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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums


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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016 | Carleton College Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016View associated digital content.

ID: 08/028

Extent: 0.0

Arrangement: Item number

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Individual and organizational scrapbooks, containing photos, programs, booklets, drawings, clipping, invitations, records, correspondence, postcards, dance cards, receipts, and memorabilia.  Topics include athletics, oratory, literary societies, drama, musical groups, graduation and awards, dances and entertainment, clubs, religious activities, professors.  Scrapbooks of organizations may also be listed in the contents lists for that organization's record group, if any.  For some organizations, the only organized material in the archives is the scrapbook listed here.

Administrative Information

Repository: Carleton College Archives

Acquisition Method: Volumes donated individually.

Appraisal Information: Value Code: 2

Processing Information: LOCATION CHECKED

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Series C: (17.25"x11.5"x3.5" size)
Box/Drawer 1
Item 1: Class of 1949, 2000-2007

photo album

Reunion planning committee events and meetings

Item 2: Class of 1950, 1997-2005

photo album

Reunion planning committee; Reunion 2000; Reunion 2005

Item 3: Class of 1950, 2010-2015

photo album

Reunion 2010; Reunion 2015

Item 4: Class of 1949, 1997-2004
Reunion planning committee; Reunion 1999; Reunion 2004
Box/Drawer 2
Item [3]: Ackerman, Ethel A., 1910


Includes material related to: Hill's Hasty Hash House menu; football; Alumni Association; name cards; commencement; newspaper clippings; receipts; YWCA; Thanksgiving; lectures; George Washington Reception; theater; oratorical contests; debate; class day exercises; inauguration of President Cowling; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; Northfield Choral Union; orchestra; recitals; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; School of Music; St. Olaf concert band; glee club; Alpha Delta; Freshman Party; track and field; Macalester baseball team; St. Olaf baseball team; chemistry lab; Carleton College bulletins; schedule of recitations; Hamline football team; Senior-Sophomore reception; prayer meetings; posters; baseball; Carleton Athletic Union cards; athletic schedules; Carlisle football team; Norhtfield Harvest Festival; photos of buildings on campus; snow statues; First Congregational Church; smallpox on campus; math; French; list of faculty; Methodist Athletic Club; senior class day; library hours and rules; correspondence; Northfield High School; "Song of the Naughty Fives"; group photo of faculty; class of 1905 class photo; University of Minnesota football; Carleton handbook; Constitution of the Oratorical Association

People Depicted: Marion Burton; Margaret J. Evans; Harold Crary; Harry Noonan; Lee Prentice; Boyd Fuller; Philip Hill; Carl Jacobson; John Greaves; Harrison Sherwood; Henry Swanson; William (Bill) Simpson, Jr.; Burton Hughes; William Geer; Floyd Grave; Sophus Robertson; Horace Goodhue; S. West; David Howard; Gabriella Brendemuh; Anthony Donat; Roscoe Hunt; Rollo Hunt; Dwight Mowery; Horatio Payne; Isabel Sheldon Sinness; Mabel Adams; Meta Banse Youngdale; Ethel Brown Chapman; Elsie Burnham; Carrie Castle; Luella Crain Hill; Blanche Drew; M. (Palma) Hansen Pilsbury; Ruth Knox Robertson; Lydia (Selma) Lindberg; Nora Livingston Heermance; May Mowery; Edith Ruddock Lodwick; Ruth Secor Rau; Grace Thompson Kirkham; Ethel Wingate Siehl; Margaret Bieri; C. Brewer; Grace Cummens Ellert; James Cundy; Wilbur Hill; Homer Krause; Harry McIntyre; Dix McLaughlin; James O'Bryan; Alfred Parrott; Aimee Runnels Payne; Miriam Sheldon; Genevieve Stone Coursen; Albert Strebel; Edgar Youngdale; Obed Johnson; W. L. Gray; Charles Allen; Sidney Kinyon; Henry Berge; Henry Swanson; Bernard Street; George Little; Clarence Hagar; Ralph Wlison; Wayne Aldrich
Box/Drawer 3
Item [4]: Johnson, Dorothy L., 1938


Includes material related to: Snow Carnival; Round Table Conference on Vocations; chapel choir; postcards; May Fete; commencement; newspaper clippings; graduation exercises; baccalaureate service; name cards; Carleton College booklet; football; "Northfield--Town that Licked Jesse James"

People Depicted: Kathryn Olson Dietrich; Rosemary Ferguson Thompson; Jane (Alice) Dailey Emery; Betty Ricklefs Zwicker; Polly Sperry Burkhead; Margaret Thomson Jones; Jewel Von Myvenheim Randall; MaryLouise Wegner Oldham; Dorothy Johnson Langen; Jean Chambers Vance; Sara Headley; Harriet Swenson Haugen; Mary Bowles Cordingley; Jeanne Winsor Watson; Madeleine Cross Dobbelmann; Lois Stromgren Johnson; Donald J. Cowling; Margaret (Muggs) Pierson Mallory; Robert (Bob) Taft; John Euckert; William (Bill) Randall; Harry Martin, Jr.; Gordon (Gordy) Riegel; George Posselt; George Gibson; Marshall Diebold; Ollie Olson
Item [5]: Thomson, Margaret H., 1938


Includes material related to: Women's League; homecoming; "Carleton, Our Alma-Mater"; football; newspaper clippings; symphony band; foreign policy; correspondence; name cards; vesper services, recitals, organ recital; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Winter Carnival; posters; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; Round Table Conference on Vocations; theater; May Fete; birthday cards; baccalaureate service; graduation exercises; White Mountain Music Festival; athletic rosters; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Valentines; Snow Carnival; Phi Beta Kappa; dance cards; dried flowers; Junior-Senior Prom; May Fete Queen crown

People Depicted: John Fast; Mahlon (Ripp) Sharp; William (Bill) Randall; Sydney (Sid) Larson; Robert Matteson; Herbert McDonald; Margaret Thomson Jones; Arthur Winter; Charles Schoregge, Jr.; Maria Matala Lowdon; Luana Campbell Chinn; Sara Headley; George Posselt; Kathryn Olson Dietrich; Fred Haviland, Jr.; William Glenn; MaryLouise Wegner Oldham; Jewel Von Nyvenheim Randall; Rosemary Ferguson Thompson; Polly Sperry Burkhead; Betty Ricklefs Zwicker; Dorothy Johnson Langen; Jane (Alice) Dailey Emery; Harriet Swenson Haugen; Jean Chambers Vance; Mary Bowles Cordingley; Lois Stromgren Johnson; Jeanne Winsor Watson; Madeleine Cross Dobbelmann; Dorothy Berge Nelson
Box/Drawer 4
Item [6]: Doud, Katherine, 1914


Includes material related to: magazine clippings; newspaper clippings; art; song and poem lyrics; posters; recitals; athletic schedules; football; baseball; enrollment cards; Athletic Union card; Gamma Delta; YWCA; glee club; orchestra; commencement; receipts; unidentified photos; dance cards; theater; St. Olaf Concert Band; Thanksgiving; skiing; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; Washington Reception; dramatic club; Northfield Choral Union

People Depicted: Park Dougherty; R. Wollin; Austin Hanscom; Sidney Henderson; Oscar Ashton; Walter Wellman; Elmer Benedict; Kenneth Johnson; Paul Jepson; Samuel Solhaug; Jacob Riegel; Floyd Patten; Roy Comport; George Schmitz; Sylvan Crooker; Horace Fishback, Jr.; Clinton Murdock; Frederick Heinemann
Item [7]: Oathout, Mary Elizabeth, 1911


Includes material related to: Carleton College Bulletin; oratorical contests; class of 1911 list; recitals; Cecilia Glee Club; receipts; list of faculty and instructors; map of campus; class day exercises; booklet about Carleton; The Carletonia; commencement; Alpha Delta; Washington Reception; name cards; unidentified photos; Carleton financial statement 1910; inauguration of President Cowling; Northfield Choral Union; Thanksgiving; track and field; May Fete; posters; glee club; band; newspaper clippings; YWCA; "Carleton Songs and Yells"; Theodore Thomas Orchestra; First Congregational Church; football; athletic schedules; glee club alumni concert; baseball; football; lectures; class lists; photos of buildings on campus; Report of the President; Prof. Goodhue's election as mayor of Northfield; Senior Class Day program; Freshman Party; debate; brail; "Annual Report of Associated Charities of St. Paul"; Minnesota School for the Blind; dedication of Sayles-Hill Gymnasium; First Congregational Church

People Depicted: Mary Oathout Dike; Herbert Goodrich; Park Dougherty; Erwin Nelson; Ada Tolbert Payne; Claude Krause; Elinor Hallowell Hoppin; Anna Oathout Tyler; Lucy Fiske Medlar; John Munroe; Leal Headley; Louis Headley; Kenneth Taylor; Myron Haig; Claude Hoppin; Donald J. Cowling
Box/Drawer 5
Item [8]: Lindquist, Ruth E., 1923

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; Lyman Lakes; group photos; campus houses; winter; Mabon House; Snake Dance; flagpole climb; May Fete; downtown Northfield; Gridley dining hall waiters; dormitories; portraits

People Depicted: A. (Vida) Cutler Maas; Dorothy West; Kathryn Elward Betts; Marion Thompson; Corinne Cady Thoreson; Phyllis Curtis Rosa; Ruth Lindquist McLay; Helen Bagley Oppegaard; Prudence Hollopeter Gilhams; Marion Weiler Stewart; Ruth Thranum Schreibeis; Rose Crawley Edwards; Betty Kinney Houghton; Alice Shepard; Della Wilkowske Lieb; Merva Roebke Matson; Viola Schlaben; Ara Griffith Smith; Burnice Weom McDonald; Joseph Hutton; Carl Nordly; Walter Sprandel; Ruby Johnson Tysdal; Madame Bidal; Arthur Narverud; Etta Walters; Ruth Field Zulauf; Lorana Foote; Gertrude Grunske
Item [9]: May Fete Costume DesignsView associated digital content.


Includes material related to: May Fete photos; May Fete information cards or invitations; May Fete programs; May Fete scripts; May Fete costume designs; color schemes; art; paintings

Item [10]: Players Scrapbook, 1946-1947


Includes material related to: Carleton Players; glee club; theater; programs; May Fete; piano music; newspaper clippings; photos

People Depicted: Katherine Griffith McDonald; Madison Sheely, Jr.; Elizabeth Swanson Fieselman; Elizabeth Nichol; Marvin Kiehl; Richard O'Harra; Ronald (Ron) Kurtz; James Simpson; Richard Dworak; Robert (Bob) Morrison; Earl Swanson, Jr.; Eileen Risjord LeClercq; Elizabeth McDowell Hamilton; F. Bayne (F.B.) Weeks; Margaret Andrews Andersen; Elizabeth (Betty) Nichol; Edith (Edie) Davidson Kraus; Richard (Dick) Armstrong, Sr.; Frances (Fran) Heim Plastino; Mary Dale Childs Jester
Item [11]: Players Scrapbook, 1947; 1948


Includes material related to: track and field; hockey; soccer; women's athletics; newspaper clippings; Carleton Players; theater; Carleton cooperative (co-op)

People Depicted: Gwendolyn Hurd Hempel; Evelyn Larson; Nylene Eckles; Betty Van Arsdale; Helen Carlson; Genevieve Pearsall Schmitz; Elizabeth McKinney Chmiel; Elizabeth (Betty) Cowling; Leith Shackel; Millicent (Dorothy) Schwendener Harding; Harriet Williams Peterson; Marjorie (Marge) Baker Otteson; Mary James Speers; Dorothy Carlson Flaten; Vera Walley Hulbert; Muriel Vernon Ballard; Mary Dana Blake; Marie Saltwick; Marion Burnett Grove; Halcyon Siegel Johnson; Corrinne Boxrud Sommer; Gertrude (Gert) (Sis) Nordly McKusick; Ralph Worlein; John Middlemist; Edward Truesdale; Louis Wade; Walter Naused; Ralph Keithahn; Paul Netland; John Shaffer; Palmer Elder; Harry Strong; Loy Bowe; G. W. Hunter, IIIl; Ray Johnson; Cecil Chase; Earl Keller; John Schwirtz; William Maus; John Street; Malcolm Johnson; Frederick Exner; Ralph Tuttle; Joan Zuckerman Morgan; Margaret (Marg) Fiore Woods; Robert (Bob) Meier; Arthur Thomas; Virginia (Gini) Dalzell Gundersen; Mary Pleck Christianson; Richard (Dick) Yarnall; Florence (Florrie) Hirsch Leviton; Edward (Ed) Rudolphy; James (Jim) Moomaw; Robert Bodine; Edwin (Ed) Conrad; Jean Elliott Lyon; Roger Cutler; Richard (Rick) Medalie; Ralph Habberstad Tudor; Robert Smith; Patricia (Pat) Unewitz Nash; Stanmore (Stan) Bennett; J. Paul (J. P.) Stillwell; Beverly Upshaw Nicol; Alice Hanson Williams; Sally Sanderson Kallem; Mary Olson; Rosalie Robson Lindquist; Barbara Schulke Tewell; Frances (Fran) Heim Plastino; Walter (Wally) Hiller, Jr.; June Munson Boranian; Earl Swanson, Jr.; James (Jim) Gronseth
Box/Drawer 6
Item [12]: Harrison, Ada M.

Misc. Documents

Includes material related to: salary notices; correspondence with the President; Minnesota Twins baseball; lecture scripts; Department of Economics; "The Expense of Justice" by Leo Tolstoy; writings on economics; Board of Trustees; papers with edit marks; correspondence between professors; "Paradox" by Clarence R. Wylie, Jr.

Item [13]: Harrison, Ada M., 1979

Retirement Book

Includes material related to: correspondence with students, friends, and colleagues; program for senior convocation dedicated to Ada Mae Harrison; Alumni Association programs

Box/Drawer 7
Item [14]: Alumni Guest House Dedication, 1992

Photo Album

Includes material related to: alumni guest house; Johnson house; photos of exterior, interior, and landscape of alumni guest house; basement maintenance equipment; guest rooms; football; dedication dinner

People Depicted: Gayle Lewis; Carole Dust; Betty Hulings; Bill Hulings; Steve Lewis; Mariea Guthrie; Perry Mason; Bill Lowery; Liz Lowery; Pauline Herman; Judy Mason; Zoe Donnell; Chuck Donnell; Katherine Roe; Dick Garbisch; Marge Garbisch; Beth MacKenzie; Beth Davis; Barbara Bonner; Bob Bonner; Maxine Wallin; Winston Wallin; Jeanne Jacobson; Ray Jacobson; Bruce Brook; Wes Chapman; Beth Closner; Bruce Books; Tim Brook; Laurel Brook; Mary Wood; Bob Wood; Fred Leighton; Janet Leighton; LaNelle Olson; Carol Campbell; Jack Campbell; Cathy Yandell; Mark McNeil; Cynthia Shearer; Clem Shearer; Keith Covey; Judy Covey; Elvin Heiberg; Dorothy Headley; Marston Headley; Peggy Prowe; Marv Grundhoefer; David Canmann; Willard Hunter
Item [15]: Goetz, Charlotte A., 1944


Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; highway 19 bridge; old arboretum entrance gate; receipts; Women's League Handbook; name cards; acceptance letter; room assignment; registration program; Carleton song sheet; Minnesota highway map; dried flowers; homecoming; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; athletic rosters; Women's Athletic Association (WAA); dance; driving distances of cities from Northfield; floor plan of Gridley Hall; Thanksgiving; mumps outbreak on campus; tuition; Valentines cards; recitals; theater; pins; basketball; football; band; recitation schedule; English 101 spelling list; May Fete; Hamline a capella choir; honors convocation; nature trail bulletin; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; dramatic arts; campus sisters; floor plan of Nourse Hall; "Information Pleas" by the Women's League; Carleton Tea Room menu; grass from the football field; vesper services; blue examination books; cartoons; YMCA YWCA Conference

People Depicted: Laurence M. Gould; Margaret (Margie) Hauck Matheson; Nancy Gillam Westbrook; Naurine Northrup Watson; Virginia (Ginny) Taylor Davis; Barbara Mills Ruhe; Elizabeth (Betsy) Rudolf Schwab, Jr.; Florence Wood Chambers; Don Dunn; Eiler (Ei) Henrickson; Thomas (Tom) Kling, Sr.; Lewis (Lew) Blanich; Jack (John) Marvin; Dennis (Denny) Tufte; R. W. Olson; George (Buzzy) Smith; Stanley Masson; John Solhaug; James (Jim) Black; David Wile; Ira Elsham; Norman Brueggeman; Carlin Acher; Otis Prinkey; Lowell Broin; Raymond Berggreen; Robert Ouverson; Richard (Dick) Massopust; Frank Hlavacek; William (Bill) (Rock) Anderson; Wilfred (Cookie) Parker
Box/Drawer 8
Item [16]: Boll, Carl R., 1920


Includes material related to: The Carletonia; newspaper clippings; glee club; homecoming; baseball; football; Carleton fiftieth anniversary; historical pageant; Athenian Literary Society; debate; band; vesper services; high school basketball tournament; Philomathian Society; Philo Phool Session; Carleton Mission in China donation card; May Fete; dramatic club; grade card; correspondence; song lyrics and sheet music; weddings; receipts; maps; Men's Dormitory Cafe menu; Carleton College booklet with photos of campus buildings; choir; oratorical contests; postcards; unidentified photos; athletic portraits; athletic group photos

People Depicted: C. J. Hunt; Percy Godfrey; Lester Kitzman; Osborne (Ozzie) Cowles; Edward Truesdale; Charlotte Jepson Gruman; Lydia Jepson Steele; Burton Allen; Orrin Hill; R. Luce; Elmer Hauser; Arthur Reiter, Sr.; Arthur Miller; Sherburn Beecher; Frank Pierce, Jr.; Carl Boll; Kenneth Kehrberg; Clifford Smith; Ralph Tuttle; Ole Simley; Harmon Taylor; Clarence Kuntz; Howard Amland; J. Gullikson; Melvin Molstad; H. Overmann; Ferrin Ellsworth; Richard Doherty
Item [17]: Harris, Mary L., 1917


Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; "Circular of Information: For the Use of Women Students"; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; theater; glee club; commencement; unidentified portraits; literary societies; debate; Washington Reception; Thanksgiving; basketball; athletic schedules; Conservatory of Music; vesper services; football; Delta Phi; Athletic Union; lecture course; dramatic club; dance cards; May Fete; YWCA; Lake Geneva; track and field; music festival; St. Olaf Concert Band

Item [18]: Men's Athletics, 1902/03


Includes material related to: football; newspaper clippings; game scores

People Depicted: Charles Allen; Newcomb Chaney; James Cundy; J. Hayes; Seth Freer; Ralph Wilson; J. Arthur Baird; Fred Cundy; Theodore Lee; James Cundy; Edward Lawrence; Richard Rose; William Ellert; Andrew Lee; Seth Freer; Eugene McKeown; Frank Rairdon; Dwight Mowery
Box/Drawer 9
Item [19]: Alumni Guest House Construction, 1991; 1992

Photo Album

Includes material related to: Alumni Guest House; photos of groundbreaking ceremony; the house under construction

People Depicted: Stephen R. Lewis; Randall (Pat) Herman; Charles (Jim) Kade, Jr.; Marjorie Kade; George (Doc) Zahner; Gayle Lewis; Victor Church; Virginia Church; Stephanie Goening; Nuvart Parseghian Mehta
Item [20]: Alumni Guest House Dedication, 1992

Photo Album

Includes material related to: Alumni Guest House dedication; dedication program; dedication acknowledgements; photos of the guest house; photos of the landscaping; photos of the interior; card to the Heimans from Mariea Guthrie; football; vacation; correspondence; weekend schedule; biographies of those involved with the alumni guest house project; Carleton Singing Knights; Knightingales; a capella; Johnson House

People Depicted: Gayle Lewis; Carole Dust; Betty Hulings; Bill Hulings; Steve Lewis; Mariea Guthrie; Perry Mason; Judy Mason; Bill Lowery; Liz Lowery; Pauline Herman; Pat Herman; Beth MacKenzie; Beth Davis; Barbara Bonner; Bob Bonner; Maxine Wallin; Winston Wallin; Jean Jacobson; Ray Jacobson; Wes Chapman; Beth Closner; Bruce Brook; Tim Brook; Laurel Brook; Mary Wood; Bob Wood; Zoe Donnell; Chuck Donnell; Katherine Tinker Roe; George Zahner; Dick Garbisch; Cathy Yandell; Mark McNeil; Cynthia Shearer; Judy Covey; Keith Covey; Fred Leighton; Janet Leighton; Jack Campbell; Carol Campbell; LaNelle Olson; Elvin Heiberg; Dorothy Headley; Marston Headley; Peggy Prowe; Marv Grundhoefer; Stephen Lewis
Item [21]: Hubbard, Anna, 1931


Includes material related to: Delta Phi; Gamma Delta; Lake City High School; name cards; notes from classmates and friends; course schedule; dance cards; party invitations; admission card; symphony band; May Fete; newspaper clippings; vesper services; Christmas Festival; recitals; organ recital; junior class play; literary societies membership list; football; basketball; homecoming; athletic tickets; athletic schedules; Women's Athletic Association (WAA) certificate of membership; correspondence; Women's Intersociety Declamatory Contest; registration; Carleton songs; floor plan of Gridley Hall; post office; library checkout cards; recitation schedules; dormitory room receipt

People Depicted: Joan Gast Yale; Frances Whiteley Willis; Doris Helbing; Anna Hubbard Scotton; Helen Macgowan Wells; Virginia (Ginny) Lucas Ranieri; Dorothy (Dot) Wilson; Elizabeth (Liz) McKinney Chmiel; Jane Lindsay; Monica Tricker; Dorothy (Dottie) Bowman Osgood; Mary Lewis
Item [22]: Unidentified Female Alum, 1930

Photo Album

Created by female alum from 1930 with pictures from circa 1970.

Includes material related to: aerial photo of campus; campus in winter; photos of buildings on campus; new buildings; graduation procession; ice skating rink; stadium; Lyman Lakes

Box/Drawer 10
Item [23]: Brundin, Marvyl M., 1916


Includes material related to: "Circular of Information: For the Use of Women Students"; photos of buildings on campus; portraits; notes about classmates; glee club; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; Carleton songs; Thanksgiving; train ticket receipt; football; athletic schedules; baseball; YWCA; St. Olaf Concert Band; dramatic club; Ben Greet Players; Carleton Mission in China donation card; vesper services; Washington Reception; commencement program; class of 1913 list of students; Sophomore-Freshman Reception; Unique Candy Store menu; recitals

People Depicted: Mabelle Lund; Ruth Anderson Motteler; Helen Kuebler; Mildred McIntyre; Neva Schroeder; Marie Hastings; Park Dougherty; R. Wollin; Austin Hanscom; Sidney Henderson; Oscar Ashton; Walter Wellman; Elmer Benedict; Kenneth Johnson; Paul Jepson; Samuel Solhaug; Jacob Riegel; Floyd Patten; Roy Comport; George Schmitz; Sylvan Crooker; Horace Fishback, Jr.; Clinton Murdock; Frederick Heinemann
Item [24]: Cruttenden, Charles N., 1906


Includes material related to: receipts; cartoons; theater; Northfield Harvest Festival program; football; Athletic Union; laying of the cornerstone for Laird Science Hall; lectures; debate; Northfield Choral Union; Athenian Literary Society; program of recitations; Carleton College pamphlet; Junior Play; glee club; baseball; track and field; The Carletonia; Decoration Day Picnic; Baccalaureate Sunday; Senior Class Day; Alumni Association; commencement; Glenwood, MN; postcards; Jamestown Exposition; opera

People Depicted: Kenneth Taylor; John Munroe
Item [25]: Eddy, Ruth, 1910


Includes material related to: telegraph; name cards; correspondence; YMCA; YWCA; photos of buildings on campus; recitals; George Washington Reception; Delta Phi; Carleton song lyrics; Freshman meetings; senior-sophomore reception; commencement exercises; Christmas cards; Halloween; glee club; Women's Board of Missions of the Congregational Church; oratorical contests; theater; Athletic Union; postcards; President Taft visit to Northfield; lecture course schedules; unidentified group photos; orchestra

Item [26]: Wedge, Clarence Eugene, 1923

Photo Album

Includes material related to: tug of war; flagpole climb; photos of buildings on campus; Rufnek Day; initiation; proposals; unidentified group photos; statues; farm; canoeing; buildings in downtown Northfield; winter sports; hockey; tornado at Castle Rock destruction; Leighton construction; students on campus; sledding

People Depicted: B. Wendt; Clifford Smith; Milo Glarner; Palmer (Polly) Elder; Walter Naused; Louis Wade; John Shaffer; Paul Wilken; Harry March
Box/Drawer 11
Item [27]: Howland, Phebe, 1915


Includes material related to: unidentified photos; "The Ancestry and Descendantes of John S. Simpson and Sarah Strong Porter"; letter to Carleton College from Alan Dodds, family geneaologist; photos of buildings on campus; commencement; class of 1914 list of students; baccalaureate services; Carleton College Bulletin; Alumni Association; newspaper clippings; "Carleton College: Rules for Attendance, Scholarship, and Conduct"; senior night; track and field; Stephen State High School

People Depicted: Mary Elwell; Ruth Tolman Helde; Bernice Holton Gordon
Item [28]: WRA/WPE [Women's Recreation Association/Women's Physical Education], 1947; 1948; 1952-1956


Includes material related to: Northfield festivals; WRA (Women's Recreation Association); WPE (Women's Physical Education); creative dance demonstration; cooperative; saddle club; blazer sale; water ballet; swimming; "WRA Tips"; Orchesis; dance; May Fete; Dolphin Club; synchronized swimming; The Carletonian; tennis; volleyball; bowling; newspaper clippings; basketball; Carleton College Calendar of College Events; "WRA Wreck"; Winter Carnival; Icecapades; skiing; MAIAW State Softball Tournament

People Depicted: Cherry Lockwood; Charlotte Cole Weston; Susan Stoner Beechner; Mary Johnson Bowman; Kay Kolderie White; Holly Samuels Porter; June Kallal Scott; Ann Patterson Buran; Joan McGrath; Sarah Wolcott Straus; Peggy (Helen) Kyndberg Greifer; Nancy Kinyon Docherty; Nan Vonier Clark; Barbara Callender Olson; Rose Marie Johnson Balke; Mary Morton; Susan (Sue) Lebeck Adamek; Judith (Judy) Burrows Weinig; Judith (Judy) Nyvall Clague; Marlene Hartmann Turk; Edwin (Ed) Rossow; Carole Wickman Hefflinger; Kay Lundsten Strand; Nancy Rauber Robbins; Catherine (Cass) Wells Hanson; Patricia (Pat) Hite Lombard; Barbara (Bobby) Kohak Reinfeld; Lois Jordan Huldin; Ruth Anne Hicks Doud; Nancy Hauser; Betty (Poff) Poffenberger Radwin; Marie (Mari) Marshall Plain; Carol Kraemer Marciano; Margaret (Margie) Wales; Zoe Kelly Donnell; Mary (Mary Sue) Sudman Robson; Frances Sundstrom Johnson; Jane Rose Ireland; Judith Tryon George; Dorothy Sundquist Soudakoff; Carol Beyschlag Debolt; Joanne (Joan) Gran Wilkinson; Sharon (Shari) Smith Snell; Edwin (Ed) Mauel; Duncan Stewart; Ann Ballinger Robertson; Eleanor Hansen; Roberta (Bobbi) Daniell Elliott; Margaret (Peg) Beiswanger; Diane Chappell Mitchell; Connie Chambers Harris; Gretchen Walby Fogo; Elizabeth (Betsy) Ober Warnecke; Julia Warner Carlson; Carolyn Schuetz Baysdorfer; Carolyn Wolf VanderWerf; Sally Jett Davis; Trish (Patricia) Sloan Herbert; Susan (Susie) Kerschbaum Tonascia; Bea (Beatrice) Stough Bryngelson; Mary Boardman Boyden; Ann Fagan; Carolyn Richter; Ann Ferguson; Joan Vaile Smith; Susan (Sue) Goodman; Janet Trussell Stewart; Sarah (Sally) McAllister Ganger; Constance (Connie) Coughlin Kokubo; Stewart Lane; Lawrence (Larry) Becker; Harriette Longacre Phelps; Mimi Larsen Becker; Lawrence (Larry) Rubel; Dorothy Ann Wilson Hubbs; Francesca (Ceca) Paciotti Sutherland; Deborah (Debby) Bond Falk; Eleanor Hansen; Joanne Johnson Ewing; Nancy Jordan Fiene; Karen Hillerud Rush; Carolyn Stewart Woollen-Tucker; Jean Apple Owen; Su Rannells; Gretchen Walby Fogo; Caroline Nadelhoffer Orman; Mae Gruber; Beverly (Bev) Smith; Nicole Tondeur Etienne; Katheryn (Kay) Klein Brule; Elizabeth (Liz) Bentley Shelton; Jean Newland Robertson; Belle Burridge Scott; Susan (Sue) Dreyer Southwick; Cynthia (Cindy) Eaton Nickerson; Judith (Judy) Myers; Priscilla Livezey Boardman; Janet Sholes Mott; Mary Jane (Jinx) Lehman Manger; Charles (Chod) DeLong; Michael (Mike) Armacost; William (Bill) Walsh; Mary Ann Peterson Thompson; Susan (Sue) Rowe Buswell; Ruth Harkison Waterbury; Victoria (Torie) Kneevers Sheagren; Katherine (Kathy) Werness Youngblood; Carolyn Voss Copeland; Marilyn Burke Rossman; Jane Gore; Cynthia Munro Marks; Barbara (Bobbie) Leventhal Crosby; Hans Nelson; Jane Moore Rose; Silence (Sicie) Michelet Lowell; Janet (Jan) Winslow Campbell; Kathryn (Kay) Besic Strangman; Jo Ann Arneson; Rebecca (Becky) Robinson Denny; Elizabeth (Betsy) Robinson; Diantha (Dee) Haviland Johnson; William (Bill) Stocker; Judy (Judith) Lerdahl Laerdal; Christopher (Chris) Stocker; Margaret Habein Merry; Laurence M. Gould; Joseph (Joe) Pickle, Jr.
Box/Drawer 12
Item [30]: Orchesis (Creative Dance Group), 1946; 1949


Includes material related to: Orchesis; dance; May Fete; unidentified photos; lists of Orchesis members; modern dance club; dance symposium

Item [32]: Scott, Mary M., 1935


Includes material related to: unidentified portraits; Itasca Junior College; newspaper clippings; May Fete; Minnesota State Forest Service; postcards; University of Minnesota athletics; University of Minnesota concert band; theater; University of Minnesota, University Theatre; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; dance cards; registration sheets; organ recital; recitals; enrollment cards; Zoology Club; athletic rosters; homecoming; correspondence; Red Cross; dramatic arts; Carleton choir; Carleton symphony band; Round Table Conference on Vocations; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; graduation exercises; The Carletonian; basketball; Thanksgiving; Literary Supplement to the Carletonian

People Depicted: Margaret Williams Repke; June Lindquist Crawford; Mary Shifflett Wilkinson; Edith (Edie) Blunt Tobin; Marijane Palmer Stoll; Dorothy Elliott; Barbara Vivian O'Malley; Carol Hankee Nelson; Virginia Yale Kodadek; Carol Nelson Billington; Marion Kristjanson Johnson; Alice Plochman Moore; Mary-Hill Kueffner French; Grace Magee Nelson; Marmion Hengstler Nestrud; Jean Anderson Chesley; Dorothy Johnson Langen; Jane Tindall Weaver; Robert Nugent; Chester Raasch; Richard (Dick) Arney; Matt (Matthias) Thoeny; Coach Diebold
Box/Drawer 13
Item 1: "1890" Scrapbook from "Carleton in the Archives" Class, 2016
Created by students in Bill North's "Carleton in the Archives: Studies in Institutional Memory and Cultural" class Spring 2016. These scrapbooks were displayed as part of the Sesquicentennial exhibition "Independence of Though: An Unfolding Story, 1866 to 2016"  in the Perlman Teaching Museum Fall 2016.
Item 2: Stratton, Alice Belle, 1896-1900


Includes materials related to: Oratorical, athletic/gymnastic, debate, and music programs; football; baseball; Alpha Beta Phi, Adelphic, Clionian, Gamma Delta, Chrestomathian, Athenian, and Philomathian literary societies; graduation and commencement; Northfield High School; St. Olaf College; Field Day; menus; YMCA and YWCA; Spanish-American War; Athletic Union; Class Day; Ware Auditorium

Box/Drawer 14
Item 34: Rand, Lorraine May, 1932, 1929-1932
Box/Drawer 15
Item 35: Young, Lois Suomi, 1960-1964


Includes material related to: snake dance; mixed dining card; photos of buildings on campus; hat; star guide wheel; pins; new students zoobook; University of Wisconsin homecoming; cards; correspondence; Oberlin College Choir; theater; Orchesis; inauguration of President Nason; Carleton Players; Dolphins Club; synchronized swimming; honors day; homecoming; football; careers conference; Winter Carnival; glee club; Carleton Student Association (CSA); Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; choir; orchestra; baccalaureate service

Young, Lois Suomi, Class of 1964
Box/Drawer 16
Item 1: Class of 1949, 2007-2011

photo album

Mini-reunions; planning committee

Item 2: Patterson, Ann Scrapbook, 1950-1954
Box/Drawer 17
Item 1: Thompson, Alice Scrapbook, 1942-1946


Includes material related to: newspaper clippings; scripts; theatre programs; Indiana University; advertisements; Carleton College Bulletin; Frehman Handbook of Cources; Gridley Hall; black out regulations; the Women's League; class schedules; Homecoming 1942 program; women's fashion; vesper service; Skinner Memorial Chapel; budgets; winter carnival; World War II (WWII) war efforts; rations; Evans Hall; May Fete; Nourse Hall, convocation, commencement; Army Air Forces; comics; Coe College; Grand Theater; The Burton Breeze; drawings; class paper; Gould appointment; inauguration of President Gould; saddle club, riding exhibition, V-C days program; Lyman lakes; The Voice of Carleton Alumni; Phi Beta Kappa

People Depicted: Alice Thompson; Elizabeth Thompson; Loyce Johnson; Joan Harris; Alice Jean Will; Ruth Larson; Gisa "Nikki" Neuhaus; Audrey Carlson; Sydney Goodrich; Dolores Dawn Oswald; Katherine "Kay" O'Keefe; Jane Bell; Edde Henderson, Beverly Thompson; Frances Stovall; Florence Kimball; Mary Ann Olsen; Eunice Oman; John "Jack" Jannasch, Shirley Montgomery; George Gibson; Doris Palmer; Nancy Wright; Marrian Taylor; Natalie Sweeney; Gertrude O'Donnell; Jane Barbier; Louise Finley

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