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Unframed prints and original artwork

Collection Overview

Title: Unframed prints and original artwork

ID: 08/233

Extent: 0.0

Box and Folder Listing

Folder 1: Buildings and Grounds


small watercolors by Carrie Mowery, undated

Painting of Boliou by Mario Small, class of 1968

Painting of Boliou by P. Schultz (Peter Schultz, class of 1966?)

Painting of Skinner Memorial Chapel by Sue Young, class of 1968

Photograph of Skinner Memorial Chapel tower

Folder 2: Will Morris' Carleton Quest cartoon
Comic illustration showing the college search and application process. Drawn by Will Morris '94.
Morris, Will (Class of 1994)
Folder 3: Publication Proofs, llustrations, other
Large photograph of Schiller's Breakout sculpture by William Solberg, class of 1958, 2013.
Folder 4: Peter Denato's Admissions comic illustrations
Cartoons by Peter Denato, class of 1991, drawn for Admissions materials
Denato, Peter J. (Class of 1991)
Folder 5: Fran Hall mounted photographic prints
Folder 6: Artwork for reunions
Item 1: Class of 1972 35th reunion artwork
Lund, Todd (class of 1972)
Item 2: Class of 1945
Folder 7: Menzo Van Esveldt prints
Skinner Memorial Chapel, Willis Hall
Folder 8: Dale K. Haworth pen and ink drawings
Haworth, Dale K.
Item 1: Garden of Quiet Listening, 1996
Japanese Garden, Jo Ryo En
Item 2: Lyman Lakes, 1996
Item 3: Hulings Hall, 1996
Item 4: Center for Mathematics and Computing, 1996
Item 5: Scoville Library, Goodsell Observatory, Skinner Memorial Chapel, Laird Hall, 1996
Folder 9: Jim Nelson portraits, 1971-1981
Many of these prints are signed and numbered.
Nelson, James (Jim)
Folder 10: Sarah Beardsley artwork, 1991
Sarah Beardsley, class of 1991
Box/Drawer 1: What Do the Humanities Look Like, 2011
Painted artwork from the Humanities Center contest to describe the humanities visually. Hung in the Humanities Center in Weitz from 2011-2019.
Container ID: Rolled and boxed on Z cabinets
Folder 11: Skinner Memorial Chapel / Sigvard Mohn, circa 1935
Folder 12: Publications Office artwork for printed matter, circa 2020