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Photographic Prints -- General, circa 2000 to circa 2010


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Photographic Prints -- General, circa 2000 to circa 2010 | Carleton College Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Photographic Prints -- General, circa 2000 to circa 2010View associated digital content.

ID: 05/3(10)

Extent: 0.0

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Repository: Carleton College Archives

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Series 2005/06
Sub-Series 2005/06
Folder .002: Reunion, 2005/06
Includes: Parade of Classes, Alumni Convocation, Class of 1966 recital, Heywood Society ice cream cart, Energy Panel, Class of 1941 group portrait
Format: Prints
People depicted: Robert A. Oden, David Appleyard, Jennifert Hantho, John Ramsey, Bardwell L. Smith, Mimi Garbisch Carlson, Grace Huenemann, Pearl Lam Bergrad, Jane Pughe Rogers, Ruth Robertson Wallace, Helen Butke Whiting, Jean Strandberg Goldstein, David Paul, Martha Hulings Kaemmer, Art Kaemmer, Patricia Stern Stein, George Cassat, Nikki Neuhaus Mertz, Carolyn Cary Dilley, Dolores Oswald Wedlan, Jonathan Eisenthal, Rolf Nordstrom, Christopher Payne, Beverly Oyler Shivers, Erin Hill Argueta, Daniel J. Simons, Helen Butke Whiting, Meem Wahlquist Asp, William Soules, Dick Oliver, Katharine Angell Roe, Pat Donnell Cassat
Published in: Voice Summer Supplement 2006: 8, 9, 15
Related Material: Voice Summer Supplement 2006: 10
Subjects: Carleton Singing Knights
Item 1: Class of 1941, 2005/06
Group portrait
Format: Prints
People depicted: Row 1: Faye Schirmer Domke, Richard Raiter, John Raish, Betty Saling Normandin; Row 2: Henriette Weschcke Johnsen, Ruth Houlton Lewis, Lloyd Pray
Published in: Voice Summer Supplement 2006: 15
Folder .003: Athletics (misc.), 2005/06
Includes: Baseball, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field
Creator (Photographers): Tom Dahlin
Format: Prints
People depicted: Roy Myers, Jim Chirstensen, Aaron Rushing, Julia Corrin, Paula Wright, Molly Christian
Folder .004: Athletics: Cross Country, 2005/06
Additional Date Information: 2005-09-10
Creator (Photographers): Tom Dahlin
Format: Prints
People depicted: Robert A. Oden, Jr.
Folder .005: Athletics: Football, 2005/06
Additional Date Information: 2005-10-01
Creator (Photographers): Tom Dahlin
Format: Prints
People depicted: Gerald Young, Mike Kootsikas, Ben Cooprider, Adam Witt, James Colbenson, Wade Thompson, Matt Bond, John Hollowed, John Hanks, Mike Gravelle
Folder .006: Athletics: Golf, 2005/06
Additional Date Information: 2005-09-23
Creator (Photographers): Tom Dahlin
Format: Prints
Folder .007: Alumni (misc.), 2005/06
Includes: Alumni news; Alumni reunion planning (Class of 1956 commitee; Class of 1957 committee)
Format: Prints
People depicted: Robert Skinner, Erika Holmberg; John Jones, Carie Jones; Katherine Werness Youngblood, Larry Youngblood
Folder .008: Fundraising - Carl Altenburg estate, 2005/06
Format: Prints
People depicted: Charles A. Donnell Jr., John Sherwood, Bill Boone, Mrs. Bill Boone,
Folder .009: Winter activities (misc.), 2005/06
Includes: ice sculpture
Format: Prints
Digital items 1: Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS) fall events, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Boxes and Walls event, Carleton/St. Olaf Hmong New Year, depictions of Hmong persecution.
Creator: Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS) organization
Digital items 2: Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS) Midwinter Ball Photo Booth, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Creator: Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS) organization
Digital items 3: Student Life: Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS), 2005/06View associated digital content.
Post-it covered cars, group photos, ice skating, dorm life, Sayles-Hill social activities, yearbook group photo.
Creator: Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS) organization
Digital items 4: Crochet Art by Daina Taimina, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Art by Daina Taimina
Additional Date Information: 2006-03-27; 2006-06-04
Digital items 5: Headshots, Mugshots: Charlie Cogan, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Director of International Recruitment: Charlie Cogan
Additional Date Information: 2006-05-26
People Depicted: Charlie Cogan
Digital items 6: Headshots, Mugshots: James Loewen, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Future convocation speaker.
Additional Date Information: 2005-11-21
Digital items 7: Hurricane Katrina Symposium, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Panel 1: "Katrina Seen From Abroad", Panel 2: "The Causes", Panel 3: "Saving New Orleans", Panel 4: "Race, Class and Poverty: How did these factors play into the disaster and our response?",  Convocation: Margaret Simms ""Confronting Katrina: How Should We Respond?" , Presentations
Additional Date Information: 2006-03-31
People Depicted: President Robert A. Oden, Jr.
Digital items 8: Posse Program, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Welcome dinner, ABC 7 News tour.
Additional Date Information: 2005-08-22
Digital items 9: President Robert A. Oden, Jr., 2005/06View associated digital content.
Digital items 10: Retirees and Longtime Employee Honor Lunch, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Retirees and employees celebrating 25 years with the college hosted by President Robert A. Oden, Jr.
Additional Date Information: 2006-04-01
Digital items 11: The Cave Show, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Could be Liz Isenberg, Vicious Vicious
Additional Date Information: 2006-01-15
Digital items 12: Carleton Singers in campus concert, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Additional Date Information: 2005-08-29
Creator (Photographers): Lawrence Burnett
Digital items 13: Dacie Moses Birthday and Singing Knights Reunion, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Celebration for Dacie Moses' 123rd birthday and the Singing Knights' 50th reunion
Additional Date Information: 2006-03-05
Digital items 14: Art exhibits by Linda Rossi, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Images of exhibits by Linda Rossi including Optic Nerve, The Observationist, a joint faculty exhibit, and Sound Suspended.
Digital items 15: New Faculty Orientation, 2005/06View associated digital content.
Group photo of new faculty
People Depicted: Meera Sehgal; Beverly Nagel
Sub-Series 2006I: (+ or - 1 year)
Folder .001: Alumni reunion planning, 2005-2007
Class of 1958 committee
Additional Date Information: 2006 (+ or - 1 year)
Format: Prints
People depicted: Fred Horwitz, Ann Hoard Horwitz, Karin Swanson, Yvonne Connolly Martin, Shirley Wiegman Rudolph, Elaine Johnson Tathem, Mary Rawcliffe Colton, Fred Cooper, Joan Fairchild Witherbee, Dante Stephensen, Pat Hanson Booth, Tucky McCarthy Elliott, Joyce Parsons Drake, Pat Fletcher Dean, Tom Blackburn, George Wells, Bill Hannon, Bill Solberg, Les Edinger, Dave Drake, Jim Halfaker, Lee Jones, Don Switz, Connie Harris, Jon Nicholson, Peter Puchner, Jan Spurgeon Scheevel
Sub-Series 2006II
Digital items 1: Athletics: Women's Rugby, 2006 (+ or - 2 years)
Photo of a player
People Depicted: Amanda Hess (class of 2008)

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