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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums


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Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016 | Carleton College Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Carleton scrapbooks and photo albums, 1879 - 2016View associated digital content.

ID: 08/028

Extent: 0.0

Arrangement: Item number

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Individual and organizational scrapbooks, containing photos, programs, booklets, drawings, clipping, invitations, records, correspondence, postcards, dance cards, receipts, and memorabilia.  Topics include athletics, oratory, literary societies, drama, musical groups, graduation and awards, dances and entertainment, clubs, religious activities, professors.  Scrapbooks of organizations may also be listed in the contents lists for that organization's record group, if any.  For some organizations, the only organized material in the archives is the scrapbook listed here.

Administrative Information

Repository: Carleton College Archives

Acquisition Method: Volumes donated individually.

Appraisal Information: Value Code: 2

Processing Information: LOCATION CHECKED

Box and Folder Listing

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Series Z: (various sizes)
Box/Drawer 1: Meyer, Charlotte, 1930-1934


Includes material related to: athletic tickets; homecoming; Round Table Conference on Vocations; organ recitals; vesper services; correspondence; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; symphony band; English club; women's inter-society declamatory contest; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; posters; The Carletonian; Grand Theater; May Fete; commencement; graduation exercises; dance cards; Carleton song lyrics; library rules; cards; art; newspaper clippings; faculty changes; infantile paralysis breakout on campus; basketball; photos of buildings on campus; cartoons; graduation cards; wedding photos, invitations, and announcements; photo of entire student body; program for freshman registration; acceptance / room assignment letter; health tests; party invitations; schedule of recitations; theater; dramatic arts; The Handbook of the Women's League

People Depicted: Mrs. Florence Hedstrum Morsbach; Isaac M. Cochran; Frederick Locke Lawrence; Theodore Wedel; John M. Millen; Mary Beal Housel; Keith Clark; Thomas Job; Elizabeth Linscott; Alfred J. Hyslop; Laurence M. Gould; Myron M. Weaver; Elmer J. Lampe; James R. Gillette; Thorstein Veblen; John Phelan; Roy Nilsen; Marshall Diebold; Samuel Perrin; Harold (Tubby) Nordly; Richard (Dick) Arney; Robert (Bob) Leach; Paul (Skip) Crawford; Matthias Thoeny; Eric Strom; Ronald (Boots) Taylor; Jean Rice Hoppin; Margaret Evans Huntington; Ambrose W. Vernon; Elaine Sears Clay; Betty Alexander Novak; Joan Thompson Harrold; Miriam Seeger Reay; Mary Burns Hegdal; Susan (Sue) Evarts Lewis; Jean Birkett Hoffman; Catherine Gallagher Thomson; Muriel Mackay Arney
Box/Drawer 2: Ogden, Warner, 1912-1916View associated digital content.


Includes material related to: Bouncing Day; First Congregational Church; privilege ticket; Northfield National Bank check for rooming costs; football; Halloween; Sophomore-Freshman reception; lecture course schedules; theater; athletic schedules; Freshman-Sophomore football game; dance cards; Freshman Party; posters; Freshman Banquet; vesper services; dramatic club; skiing; photos of buildings on campus; correspondence; concert band; Athenian Literary Society; oratorical contests; Washington Reception; glee club; basketball; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; booklet about the college; baseball scorecard; track and field; unidentified group photos; photos of faculty; dormitories; Northfield Choral Union; tennis; YMCA; St. Olaf Concert Band; Washington Reception; class of 1916 group photo; St. Patrick's Day; debate; dance cards; grade reports; scarlet fever quarantine; construction of Skinner Memorial Chapel; winter; May Fete; Carleton College Bulletin; gymnastics; choir; newspaper clippings; map of campus; band; Morgan's Kandy Kitchen soda menu

People Depicted: Ernest Lewison; Alfred Robertson; Wallace Hamilton; Oscar Setrum; Elmer (Long Pete) Peterson; J. Mulligan; Harry Booth; Zoe Ward Walker; Warner Ogden; Margaret Fleming Finnegan; Richard (Dick) Wollin; Edith Conkey Verdale; L. Day; Joseph Markley; Elmer Gillott; Cloyd (Ching) Lee; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Rex Kitts; Donald Gray; President Donald Cowling; George Miners; Walter Simpson; Gordon Welshons; Mervyn Welshons; Adolph Tatting; Arthur Rolfe; Edward Garvey; Berniece Young McMillan; Arthur Weiland; Elmer Cordes; Arnold Schmidt; Edna Fuller; Frances Decker Anderson; A. (Dick) Massopust; Alexander Nelson; A. (Del) Gruman
Box/Drawer 3: Griffith, Edith, 1896

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of students; Northfield train station; Congregational Church; photos of buildings on campus; photo of large portion of campus; dormitories; parties; trip to Owatonna; 1926 reunion; Gamma Delta; New York City; unidentified group photos; unidentified portraits

People Depicted: James Van Slyke; Charles McCreery; William McCreery; Harlan Fisk; Edward Kimball; Henry Riggs; Frank Forsell; Alexander Cameron; Jacob Bentell; Elizabeth Taylor; Myrtle Kinyon; Mary Harmon; Nellie Hickok Morford; Mabelle Morgan; Nora Montgomery Brown; Elizabeth (Bessie) Eaton Elston; Anna Swanson; Edith Griffith; Clarabel Goodhue Wellman; Mary Houston; Edith Spooner Pell; Julie (Julie) Anthony Kennedy; Bess Strayer Williamson; Lydia (Lynda) Woodbridge; Grace Chamberlin Rosa; Edith Daniels; Martha Dixon; Helen (Nellie) Evans; Ruth Haven; Margaret Jervis Bickel; Frances (Fannie) Johnston; Lillian Klossner Shepard; Caroline Manning; Carolyn (Carrie) Ogden; Alice Hannahs Olds
Box/Drawer 4: Nutting Family Album, Circa 1910

Photo Album

Includes material related to: Nutting gravestone; unidentified family photos; children; pets; boating

Box/Drawer 5: Class of 1898, 1898

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of faculty; portraits of students

People Depicted: Frank Lockerby; Nellie Gregg Hurst; Herman McChesney; Lillian Klossner Shepard; Malcolm Dana; Alice Hannahs Olds; Eleanor Gladstone; Hans Jager; Helen Evans; Max Exner; Eugene Graham; Minnie Dilley; Charles Ottesen; Caroline Manning; Ludvig Sundeen; Margery Morrison; Carolyn (Carrie) Ogden; John Johnson; Irene Woodman; William Westerson; Charles Ryberg; Christiana (Christy) Spencer; Harriet Guilford
Box/Drawer 6: Gregg, John, 1930

Photo Album

Includes material related to: football; stadium; band; winter; Lyman Lakes; photos of buildings on campus; canoing; homecoming; bonfire; debate; basketball

People Depicted: Preston McNurlen; Estelle (Steve) Anderson Nelson; Vernie Miller; Vance Grannis, Sr.; Arnold Simso; Donald Dickey; Samuel Jensch; William Sprague; Milton Born; W. J. Bakken; Arthur (Swede) Kern; E. (Erc) Addington; Lester Cable; Jesse Gossard, Jr.; Robert (Bob) Reay; Horace Murfin; John Gregg; John Millen; Zena Thurston Isaacs; Nedra Torrance; Almeda (Meda) Buckman Stromme; Margaret Garberson Lee; June Lindquist Crawford; Paul Robblee; Charles Schwartz; Harold Stemsrud; Everett (Corky) Sandburg; Ernest Beebe; Henry (Hank) Roberts; Lloyd McBride; Ellis Yale; Dale Baird; L. Kempton; Kenneth Rowe; Osborne Cowles; Samuel Perrin; Roy Nilsen; Paul (Skip) Crawford; Robert (Bob) Leach; James (Jim) Helming; C. (Hip) Carisch; Warren Knowles; Marshall Ebert; Theo Setterquist
Box/Drawer 7: Hutchinson, Abbie M., 1906

Photo Album

Includes material related to: portraits of students; canoing; group photo of faculty; photos of professors

People Depicted: Abbie Hutchinson
Box/Drawer 8: Nourse Cottage Residents, Circa 1911

Photo Album

Includes material related to: photos of Nourse Cottage, interior and exterior; photos of the family; photos of buildings on campus; May Pole Dance

People Depicted: Laura Bakke; Marjorie Sawyer Michaud; Mary Wilson Constans
Box/Drawer 9: Von Tobel, Anna, 1919


Includes material related to: notes from classmates; athletic rosters; athletic schedules; football; basketball; Carleton Handbook; booklet about the college; namecards; train tickets; admission card; posters; unidentified group photos; correspondence; newspaper clippings; photos of buildings on campus; receipts; oratorical contests; Northfield businesses; correspondence; music; choir; recitals; glee club; organ recitals; student privilege tickets; door signs; poems; Valentines Day cards; track and field; Washington Reception; skiing; St. Paul Outdoor Sports Carnival; birthday cards; Grand Theater; Red Cross; postcards; fiftieth anniversary of the college; Skinner Memorial Chapel organ dedication; theater; vesper services; Carleton College Bulletin; May Fete; Sophomoraeolian; high school basketball tournament; class day exercises; St. Olaf Concert Band; graduation recital; dramatic club; "Customs and Regulations: Carleton College" hanbook; Carleton song lyrics; Conservatory of Music

People Depicted: Neith Headley; Florence Wade Prentice; Ruth Maltby Colvard; Ruby Larson Hill; Margaret Grant; Frances Sellen Sly; Jessie Bird Luedtke; Ida Conner Kaiser; Georgene Easler Beattie; Clara Fick Purcell; Margaret Josten Tyrholm; Vera Whitmore Gilbert; Ralph Henry; Bryan Gilkinson; Joseph Markley; Coach C. J. Hunt; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Mervyn Welshons; Lucius Badger
Box/Drawer 10: Neilson, Serena, 1910


Includes material related to: dormitories; Carleton song lyrics; sheet music; recitals; concerts; YWCA; Alpha Beta Phi; School of Music; skating club; Congregational Church; debate; commencement; prayer meetings; correspondence; glee club; gymastics; Carleton Athletic Union; Gamma Delta; Adelphic Society; Sophomore Party; baseball; Northfield Choral Union; Alumni Association; class day; memorial service for Augustus Engstrom; advertisements; oratorical contests; regulations of Carleton College; library rules; term card recording hours spent in recitations for each course; anthropometric tables; death of Margaret Evans Huntington; death of Marian Leroy Burton

People Depicted: Margaret Evans Huntington; Marian Leroy Burton
Box/Drawer 11: Peterson, George W., 1915


Includes material related to: track and field; pole vault; football; athletic team photos; cross country; boarding club; all-college picnic; photos of buildings on campus; athletic record; basketball; baseball; glee club; Washington Reception

People Depicted: George Peterson; Leonard (Stub) Allison; Edward Garvey; Walter Simpson; Arthur Rolfe; Mervyn Welshons; Adolph (Joe) Tatting; George Miners; Cloyde (Ching) Lee; Joseph (Joe) Markley; Archie Carlson; C. Cross; Ernest (Sam) Lewison; Elmer (Stub) Gillott; William (Bill) Schroeder; Lucius (Shrimp) Badger; Elmer (Long Pete) Peterson; Morris Hancock; Arthur Persons; A. Massopust; L. Day; Sidney Henderson; Albert Dahlby; Gordon Welshons; Clarence Dodds; Henry French
Box/Drawer 12: Rinconada Raconteur, 1941


Details a Carleton College-Cornell University ornithological expedition to Mexico begun in February 1941. Dr. Olin S. Pettingill and Robert Lea, class of 1941, joined Dr. George M. Sutton and  Dwain Warner, class of 1939, of Cornell in Rancho Rinconada, a 150-acre wilderness, to collect, photograph, paint, and survey rare bird species of the area. This photo album was created for his fellow researchers by Robert "Bob" Lea to commemorate the expedition.

People depicted: Dwain Warner, Olin S. Pettingill, Robert Lea, George M. Sutton
Box/Drawer 13: Doud, Katharine, 1914


Includes material related to: Gamma Delta; 1914 class photo; oratorical contests; list of class officers; list of professors; 'class prophecy' by Hazel Aldrich; athletic schedule; Class Day Exercises 1914; event schedules; commencement program 1913; Gamma Delta membership list; Gamma Delta constitution; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra; class role 1914; commencement schedule 1912; name cards; commencement program 1914; announcement dinner for the marriage of Florence Baker and Jacob Riegel, both Carleton students; newspaper clippings; Washington Party; theatre; event invitations; society annual teas; dance cards; glee club concert schedule; notes about classmates; congratulatory graduation letter from a reverend

People Depicted: Katharine Doud (Katharine Shearer)
Box/Drawer 14: Watson, Isabella, 1910
Pressed leaves collected from the United States, Canada, and several European countries between 1885 and 1910.
Box/Drawer 15: Barney, Paul W., 1895

Photo Album

Groups/Events: Jingle Bells (55), The Powers That Be (56), State Oratorical Celebration (57), Thanksgiving Day (58), Carleton Mustache Club (59), Freshman Football Team (60), Freshman vs. Juniors Game (61), 220 Yard Dash and 1/2 Mile Run (62), High Pole Vault (64), C. C. Athletic Team at Cannon Falls (68)

Includes period photos of campus buildings (interior and exterior) and Northfield.

People Depicted: Portraits: Hisa Amaya (page 1), Paul Barney (2), Elizabeth Burnham (3), Charles Burton (4), Alice Caldwell (5), James Chapman (6), Franz Exner (7), Clarabel Goodhue (8), Grace Herrick (9), William Hollands (10), Mary "Mollie" Houston (11), Gracia Jenks (12), Svante Lindholm (13), Agnes Eastman Page (14), Jessie Payne (15), William Pell (16), Robert Pollock (17), Edith Spooner (18), Lillian Stewart (19), Maude Willsey (20)

Group Photos: Jenks, Willsey and Chapman (53), Hanley, Chapman, Cook, Wells, Stokes, Basford, Haven and Knapp (55), M. J. Evans and L. E. Danforth (56), Charles Burton (57), W. McCarthy, L. Woodbridge, B. Strayer, A. Smith, B. Northfield, A. Day, R. Chittenden, M. Watson, and F. Smith (58), H. Jajer, W. Taylor, F. Forssell, O. Beckman, F. Exner, W. Westerson, C. Burton, M. Exter, G. Lindholm, E. Chamberlin, R. Pollock, J. Johnson, O. Roberts, A. Hughes, and W. McClane (59), V. Miller, E. Graham, W. Westerson, F. Bren, B. Price, M. Hanley, M. Dana, L. Whiting, A. Carpenter, J. Johnson, H. Jajer, and D. Gates (60), F. Exner, D. Roberts, C. Knapp, and P. Barney (62), M. Exner (64),  L. Bullis, A. Miller, M. Exner, A. Carpenter, J. Jenks, A. Smith, F. Forssell, H. Donovan, W. Sudduth, W. McCarthy, and P. Barney (68)

Box/Drawer 16: Class of 1902, 1902
Photo Album
People Depicted: Charles A. Culver, Ada DeBoos, Ezra R. Edwards, Jesse Agnes Hansen, A. G. Crane, Joy Secor, Prof. Alden, Jennie Belle Morrill, Edwin R. King, Frances Ruth Wyman, Chester B. Lippitt, Mary H. Dana, Joseph A. A. Burnquist, Marion Leavitt, Prof. Lyman, Edward A. Fath, Ellen F. Roe, Emil A. Kling, Kate E. Smith, Ruth E. Peterson, Claribel Corinne Chappell, Isabella Law, Ruth Wells, Henry E. Baker, Alice M. Page, Ethel M. George, Stella Hubbell, Carrie E. Trimble, Edna Louise Bigelow, Edythe M. Burnham, Vera Meacham, George L. Johnson, Gertrude E. Cline, Raphael B. Millard, Grace L. Payne,
Box/Drawer 17: Peterson, Ruth, 1916

Photo Album

A collection of photos with an enclosed key that identifies who is pictured in each photo.

Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus; photos of Northfield; Sigma Lambda; winter activities; May Fete; Bouncing Day; college picnic; group photos; canoeing; dorm rooms; unidentified photos; depot; Thanksgiving; group photos; bonfire; tennis; YWCA; Lake Geneva camp; graduation; commencement

People Depicted: Mamie Hoppin Bird; Ema Tripp Younkin; Evelyn Goodsell; Emily Moland Smith; Lurene Watson Starr; Charlotte Hertzberg McGary; Edith Thompson; Beth Porter Garvey; Hazel Runnels; Mona Sprung Peterson; Flora Holton Geyer; Ruth Peterson Thomas; Clarice Coult Hunt; Helen Andrews Rieke; Florence Baker Riegel; Nellie Swanson; Helen Kuebler; Ruth Huntoon Weller; Ruth Smith; Bertha Booth Wallace; Alta (Lucile) Hanson Spaeth; Avis Rowe Penrose; Ebby Greer Marlow; Doris Curran; Anna Heyerdahl; Anne Simley; Mary Gaugh; Laura Phelps Cross; Horace Fishback, Jr.; Paul Jepson; Edna (Sophia) Hallaway White; Doris (Dora) Holt Larson; Violet Atchinson Peterson; Hazel Stinson Emery; Zella Devitt Leonard; Bessie Seavey Hammond; Florence Peterson; Warren Wilson; Paul Jepson; Frederick (Fred) Allen; Merle Humphrey McCarthy; Catherine (Kate) Latham Zimmerman; Genevieve Pearson Wade; Helen Ranney; Bernice Utzinger; Leal Headley; Dr. Cowling; Dr. Boodin; Dr. Huntington; Dr. Gingrich; Margaret Evans Huntington; Miss Wells; Dr. Wilson; Dr. Vestling; Dr. Keith; Miss Benton; Bessie Burnham; Ruth Wenstrom; Grace McCallum; Marie Hastings; Emma Wyatt Smith; Laura (Gladys) King Hanson; Margaret Pye Williams; Vera Whitmore Gilbert; Helen Fleming Wollin; Lillian Brauer; Alice Lowe Hughes; Emily Brown; Marjorie Draper Schoen; Miss Short; Miss Hawks
Box/Drawer 18: Carleton Photo Album c. 1934, Circa 1934
Includes material related to: photos of buildings on campus, interior and exterior; outdoor photos of campus; arboretum; Lyman Lakes; May Fete; photos of athletic events; bonfire; table tennis or ping pong; Carleton goat; football; basketball; band; photos of professors; unidentified photos; athletic portraits; track and field
Box/Drawer 19: Margaret J. Evans, Dean of Women Carleton College, 1874-1908, 1882-1912
Bound scrapbook composed primarily of newspaper clippings about Margaret J. Evans. Also includes a tribute by "Carleton Ways and Byways and the Class of 1899."
Box/Drawer 20: Anderson, William R., 1914View associated digital content.

Photo Album including many unique photographs of professors.

Includes material related to: Cane Rush; Bouncing Day; Initiation; glee club; photos of buldings on campus; unidentified photos; photos of professors; portraits of students and faculty members; track and field; football; photography

People Depicted: Edward Strong; James Ewing; Ray A. Sigsbee; William Anderson; Morris Hancock; Eva Lindbergh Spaeth; Arthur L. Keith; Curvin H. Gingrich; John Elof Boodin; Coach Hunt; Coach Anderson
Box/Drawer 21: Dow, Irene Ella (also Purdie, Clarence), 1924


Includes material related to: Carleton farm; campus engagements and marriages; Carleton Matrimonial Bureau; engagement and announcement of Marion Miles and Glenn Catlin, both Carleton students; May Fete; photos of buildings on campus; track and field; photos of buildings in Northfield; Northfield Congregational Church or UCC; unidentified photos; music; Tug o' War; Lyman Lakes; football; athletic programs; theatre; newspaper clippings; road map of Minneapolis and St. Paul; basketball; athletic portraits; athletic schedules; glee club; debate and oratorical society; Carleton Greetings; student privilege tickets; Ionian Literary Society; Bouncing Day; Initiation or hazing; dining hall waiters; concert course schedule; ticket stubs; name cards; interscholastic meet; commencement exercises 1924; commencement week program 1924; student loan agreement forms; post cards; course schedules; insurance agent's license; Florsheim Shoes; corresponce; band; St. Olaf Lutheran Choir; vesper services; library book reservation receipt; holiday cards; memorial article for tree in front of the chapel named Ulmus Americana

People Depicted: Roland Dietmeier; John Davis; Roland Van Der Smissen; Clarence Purdie; Dewar Anderson; Harry (Stub) O'Brien; Irene Dow Purdie; Wesley (Wes) Dow; Vernon Albers; Victor Belina; Roswell Bolstad; William Dammann; Alvin Engelson; Theodore Hunt; Theodore Long; Dwight Merrill; Stanley Martland; James Michie; Howard Owens; Irvin Rosa; Harvey Selover; Lucien Selover; John (Florian) Pohl; William Sherman; Clifford Smith; Rowland Sutherland; Ronald Sutherland; Raymond Steffens; Earl Tiffany; Adolph Toftey; Arthur Wellck; Horace Wellman; Jesse Perrin; John Middlemist
Digital items 1: Northfield, 1906-1908View associated digital content.
A scrapbook containing pictures of people and scenes around Northfield, MN between 1906 and 1908. Includes images of Scoville Library and commencement, houses around Northfield, and the United Church of Christ (UCC).
People Depicted: Raldo Johnson class of 1908
Box 22: Fern Larson, 1947
Includes materials related to Carleton-in-China

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