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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums


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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016 | Carleton College Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016View associated digital content.

ID: 08/028

Extent: 0.0

Arrangement: Item number

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Individual and organizational scrapbooks, containing photos, programs, booklets, drawings, clipping, invitations, records, correspondence, postcards, dance cards, receipts, and memorabilia.  Topics include athletics, oratory, literary societies, drama, musical groups, graduation and awards, dances and entertainment, clubs, religious activities, professors.  Scrapbooks of organizations may also be listed in the contents lists for that organization's record group, if any.  For some organizations, the only organized material in the archives is the scrapbook listed here.

Administrative Information

Repository: Carleton College Archives

Acquisition Method: Volumes donated individually.

Appraisal Information: Value Code: 2

Processing Information: LOCATION CHECKED

Box and Folder Listing

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Series B: 15.5"x12"x3" size
Box/Drawer 1
Item [1]: 'Modern Poetry' - Carleton Players, 1952; 1953


Includes material related to: Carleton Players; world news; newspaper clippings; theater; stage design paintings; photos of productions

People Depicted: Ruth (Helen) Chase Brill; John (Jack) Sommers; Alice Pasel Blatt; Louise Heflebower Miller; Margaret (Ranny) Towsley Riecker; Karen (Kit) Stokstad Leider; Elizabeth (Betsy) Wood; Kathryn (Kay) Middleton Chapin; Peter Page; Daniel (Dan) VanEyck; Barbara Williams Thomas; Richard (Dick) Christiansen; Susan (Sue) Stoner Beechner; Barbara Callender Olson; Margaret (Peggy) Coombs Jacoby; Mary Ann Gibson Wilkes; Gail Montgomery Rubin; Anne Newhart; Suzanne (Sue) Arnold Olson; David (Dave) Unumb; Carolyn Stewart Woollen-Tucker; Joanne (Jo) Febel Tharin; Carolyn Kappel Boak; Gerald (Gerry) Kerns; Richard (Reese) Elledge; Richard (Dick) Cardozo; John-Julian Swanson; Jane Higgins Willard; Earle Gister
Item [3]: Payne, Jessie Vinecore, 1895

Photo Album

Includes material related to: correspondence; portraits; General Council of the Congregational and Christian Churches; death of Edith Spooner Pell; newspaper clippings; photos of buildings on campus; Northfield buildings; academic procession; class photo

People Depicted: Hisa Amaya; Elizabeth Burnham Adams; Alice Caldwell; Paul Barney; James Chapman; Franz Exner; Clarabel Goodhue Wellman; Grace Herrick; William Hollands; Mary Houston; Gracia Jenks; Svante Lindholm; Agnes Page; Jessie Payne; William Pell; Robert Pollock; Charles Burton; Edith Spooner Pell; Lillian Stewart; Maude Willsey Allen; Joel Gates; Bertram Price; Allan Carpenter; Samuel (Sam) Caldwell; Frank Forsell; Orlin Krause; James W. Strong; Horace Goodhue; Margaret J. Evans; George Huntington; William Payne; Louisa Holman Richardson; Charlotte Willard; Charles H. Cooper; Wilmot V. Metcalm; A. H. Pearson; Herbert Couper Wilson; Isabella Watson; Gertrude Miriam Potwin; Caroline Linnell; Jesse Parker
Box/Drawer 2
Item [4]: Music Programs, 1918-1929


Includes material related to: music; programs; recitals; organ recitals; graduation; concerts; vesper services; orchestra; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; glee club; commencement; Conservatory of Music; "pop" concert; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; string quartet; Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts; choir; Minnesota State High School Music Contest; Easter; Schubert Centennial Program; symphony band

People Depicted: Ross Finney; Edna Schatz Lee; John Kuypers
Item [5]: Music Programs, 1921-1927


Includes material related to: music; programs; recitals; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; vesper services; organ recitals; concerts; choir; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; commencement programs; Conservatory of Music; glee club; lectures; Minnesota State High School Contest; band; string quartet; Congregational Church; symphony band

Box/Drawer 3
Item [6]: Balzer, Frank Jr., 1917


Includes material related to: photos of campus and Northfield houses; athletic portraits; football; picnics; trains; Cannon River; group photos; canoeing; May Fete; sledding; St. Olaf; Freshman-Sophomore Sack-Rush; tennis; glee club; photos of buildings on campus; Seldom Inn; basketball; track and interscholastic meets; baseball; band; debate; Decoration Day; grade card; Washington Reception; lecture schedules; athletic schedules; oratorical contests; Phi Beta Kappa; Northfield Choral Union; dramatic club; Baccalaureate Sunday; Thanksgiving; namecard; Sophomore-Freshman Reception; theatre; Athenian Literary Society; basketball; Carleton Athletic Union; St. Olaf Athletic Union; student privilege ticket; treasurer's office receipt; commencement week schedule; athletic ticket; men's gymnasium; music festival; Conservatory of Music; correspondence; Gridley Hall; "How to Use the Library" instructions; course schedule; library information and rules; Athenian Society; church absences warning note; ice rink ticket; Carleton Greetings; Northfield High School track meet signs; Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; event invitations; Hill's Hasty Hash House menu; Northfield National Bank check; programs; vesper service; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; concert course; Alfred Noyes lecture; Congregational Church; choir; YMCA; Carleton Mission in China donation cards; Orpheum Theatre; Northfield Memorial Baths; Minneapolis Public Library; Athenian lists of members; dance cards; fiftieth anniversary program of events; Mon-da-min; college pamphlet; dinnergram; Delta Sigma Rho; letter jacket letters and numbers; state high school basketball tournament; Lake Geneva Conference; bulletins; The Crystal; Minnesota Student Volunteer Union; Minnesota-Dakota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference; Messiah; church attendance report; Athenian Fideli Certa Mertes

People Depicted: Edward Garvey; Arthur Rolfe; Walter Simpson; Mervyn Welshons; Adolph Tatting; Leonard “Stub” Allison; Joseph Markley; George Miners; Gordon Welshons; Archie Carlson; Edith Conkey Vordale; Helen Stewart Agor; Spencer Stearns; Sarah Rempel; Mary Harris Balzer; Paul Reyerson; Ben Schroeder; Frank Balzer; Laura Phelps Cross; C. Cross; Henry French; Thomas Young; John Quinlivan; Robert Calhoun; Rex Kitts; John Mulligan; Ray Quinlivan; Elmer Peterson; Hoyt Withrow; Edward Strong; Clarence Dodds; Sidney Henderson; Warren Wilson; Percy McChesney; Harmon Taylor; Paul Jepson; R. Arthur (Bryng) Bryngelson; Eugene Scriver; Clarence (Henry) Hess; Harold Reineke; Willard Constans; Frederick Heinemann; J. Wilkinson; Roy Young; Rudolph Schmidt; George Hirschy; Winfield Smith; George Robertson; Frederick (Fred) Allen; Gorden Best; Gideon Gilbert; Verne Withrow; Margaret Huntoon Williamson; Warner Ogden; Harold Habein; Harry Booth; Warren Stegner; Harold Crooker; Karel Rickerson; Edmund Streissguth; Floyd Johnson; Kenneth Johnson; Austin Hanscom; Arthur Persons; Lloyd Reyerson; Arthur Weiland
Item [7]: Dickinson, Edwin D., 1909

Photo Album

Includes material related to: unidentified photos; childhood; football group photo

People Depicted: Edwin Dickinson
Box/Drawer 4
Item [8]: Football and Basketball, Circa 1929

Photo Album

Includes material related to: basketball; football; athletic portraits

People Depicted: Arnold (Arnie) Simso; John Sartoris; Preston McNurlen; Theo Setterquist; C. Carisch; Mauritz Akesson; James (Jim) Helming
Item [9]: Thomson, Margaret H., 1938


Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus (interior and exterior); organ recitals; vesper services; homecoming; theater; name cards; dried flowers; newspaper clippings; dance cards; Christmas carol services; correspondence; "Handbook of the Women's League"; May Fete; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; dramatic arts; Nicollet Hotel beverage list; bows; riding club; equestrian; postcards

People Depicted: Donald J. Cowling; Thomas Job; Catherine Gabrielson Manson; Susanne (Sue) Jones Ellis; Jean Todd Sharp; James Hill; William Lescher; Wendell Strom; Millicent (Milly) Weschke Christiansen; Carol Hankee Nelson; Loren Maguire Dunning
Box/Drawer 5
Item [10]: Michael Swygert, 1961


Includes material related to: Enquirer issues; Enquirer staff members, faculty advisors, committee lists; correspondence from President Gould

People Depicted: Michael (Mike) Swygert; James Gord
Item 11: Stratton, Alice Belle, 1893-1896


Includes material related to: Clionian, Adelphic, Philomathian, Gamma Delta, and Chrestomathian Literary Societies; First Congregational Church of Northfield; Music, Debate, and Oratorical programs; Handbook of Information for Students, 1893/94, 1894/95; Northfield High School; Northfield Choral Union; Academy Graduation and College Commencements; School of Music; Athletic exhibitions and Field Day; Alpha Beta Phi Cyclopedia; Carleton's 25th Anniversary / Quarter-Centennial; historical sketches of Carleton College.

Includes loose autograph book and wedding invitations.

Related material: Alice Stratton (Stocker) Papers, 1878-1935, 137
Box/Drawer 6
Item [12]: Hamilton, Ethel 'Dode', 1942

Scrapbook and loose artifacts

Includes material related to: dance cards; track and field ribbons; Carleton yarn dolls; name cards; reunion nametag; commencement; homecoming pins; baccalaureate services; homecoming; Carleton class of 1942 booklet on faculty and students; record book; grade cards; receipts; Gridley Hall floor plans; acceptance letters; football; track and field; tuition; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; golf; WAA (Women's Athletic Association); swimming; wrestling; theater; programs; dramatic arts; recitals; chapel choir; orchestra; band; May Fete; honors convocation; vesper services; vocational conferences; magazine clippings; course schedules; portraits; athletic schedules; snow carnival; high school basketball tournament; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; Carleton Tea Room menu; Round-Table Conference on Vocations; lectures; Nourse Hall floor plans; room placement notes; correspondence; shift assignments for student assistants to the Warren Upham Library; photo negatives; schedule of recitations; Winter Carnival; Little America Committee; riding exhibition; senior class dinner; "Free Men and the War," commencement address by Laird Bell

People Depicted: Harold Evarts; Gloria Vesta Murphy; Elizabeth (Betty) Webster; Joanne (Mary) Bowden Suits; Ruth Kuehnl Ehr
Box/Drawer 7
Item 13: Swim, Field Hockey, Softball photo album, Circa 1971-1985


Includes material related to: swimming; swim meets; team photos; diving; field hockey; women's athletics; softball; newspaper clippings

People Depicted: Sheila Gay; Katherine (Kathy) Gentry Duso; Mylla Urban; Eleanor (Ellie) Layton; Laura Battin Geradine; Sally Fairman Mills; Kimberly (Kim) Howard Schiller; BettyLou Evans Schindler; Kristin (Kris) Westfall; Kathryn (Kate) Damberg; Esther Detweiler Freedman; Elizabeth (Betsy) Horrigan Boylston; Mary Horak Binger; Robert H. Edwards
Item 14: Harriet Frances Zetterberg, 1931


Contains newspaper clippings and material related primarily to musical performances.

Box/Drawer 8
Item 14: Janet Vieregg, 1959, 1955-1959


Includes material related to: unidentified photos; winter; dormitories; portraits; newspaper clippings

People Depicted: Candace (Dacie) Moses; Royal (Roy) Moses
Item 15: Early History of Women's Basketball, 1927-1984

Scrapbook compiled by Ele Hansen and Pat Lamb

Includes material related to: correspondence; WRA (Women's Recreation Association); written history of women's basketball; team photos; intramurals; pamphlet on the Elizabeth Cowling Recreation Center for Women; team rosters; photo of Bell Field; Black House; basketball schedules

People Depicted: Carla Nelson Rohwedder; Ann Holter Bohlin; Mary Kolderie; Carole Pushing Burch; Jody (Jo Anne) Hymes; Jane Stedman; Ele Hansen; Joan Henjum; Marie Matsen; Marianne Herriott; Janet Hero Dodge; Ann Morgan; Roxanne (Roxie) Smith Parker; Ann Lev; Suzanne (Sue) Lebsock; Pat Lamb; Martha Verbrugge; Barb Bone; Brenda Lokey; Sarah Shoemaker; Faith Roessel; Binny Miller; Amy Welch; Camille Parrish; Ann Potter; Gina Solazzi; Nancy Walsh; Kathryn (Kathy) Lee; Mary McAfee; Sarah Tabbutt; Eileen Sharp; Kathleen (Kathy) Sundberg; Lynn Leonard
Box/Drawer 9
Item 16: Cowling, 1968-1978

Scrapbook of the Cowling Recreation Center for Women

Includes material related to: Cowling Rec Center; canoeing; tennis; swimming; flag football; dance; team photos; basketball

People Depicted: Gail Stratton; Martha Verbrugge; Barbara North Beck; Donna Parke; Nancy Kerr; Ann Shrader; Kathleen (Kathy) Kopach; Alice Alldredge; Peggy Salagovic Sweitzer; Nancy Allen Foran; Ele Hansen; Jody (Jo Anne) Hymes; Jane Stedman; Joan Henjum; Marie Matsen; Marianne Herriott; Joan Palomaki; Janet Hero Dodge; Helen Hannay Jensen; Ann Morgan; Roxanna (Roxie) Smith Parker; Ann Lev; Madeleine McAfee; Helen Lauderdale; JaneAnn Zimmerman Gifford; Gayle Wallace DeVries; Anne Williams; Elizabeth (Beth) Mitchell; Elizabeth (Liz) Sondhaus
Item 17: Gladys Williams, 1937


Includes material related to: recitation schedules; dance cards; symphony band; vesper services; football; athletic schedules; basketball; course schedules; May Fete; Easter; "The Handbook of the Women's League"; Gridley Hall floor plan; Gridley dining hall knife; homecoming; theater; choir; commencement; graduation exercises; Thanksgiving; recitals; Round Table Conference on Vocations; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; orchestra; name cards; concerts; enrollment cards; calendars

Box/Drawer 10
Item 1: Music Programs, 1929-1938


Includes material related to: music; programs; recitals; symphony band; commencement; organ recitals; concerts; choir; string quartet; vesper services; Christmas carol service; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; orchestra

Item 2: WRA, 1966-1973


Includes materials related to: Women's Recreation Association (memos, newsletter, brochures, fliers, schedules, rosters, clippings, etc.)

Item 3: Chaney House Drawings / Catherine Costen, 1975-1977
Box/Drawer 11
Item 1: Edwards, Ezra Ripley, 1902

Box of Memorabilia

Includes material related to: Men of the Revolution; war; information on Douglas Dike and his family; editions of 'The Voice' from 1952 and 1957; Philomathian; photos of campus; programs; theatre; debate; high school report cards and examination certificates; hair from Ezra Ripley Edwards when he was a child; correspondence; portraits; job appointment certificate for St. Paul Public Schools; University Association membership certificate; autograph book; North Dakota Public Schools; newspaper clippings; obituary for Ezra Ripley Edwards; Masters certificate from University of Minnesota; schedule and sermon from the funeral of Ezra Ripley Edwards

People Depicted: Douglas Dike; Ezra Ripley Edwards
Item 2: Scrapbook, Circa 1980


Compiled c. 1980 by an alumna from c. 1928.

Includes material related to: photos of campus; newspaper clippings about the college; map of the geographical distribution of alumni; track ribbon-cutting ceremony; geographical distribution of students 1982-83; debate; dance cards

People Depicted: President Laurence McKinley Gould; President Robert Hazard Edwards; Ben Duniway; Brian Mellstrom; Paul Tait
Box/Drawer 12
Item 1: Japan ICU Foundation, 1954

Photo Album

Presented to David Bryn-Jones and Marian Adams Bryn-Jones on their departure from Japan.

Includes material related to: ICU campus; language institute; chapel; students; faculty

People Depicted: David Bryn-Jones; Marian Adams Bryn-Jones; President and Mrs. Yuasa of Japan ICU
Item 2: Muriel Vernon Ballard, 1930

Scrapbook, Loose Pages

Includes material related to: cartoons; newspaper clippings; news on classmates and alumni after Carleton; obituaries; death of Professor James P. Bird; basketball; commencement; graduation; photos of buildings on campus; ice skating; hockey; football; Lyman Lakes; death of Dacie Moses; marriage announcements; Carleton Greetings; record books; debate; glee club; Alpha Beta Phi; retirement of Professor Victor Pinkham; "The Voice" from June 1945; retirement of Professor James P. Bird; "Youth on the Campus"; opening of Severance Hall; commencement; Carleton Tea Room; Thanksgiving; events; dormitories; Baccalaureate Program; programs; recitals; May Fete

People Depicted: Phyllis Churchill Carman; James Pyper Bird; Gerald Marsh; Muriel Vernon Ballard; Blanche Williams Hull; Gertrude (Gert) (Sis) Nordly McKusick; Margaret McDiarmid; Erik Moe; Candace (Dacie) Louise Kelley Moses; Eugenie Moore Anderson; James Carman; Millicent (Dorothy) (Dee) Schwendener Harding; Kathryn (Kay) Willard Hunziker; Leah Jensen Fawcett; Ruth Vance Thompson; Evelyn Pihl Wayne; Marjorie Parker Chambers; Gertrude Wollaeger Lindesmith; Mary Goldsbury Sprague; Merece Taralseth Postlethwait; Gwendolyn Hurd Hempel; Mary Perkins Gilmore; Lois Lobb; Katherine Koren Dean; Margaret (Polly) Eggleston Coburn; Dorothea (Dot) Reiter Mitchell; Helen Kelly Smith; Mary Willard Wolfe; Wilimene (Willie) Silloway Ellingen; Dorothy Carlson Flaten; Dorothy Smith Rogers; Dorothy (Doey) Phelps; Cynthia Murdoch McConnon; Nylene Eckles; Marjorie (Marge) Baker Otteson; Mary James Speers; Vera Walley Hulbert; Harriet Williams Peterson; Mary Dana Blake; Leith Shackel; Mary Barton Jugle; Wesley Flaten; Dorothy (Dottie) Lewis O'Connor; Hope Nicholson Netland; Victor E. Pinkham; President Laurence McKinley Gould; President Donald John Cowling; Kathryn (Katy) Jones Martland; Jane Sherwood Nelson; President Robert Hazard Edwards
Box/Drawer 13
Item 1: Young, Roy D., 1917

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; Cannon River; Northfield; football; soccer; cross country; group photos; athletic photos; Stuart Hotel Boarding Club; picnic; unidentified photos; Bouncing Day; Initiation; Sophomore-Freshman Sack-Rush; band; bonfire; basketball; athletic portraits; glee club; photos of the project to enlarge Laird Athletic Field for baseball and tennis

People Depicted: Emery Winfield Balduf; Gordon Welshons; Cloyde (Ching) Lee; Claude J. Hunt; Adolph Tatting; Archie Carlson; George Miners; Arthur Rolfe; Mervyn Welshons; Leonard (Stub) Allison; William Dunphy; Joseph Markley; Edward Garvey; Walter Simpson; Thomas Tolman; R. Quinlivan; Sidney Henderson; Frank Balzer; George Peterson; Lucius Badger; Fred Stoppel
Item 2: Sumner Portraits, Circa 1887

Photo Album

Includes material related to: unidentified portraits taken by Ira E. Sumner, Northfield photographer.

People Depicted: Pierce Butler
Box/Drawer 14
Item 1: Photo Album, Circa 1987

Photo Albums (3 Volumes)

Includes material related to: cheerleading; events on campus; commencement; science lab; buildings on campus; theatre; music; diversity on campus; "We Are Together Vigil for Racial and Cultural Diversity"; dance; convocations

See also Scrapooks D Box 50

People Depicted: President Stephen R. Lewis; President Robert Hazard Edwards;
Item 2: George Gwinn, 1940


Includes material related to: programs; Carleton symphony band; homecoming; ski ticket; Walgreen's menu; Christmas; Burton dining hall; group photos; concert course; name cards; Carleton Athletic Handbook 1935-36; newspaper clippings; chapel choir; vesper services; snow carnival; The Curtis Hotel; student financial account forms; symphony band tour; Thanksgiving; enrollment cards; Carleton greetings; natural history lectures; E.A. Fath's photoelectric photometer; basketball; Carleton vs. UMN; Christmas Carol Service

People Depicted: James Robert Gillette, Sr.; Robert (Bog) Nugent
Box/Drawer 15
Item 17: Class of 1943 Post-Carleton, 1940-1983

Scrapbook. Compiled by Elizabeth (Biz) Smith Dornacker.

Includes material related to: Carleton Greetings; unidentified photos; Field-Schlick; college fashion; Christmas; "The Carletonian" from September 19, September 26, and October 31, 1941; correspondence; marriage announcements; war; newspaper clippings; "CEBU: An Army Daily"; "Caraboo Express"; Christmas cards; "Youth on the Campus"; correspondence; weddings; theatre; programs; birth announcements; family photos; Rock Creek Park Picnic 1957; "Maercklein Messenger" from December 1957, 1958; Actors Equity information on Ann Collen Blager; 1963 Reunion program; letter from Laurence Gould; Alumni Reunion 1963; group photos; elimination of the religious requirement at Carleton; postcards; unknown addresses for the class of 1943; War Reunion; streaking; death of groundskeeper Dresden Blake (Stewsie) Stewart; "Carleton Comments" from Spring 1982; Boliou Hall groundbreaking

People Depicted: Lois Beaurline Robinson; Lenore Klemme Duff; Natalie Waidner Hodge; Gretchen Dittmer Kerns; Carolyn Plowman Bonner; Janet (Jan) Clark Carter; Jeanne McQuarrie Nolte; Elizabeth (Biz) Smith Dornacker; Ardis Oppegard Leichsenring; Jane Zimmerman Lykken; Barbara Love Smitt; Marjorie Carroll Gaudette; Margaret H. Thomson; Ira Elsham; Richard (Dick) Massopust; Pearl Bowman Winter; James Winter; Edward Robinson; Gracia Mattson Comeau; Mary Powell Torness; Gratia Hall Coultas; Joan Kunny Hagen; Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson Barry; Mary Wilson Ketterhagen; Sydney Goodrich Burkhart; Patrick Requa; Joan (Smitty) Smith Requa; William (Bill) Warren; James E. Dymond; Jane Emerson Dymond; Barbara Young Steeh; Virginia Young Winters; Shirley (Eva) Everson Hindle; Mary (Bucky) Buck Massopust; Ada-Jane (A.J.) Erickson Greening; Phyllis Fisher Neulist; G. Leichsenring; Elizabeth (Willie) Wilkinson Esch; John Esch; Sara (Sallie) Dreyer McGoldrick; John (Wag) Waggoner; Marilynn (Muffy) Muff Waggoner; Jane (Penny) Penberthy Power Hughes; Helen Peabody Clark; Naomi Fork Arvan; Ruth Karch Fiala; Jeanette (Jeannette) (Martha) Bryant Naglestad; Eiler (Ei) Leonard Henrickson; Mary Jean (MJ) Elliott Skinner; Sherman Headley; Dennis (Denny) Tufte; Laura (Petey) Peterson Thorne; Alice (Allie) Griebel Williams; George Megeath; Ruth Marcy Fosdick; Jane Henderson Brewer; John Van Nice; Jenny Cullen; Robert (Bob) Kefeer; Ann Collen Blager; Rebecca Sturtevant Marble Bonnell; Elizabeth (Ann) Pain Bryson; Betty Duvall Comstock; Ruth Cox Hammerbeck; Elizabeth Haas Moger; Joe Givens; William (Bill) Howard, Jr.; John (Jack) Phillips; Robert (Bob) Haumeder; John Turcotte; Charles (Chuck) Godfrey; Edgar (Ed) Sivright; Arland (Chris) Christ-Janer; William (Bill) Hedeen; Ray (Wisty) Wistrcill; Jane Beckwith Haumeder; Harold (Bonnie) Bonnell; Marjorie (Marge) Larsen Roseberry; Doris Volwiler Semler; Margaret (Meg) Sweasy Terrell; Barbara (Barb) Fisher Circle; Roanne Longyear Corbus; Jeanne Nettz Swan; Nancy Foster Sivright; Marcia Houlton Chess; R.I. (Becky) Butler Christ-Janer; Margaret Ulvestad Phillips; James (Yogi) Hall; John Unumb; Frederick (Fred) Flott; William Cowger; Robert (Bob) Gray; Joyce Bennes Malmberg; Clarke Chambers; Richard (Dick) McCarthy; Mary Ackerman Givens; Mary Peycke Poretti; Mary (Petie) Cook Sumner; Barbara (Barb) Branham Miars; Barbara Martin Woodard; Margaret (Muggins) Watson Hebditch; Elizabeth (Penny) Penningroth Cupp; Ruth Hendrickson Jones; Grant Woodard; Robert (Bob) Bauske; Lorraine Egekvist Hall; Tom Stein; Leona (Lee) Geise DeVitt; Millicent Grant Tinsley; George Wheaton; Mary Bringgold Kenyon; Rev. Vernon E. Johnson; Paul Tychsen; Cynthia Phillips Holly; Jane Andrews; Lorraine O'Keefe Kosta; Darwin W. Hinz; Soren (Bill) Egekvist; Antonio (Tony) Obaid; Margaret Augustine Culver; Dwight Culver; Mary Phelps Johnson; John Raish; Margaret Dyar Bezanson; Frank Hammond; Jeanne Winsor Watson; Lenore Sheffield Knabb; Marjorie Kane Lemmel; William (Bill) Reynolds; Ethel (Dode) Hamilton Wonson; William (Bill) Steinke; Joyce Smith Steinke; George (Buzzy) Smith; Albert Cecil (Cec) Houghton; Margaret (Schubie) Schubert Baker; Walter (Walt) Lorshbough; Florence Wood Chambers; Ruth Nutting; Virginia Sipp-Flett; Carlin Acher; Grace Thompson Moyer; Jean Saunders Miller; Ardis Wright Phillips; Herbert Lefler; Dorothy Peterson Obaid; Laird Waldo; Arild (Spike) Miller; Donald Phillips; Richard (Dick) Massopust; William Dunham; President Robert Hazard Edwards; Deborah R. Brown; David Barnard; Dresden Blake (Stewsie) Stewart; President Laurence McKinley Gould; Alfred John Hyslop; Bruce Pollock; William M. Fiedler; Felix Witzinger; Helen North Scott; Russell Keith Bowman; Stanley W. Oexemann; Wilford Edward Kaufmann; James Pyper Bird; Thomas (Tom) Wiener
Box/Drawer 16
Space available
Item 1: Physical Education, Intramural Sports, Women's Recreation Association
Item 2: James Wilbur McCandless, 1908-1911


Includes material related to: Carleton College announcement bulletins; football; music programs; group photographs; debate programs; newspapers; track meets; oratorial programs; inauguration of Donald John Cowling; Thanksgiving banquet; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; college lectures; play programs; church bulletins; glee club; commencement; Alumni Association

Item 3: Aaron Forman's COVID Journal, 2020-2021
Journal documenting Forman's experiences both on and off-campus during the 2020-2021 COVID pandemic. Created in conjunction with Serena Zabin's project documenting the pandemic.
Restrictions: No access until 2026-06-15.
Box/Drawer 17
Item 1: A History of the Class of 1882, Carleton College, from the Beginning of the Preparatory Course in the Fall of 1875, circa 1877-1938
Box 18
Item 1: Fern Larson, 1950

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