernest Beebe; Henry (Hank) Roberts; Lloyd McBride; Ellis Yale; Dale Baird; L. Kempton; Kenneth Rowe; Osborne Cowles; Samuel Perrin; Roy Nilsen; Paul (Skip) Crawford; Robert (Bob) Leach; James (Jim) Helming; C. (Hip) Carisch; Warren Knowles; Marshall Ebert; Theo Setterquist
Box/Drawer 7: Hutchinson, Abbie M., 1906

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of students; canoing; group photo of faculty; photos of professors

People Depicted: Abbie Hutchinson
Box/Drawer 8: Nourse Cottage Residents, Circa 1911

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of Nourse Cottage, interior and exterior; photos of the family; photos of buildings on campus; May Pole Dance

People Depicted: Laura Bakke; Marjorie Sawyer Michaud; Mary Wilson Constans
Box/Drawer 9: Von Tobel, Anna, 1919


Includes material related to: notes from classmates; athletic rosters; athletic schedules; football; basketball; Carleton Handbook; booklet about the college; namecards; train tickets; admission card; posters; unidentified group photos; correspondence; newspaper clippings; photos of buildings on campus; receipts; oratorical contests; Northfield businesses; correspondence; music; choir; recitals; glee club; organ recitals; student privilege tickets; door signs; poems; Valentines Day cards; track and field; Washington Reception; skiing; St. Paul Outdoor Sports Carnival; birthday cards; Grand Theater; Red Cross; postcards; fiftieth anniversary of the college; Skinner Memorial Chapel organ dedication; theater; vesper services; Carleton College Bulletin; May Fete; Sophomoraeolian; high school basketball tournament; class day exercises; St. Olaf Concert Band; graduation recital; dramatic club; "Customs and Regulations: Carleton College" hanbook; Carleton song lyrics; Conservatory of Music

People Depicted: Neith Headley; Florence Wade Prentice; Ruth Maltby Colvard; Ruby Larson Hill; Margaret Grant; Frances Sellen Sly; Jessie Bird Luedtke; Ida Conner Kaiser; Georgene Easler Beattie; Clara Fick Purcell; Margaret Josten Tyrholm; Vera Whitmore Gilbert; Ralph Henry; Bryan Gilkinson; Joseph Markley; Coach C. J. Hunt; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Mervyn Welshons; Lucius Badger
Box/Drawer 10: Neilson, Serena, 1910


Includes material related to: dormitories; Carleton song lyrics; sheet music; recitals; concerts; YWCA; Alpha Beta Phi; School of Music; skating club; Congregational Church; debate; commencement; prayer meetings; correspondence; glee club; gymastics; Carleton Athletic Union; Gamma Delta; Adelphic Society; Sophomore Party; baseball; Northfield Choral Union; Alumni Association; class day; memorial service for Augustus Engstrom; advertisements; oratorical contests; regulations of Carleton College; library rules; term card recording hours spent in recitations for each course; anthropometric tables; death of Margaret Evans Huntington; death of Marian Leroy Burton

People Depicted: Margaret Evans Huntington; Marian Leroy Burton
Box/Drawer 11: Peterson, George W., 1915


Includes material related to: track and field; pole vault; football; athletic team photos; cross country; boarding club; all-college picnic; photos of buildings on campus; athletic record; basketball; baseball; glee club; Washington Reception

People Depicted: George Peterson; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Edward Garvey; Walter Simpson; Arthur Rolfe; Mervyn Welshons; Adolph (Joe) Tatting; George Miners; Cloyde (Ching) Lee; Joseph (Joe) Markley; Archie Carlson; C. Cross; Ernest (Sam) Lewison; Elmer (Stub) Gillott; William (Bill) Schroeder; Lucius (Shrimp) Badger; Elmer (Long Pete) Peterson; Morris Hancock; Arthur Persons; A. Massopust; L. Day; Sidney Henderson; Albert Dahlby; Gordon Welshons; Clarence Dodds; Henry French
Box/Drawer 12: Rinconada Raconteur, 1941


Details a Carleton College-Cornell University ornithological expedition to Mexico begun in February 1941. Dr. Olin S. Pettingill and Robert Lea, class of 1941, joined Dr. George M. Sutton and  Dwain Warner, class of 1939, of Cornell in Rancho Rinconada, a 150-acre wilderness, to collect, photograph, paint, and survey rare bird species of the area. This photo album was created for his fellow researchers by Robert "Bob" Lea to commemorate the expedition.

People depicted: Dwain Warner, Olin S. Pettingill, Robert Lea, George M. Sutton
Box/Drawer 13: Doud, Katharine, 1914


Includes material related to: Gamma Delta; 1914 class photo; oratorical contests; list of class officers; list of professors; 'class prophecy' by Hazel Aldrich; athletic schedule; Class Day Exercises 1914; event schedules; commencement program 1913; Gamma Delta membership list; Gamma Delta constitution; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; class role 1914; commencement schedule 1912; name cards; commencement program 1914; announcement dinner for the marriage of Florence Baker and Jacob Riegel, both Carleton students; newspaper clippings; Washington Party; theatre; event invitations; society annual teas; dance cards; glee club concert schedule; notes about classmates; congratulatory graduation letter from a reverend

People Depicted: Katharine Doud (Katharine Shearer)
Box/Drawer 14: Watson, Isabella, 1910
Pressed leaves collected from the United States, Canada, and several European countries between 1885 and 1910.
Box/Drawer 15: Barney, Paul W., 1895

Photo Album

Groups/Events: Jingle Bells (55), The Powers That Be (56), State Oratorical Celebration (57), Thanksgiving Day (58), Carleton Mustache Club (59), Freshman Football Team (60), Freshman vs. Juniors Game (61), 220 Yard Dash and 1/2 Mile Run (62), High Pole Vault (64), C. C. Athletic Team at Cannon Falls (68)

Includes period photos of campus buildings (interior and exterior) and Northfield.

People Depicted: Portraits: Hisa Amaya (page 1), Paul Barney (2), Elizabeth Burnham (3), Charles Burton (4), Alice Caldwell (5), James Chapman (6), Franz Exner (7), Clarabel Goodhue (8), Grace Herrick (9), William Hollands (10), Mary "Mollie" Houston (11), Gracia Jenks (12), Svante Lindholm (13), Agnes Eastman Page (14), Jessie Payne (15), William Pell (16), Robert Pollock (17), Edith Spooner (18), Lillian Stewart (19), Maude Willsey (20)

Group Photos: Jenks, Willsey and Chapman (53), Hanley, Chapman, Cook, Wells, Stokes, Basford, Haven and Knapp (55), M. J. Evans and L. E. Danforth (56), Charles Burton (57), W. McCarthy, L. Woodbridge, B. Strayer, A. Smith, B. Northfield, A. Day, R. Chittenden, M. Watson, and F. Smith (58), H. Jajer, W. Taylor, F. Forssell, O. Beckman, F. Exner, W. Westerson, C. Burton, M. Exter, G. Lindholm, E. Chamberlin, R. Pollock, J. Johnson, O. Roberts, A. Hughes, and W. McClane (59), V. Miller, E. Graham, W. Westerson, F. Bren, B. Price, M. Hanley, M. Dana, L. Whiting, A. Carpenter, J. Johnson, H. Jajer, and D. Gates (60), F. Exner, D. Roberts, C. Knapp, and P. Barney (62), M. Exner (64),  L. Bullis, A. Miller, M. Exner, A. Carpenter, J. Jenks, A. Smith, F. Forssell, H. Donovan, W. Sudduth, W. McCarthy, and P. Barney (68)

Box/Drawer 16: Class of 1902, 1902
Photo Album
People Depicted: Charles A. Culver, Ada DeBoos, Ezra R. Edwards, Jesse Agnes Hansen, A. G. Crane, Joy Secor, Prof. Alden, Jennie Belle Morrill, Edwin R. King, Frances Ruth Wyman, Chester B. Lippitt, Mary H. Dana, Joseph A. A. Burnquist, Marion Leavitt, Prof. Lyman, Edward A. Fath, Ellen F. Roe, Emil A. Kling, Kate E. Smith, Ruth E. Peterson, Claribel Corinne Chappell, Isabella Law, Ruth Wells, Henry E. Baker, Alice M. Page, Ethel M. George, Stella Hubbell, Carrie E. Trimble, Edna Louise Bigelow, Edythe M. Burnham, Vera Meacham, George L. Johnson, Gertrude E. Cline, Raphael B. Millard, Grace L. Payne,
Box/Drawer 17: Peterson, Ruth, 1916

Photo Album

A collection of photos with an enclosed key that identifies who is pictured in each photo.

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; photos of Northfield; Sigma Lambda; winter activities; May Fete; Bouncing Day; college picnic; group photos; canoeing; dorm rooms; unidentified photos; depot; Thanksgiving; group photos; bonfire; tennis; YWCA; Lake Geneva camp; graduation; commencement

People Depicted: Mamie Hoppin Bird; Ema Tripp Younkin; Evelyn Goodsell; Emily Moland Smith; Lurene Watson Starr; Charlotte Hertzberg McGary; Edith Thompson; Beth Porter Garvey; Hazel Runnels; Mona Sprung Peterson; Flora Holton Geyer; Ruth Peterson Thomas; Clarice Coult Hunt; Helen Andrews Rieke; Florence Baker Riegel; Nellie Swanson; Helen Kuebler; Ruth Huntoon Weller; Ruth Smith; Bertha Booth Wallace; Alta (Lucile) Hanson Spaeth; Avis Rowe Penrose; Ebby Greer Marlow; Doris Curran; Anna Heyerdahl; Anne Simley; Mary Gaugh; Laura Phelps Cross; Horace Fishback, Jr.; Paul Jepson; Edna (Sophia) Hallaway White; Doris (Dora) Holt Larson; Violet Atchinson Peterson; Hazel Stinson Emery; Zella Devitt Leonard; Bessie Seavey Hammond; Florence Peterson; Warren Wilson; Paul Jepson; Frederick (Fred) Allen; Merle Humphrey McCarthy; Catherine (Kate) Latham Zimmerman; Genevieve Pearson Wade; Helen Ranney; Bernice Utzinger; Leal Headley; Dr. Cowling; Dr. Boodin; Dr. Huntington; Dr. Gingrich; Margaret Evans Huntington; Miss Wells; Dr. Wilson; Dr. Vestling; Dr. Keith; Miss Benton; Bessie Burnham; Ruth Wenstrom; Grace McCallum; Marie Hastings; Emma Wyatt Smith; Laura (Gladys) King Hanson; Margaret Pye Williams; Vera Whitmore Gilbert; Helen Fleming Wollin; Lillian Brauer; Alice Lowe Hughes; Emily Brown; Marjorie Draper Schoen; Miss Short; Miss Hawks
Box/Drawer 18: Carleton Photo Album c. 1934, Circa 1934
Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus, interior and exterior; outdoor photos of campus; arboretum; Lyman Lakes; May Fete; photos of athletic events; bonfire; table tennis or ping pong; Carleton goat; football; basketball; band; photos of professors; unidentified photos; athletic portraits; track and field
Box/Drawer 19: Margaret J. Evans, Dean of Women Carleton College, 1874-1908, 1882-1912
Bound scrapbook composed primarily of newspaper clippings about Margaret J. Evans. Also includes a tribute by "Carleton Ways and Byways and the Class of 1899."
Box/Drawer 20: Anderson, William R., 1914View associated digital content.

Photo Album including many unique photographs of professors.

Includes material related to: Cane Rush; Bouncing Day; Initiation; glee club; photos of buldings on campus; unidentified photos; photos of professors; portraits of students and faculty members; track and field; football; photography

People Depicted: Edward Strong; James Ewing; Ray A. Sigsbee; William Anderson; Morris Hancock; Eva Lindbergh Spaeth; Arthur L. Keith; Curvin H. Gingrich; John Elof Boodin; Coach Hunt; Coach Anderson
Box/Drawer 21: Dow, Irene Ella (also Purdie, Clarence), 1924


Includes material related to: Carleton farm; campus engagements and marriages; Carleton Matrimonial Bureau; engagement and announcement of Marion Miles and Glenn Catlin, both Carleton students; May Fete; photos of buildings on campus; track and field; photos of buildings in Northfield; Northfield Congregational Church or UCC; unidentified photos; music; Tug o' War; Lyman Lakes; football; athletic programs; theatre; newspaper clippings; road map of Minneapolis and St. Paul; basketball; athletic portraits; athletic schedules; glee club; debate and oratorical society; Carleton Greetings; student privilege tickets; Ionian Literary Society; Bouncing Day; Initiation or hazing; dining hall waiters; concert course schedule; ticket stubs; name cards; interscholastic meet; commencement exercises 1924; commencement week program 1924; student loan agreement forms; post cards; course schedules; insurance agent's license; Florsheim Shoes; corresponce; band; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; vesper services; library book reservation receipt; holiday cards; memorial article for tree in front of the chapel named Ulmus Americana

People Depicted: Roland Dietmeier; John Davis; Roland Van Der Smissen; Clarence Purdie; Dewar Anderson; Harry (Stub) O'Brien; Irene Dow Purdie; Wesley (Wes) Dow; Vernon Albers; Victor Belina; Roswell Bolstad; William Dammann; Alvin Engelson; Theodore Hunt; Theodore Long; Dwight Merrill; Stanley Martland; James Michie; Howard Owens; Irvin Rosa; Harvey Selover; Lucien Selover; John (Florian) Pohl; William Sherman; Clifford Smith; Rowland Sutherland; Ronald Sutherland; Raymond Steffens; Earl Tiffany; Adolph Toftey; Arthur Wellck; Horace Wellman; Jesse Perrin; John Middlemist
Digital items 1: Northfield, 1906-1908View associated digital content.
A scrapbook containing pictures of people and scenes around Northfield, MN between 1906 and 1908. Includes images of Scoville Library and commencement, houses around Northfield, and the United Church of Christ (UCC).
People Depicted: Raldo Johnson class of 1908
Box 22: Fern Larson, 1947
Includes materials related to Carleton-in-China

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