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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums


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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016 | Carleton College Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016View associated digital content.

ID: 08/028

Extent: 0.0

Arrangement: Item number

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Individual and organizational scrapbooks, containing photos, programs, booklets, drawings, clipping, invitations, records, correspondence, postcards, dance cards, receipts, and memorabilia.  Topics include athletics, oratory, literary societies, drama, musical groups, graduation and awards, dances and entertainment, clubs, religious activities, professors.  Scrapbooks of organizations may also be listed in the contents lists for that organization's record group, if any.  For some organizations, the only organized material in the archives is the scrapbook listed here.

Administrative Information

Repository: Carleton College Archives

Acquisition Method: Volumes donated individually.

Appraisal Information: Value Code: 2

Processing Information: LOCATION CHECKED

Box and Folder Listing

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Series A: (12.5"x9"x3" size)
Box/Drawer 1
Item 1: 'We Are Together' Vigil for Diversity, 1987


Signatures, flyers, newspaper articles, and correspondence related to the 'We Are Together' Vigil for Diversity held in the Sayles Hill student center October 23 & 24, 1987. Liz Randle and Sarah England we involved in the organization of this event.

Box/Drawer 2
Item [4]: Haven, Ruth A., 1899View associated digital content.

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus, interior and exterior; photos of outdoor scenes on campus; dormitories; Thanksgiving; winter; unidentified group photos; Senior-Junior baseball game; decorating committees; photos of faculty members; Fox Lake; rhetoric class photo; Lake Geneva; Bouncing Day; Carleton Coat of Arms; Carleton men drilling during Spanish American War.

People Depicted: Freda Williams; Bess (Bessie) Strayer Williamson; Lydia Woodbridge; Mary Hanson Quinn; Frances Crouch Blakely; Ruth Haven; Genevieve Reitler Van Wert; Marie Shafelt; Margaret J. Evans; Katherine L. Brazee; Sara Burrel Alexander Murphy; Howard Lyman Kingsbury; Mary Dana Kennedy; Anna T. Lincoln
Box/Drawer 3
Item 1: Fisher, Lucia, 1935

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; arboretum; Lyman Lakes; bonfire; postcards; May Fete; horse riding; equestrian; camping; Class of 1935 reunion group photo; newspaper clippings; note from Elizabeth (Betty) Angle Varco Fink on her life since Carleton; reunion photos

People Depicted: Barbara Brown Kelley; Elizabeth Lincoln Robinson; Patricia Kelley Rudd; Ione Seafield Ritchie; Helen Jett Bellis; Margaret Clefton; Jane Ashman; Katherine Gorham Dennis; Jean Steele; Dorothy Hoidale Sanders; Jane (Sandy) McDowell McGuire; Elizabeth (Betty) Angle Fink; Lucia Fisher Baker; Elizabeth (Betty) Craig Ware; Carolyn Fuldner Kraft; Gretchen Burtis Chapman; Mary Ladue Byron; Mary Bagley Rekas; Jeannette (Jenna) McBride Warner; Harriet Uhler Simpson; Louise (Lady) Seeger Andrews; Thomas Thomas; Charles (Chuck) Golder; Eleanor Suttle Golder; Edward Larson; Priscilla Priebe Thurow; Janice Koppe Riese; Lerroy Jones; Harry Green; Mary Scott Green; J.A. (Jean) (Del) Torrens; George Power; Bernice Peterson Petrich; Elizabeth (Betty) (Slip) Peterson Silliman; Robert (Bob) Anderson; Adrian Ernst; Jean McIntyre; Catherine Fath Sherry; Lee Briggs; Lillian Cassie; Marian Rankin Rolvaag; Marion Barnes Adams; George Stees; Betty Harris Thurow; John (Pistol Pete) Peterson; Jane Williams Verhey; Raymond N. Thurow; Grace Stanton Pfeiffer; Kathryn (Kay) Morrison Rue; Lucille Beede Hull McIntyre; Katharine Meier Tarbox; Ernest Burdahl; J.A. (Delbert) (Del) Torrens; Clinton Ford; Harold (Hal) Herman; Richard (Dick) Woodbury; Harold Peterson; Maurice (Maury) Nestrud; Dorothy DeBruyn Moore; Edward Moore; Robert Dewall; Sara Mehlhop Hazleton Siepmann; Duane (Duts) Brenna
Item 2: Rasmusen, Mary, 1911


Includes material related to: graduation; commencement; unidentified portraits; athletic portraits; tennis; lists of women's colleges and co-educational colleges; notes on first impressions of her friends; photos of faculty members; list of courses taken; photos of buildings on campus; notes about her dorm building and room; notes about Northfield; notes on classmates; notes on campus events; picnics; recipes for fudge, divinity candy, peanut sandwiches, and angel food cake; societies and clubs; glee club; event invitations; song lyrics; college seals and coats of arms; correspondence; newspaper clippings; notes on holiday celebrations; notes on the Carletonia; notes on athletic teams; boating; horseback riding; theatre;handwritten copies of theatre programs; pressed leaves and flowers; Christmas cards; photo of a comet taken by C. H. Gingrich at Goodsell Observatory; Delta Sigma Rho; list of engaged Carleton sudents; list of students and where they moved to after Carleton; autographs; postscript written in 1931, 20 years after her graduation; timeline of her life since Carleton

People Depicted: Mary Rasmusen; Edwin Stensrud; Donald John Cowling; Luther A. Weigle; Maurice A. Kent; Herbert Goodrich; Harriet Martin Hillman; Ethel Ackerman; David Howard; Zena Rasmusen; Catherine (Lydia) Lubahn Bleifuss; Ara Cornwell Earley; Lottie Campbell Emerson; William H. Laird; Frank Morse; Burton Hughes; Raymond Ziesmer; Park Dougherty; Erwin Nelson
Item 3: Carleton College Bookstore Album, 1913/14

Photo Album

An album of sample photos for students to order from.

Includes material related to: sample order form; Cannon River; Bouncing Day; Initiation; unidentified group photos; football; buildings on campus; Deaf Mute football game; baseball; train to picnic; band; dorm room; locker room; swimming pool; Northfield buildings; class photos; bonfire; Thanksgiving

Box/Drawer 4
Item [10]: Carleton College Scrapbook, Circa 1865-1878View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: newspaper clippings; Trustees Reports; President report on new building to be built on campus; letter to the editor of the Boston Daily News about Carleton College; name change from Northfield College to Carleton College; records of donations to the college; annual exercises; advertisements for the college; examination schedules; college program of instructors and courses; commencement; rules of the college; debate programs; Science Department; obituary for Mrs. William Carleton; death of Curtis E. Locke; pamphlets of the college

Item [11]: Watson Family AlbumView associated digital content.

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of Watson family members; photos of outdoor scenes on campus; photos of the Watsons' house in Northfield; photos of buildings on campus; unidentified group photos

People Depicted: Robert Watson; William Watson; Minnie Watson; Helen Williams
Box/Drawer 5
Item 1: Carleton Commencement 1940, 1940
Photographs, program, invitation, and greeting cards to a male graduate, class of 1940.
Box/Drawer 6
Item [15]: Craig, Elizabeth, 1935


Includes material related to: Civil War; newspaper clippings; Oak Park High School; May Fete; homecoming; WAA horse show; riding club; Carleton song lyrics; symphony band; commencement; graduation exercises; correspondence; wedding announcement; event programs; Lake Geneva; Christmas cards; Herbert Hoover; cartoons; politics

Note: Scrapbook in this box is not Elizabeth Craig's. Appears to be a scrapbook of Mabel HUmphrey from Oak Park, Illinois
People Depicted: Elizabeth Craig Ware; James Robert Gillette
Box/Drawer 7
Item [16]: Noble, Mary M., 1925


Includes material related to: YMCA; YWCA; photos of buildings on campus; photos of campus houses; newspaper clippings; registration statistics; initiation; Bouncing Day; unidentified portraits; athletic schedules; football; St. Olaf Choir; homecoming; dramatic club; May Fete; basketball

Item [19]: Genevieve Gilbert, 1908


Includes material related to: dormitory regulations; drawlings; recitals; St. Olaf Band; Thanksgiving; oratorical contests; theater; glee club; lecture schedules; athletic schedules; football; opera; dances; debate; Northfield Choral Union; George Washington Reception; Senior-Sophomore reception; baseball; posters; Athletic Union card; Carleton School of Music; Carleton College Bulletin

People Depicted: Florence Ames Gilbert; Marion Stearns Dougherty
Box/Drawer 8
Item [17]: Shouer, Louella, 1930


Includes material related to: name cards; original poetry; notes from classmates and friends; Delta Delta Delta; Thanksgiving; dance cards; party invitations; athletic schedules; football; pins; baseball; track and field; athletics admission card; photos of buildings on campus; unidentified group photos; unidentified portraits; Freeport High School; The Carletonian; Northfield businesses; Carleton Handbook; course schedules; organ recitals; recitals; May Fete; Armistice Day service program

Item 18: George Huntington Lyman Memorial Lakes / Morell & Nichols

"Compliments of Morell & Nichols, Landscape Architects, Minneapolis-Minnesota."

From the personal collection of George Lyman.

Includes material related to: photos of Lyman Lakes, campus farm

Morell & Nichols
Lyman, George R.
Box/Drawer 9
Item 1: Vyzralek, Frank, 1921

Photo album.

Includes material related to: unidentified group photos; unidentified portraits; postcards

Item 2: Vyzralek, Frank, 1917-1921

Photo album.

Carleton College class of 1921

Box/Drawer 10
Item 1: Class of 1914, 1910-1979


Tracks the history of Carleton class of 1914 from their freshman year through 1979.

Includes material related to: class meeting minutes; Constitution of the Class of 1914; newspaper clippings; deaths of classmates; reunion registration lists; correspondence;1949 reunion; 1954 reunion; 1959 reunion; 1967 reunion; 1969 reunion; 1974 reunion; 1975 reunion; reunion ribbons; news about classmates' lives post-Carleton; commencement 1959; class photos taken at reunions; "The Patten Digest"

People Depicted: Harry N. Peterson; George Holm; Helen Orr Watson; Laurence Rossman; J. Henry; Harold Van Slyke; Arthur McMillan; Helen Wade Adams; Margaret Hoppin Comport; Luella Norwood; Florence Allen Norby; Edith Thompson; Floyd Patten; Florence Peterson Gillott; Roy Comport; Katharine Doud Shearer; Eva Nelson; Bernice McMillan; Dorothy Draper Patten; Elmer (Long Pete) Peterson; Stillman Hathaway; Walter Shearer; Eva Lindbergh Spaeth; Katharine Jepson Jackson; Helen Andrews Rieke; Fullerton (Cassus) Brown; Frederick Mosse; Inez Thompson Mosse; Manly Jackson; Ellsworth Rieke; Mary Horn Mythaler; Esther Nylin Nash; Beth Porter Garvey; Richard (Dick) Wollin; Helen Fleming Wollin; Edna Peterson Jones; Violet Atchinson Peterson; Charles Peterson; Stanley Mythaler; Edith Vest; Bertha Glemmestad Peterson; Florence Baker Riegel; Mabel Brauer Dale; Ray Phillips; Dora Larson Phillips; Elmer Gillott; Winifred Sherwood Maier; Rolfe Tainter; Strabo Claggett; President John W. Nason; Louis Headley; Leal Headley
Item 2: Class of 1949 Reunion Photo Album, 2009-2014

Photo album for Class of 1949 Reunion 2009 and 2014 as well as mini-reunion tours and gatherings.

Includes material related to: reunion ribbons; reunion attendance list; photos of campus; photos of alumni; reunion events; photos of buildings on campus; reunion parade; list of classmates who had died; map of California; information about a mini-reunion held in California in 2012; Carleton song lyrics; photos of buildings on campus; student workers; "oldsters" reception; luncheon menu

People Depicted: Emily Muirhead McAdam; Barbara (Putter) Nordly Beck; William (Bill) Beck; Robert (Bob) Henderson; Shirley Henderson; Carol Haywood Tuttle; Donald Tuttle; Mary Wrinch Hitchcock; Frances (Franki) Harris Sethre; Art Sethre; Nancy Windes Ross; William D. Ross; Sonia (Sunny) Hazen Fondrie; Stu Fondrie; Lyle Bourdon; Patricia Bourdon; John Koehler, Jr.; Margaret L. Koehler; Peggy Schoon Christie; Nancy Darland Goode; David (Dave) Goode; Christiane Crasemann Collins; Judd Alexander; Mary (Denny) Denworth Stratte; Margery Stratte Swanson; Bayliss Swanson; Alf Stratte; Alice (Bunny) Fillmore Peters; Marjorie Gilchrist Groman; Joan (Soda) Soderberg Brust; Joan (Liz) Hedberg Evans; Robert (Bob) Lockwood; Joyce Hadrath Hooley; Jack Hooley; Meredith (Meredie) Nelson Danielson; President Robert A. Oden; Jean Elliott Lyon; Bob Lyon; Eloise Sterrie Cadman; Norman L. Cadman; Barbara Kaercher McCarthy; Harold (Mac) McCarthy; Hal Edmonson; Aisling Quigley; Paul Roberts; Kitty Roberts; Wendy Evans; Richard (Dick) Newman; Barbara (Bobbie) Griebel Kaufmann; Mary Garst; Jane Gilbert McDougal; Joan Potter Goan; Philip Goan; Jack Thurnblad; Mary (Josie) Boisen Goode; Anne Newman; Dan Dougherty; Norma S. Dougherty; Marian (Mattie) Mathews Hersrud; Barbara Crawford Glasrud; Sarah Blaisdell Forster; Rachel Ewing; Elijah Mae (Eliza) Christensen; President Stephen Poskanzer; Tommy Bonner; John Hlavacek; Theza (Tee) Lichtman Miller; Robert (Bob) Will; John Street; Ginny Street; Frank Wright; Ann M. Wright

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